Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nicholas Teoh, 20 (2008-present)

Crazy, messy hair; goofy grin; the only player Kuan Yang has asked to, literally, Shut Up. He started talking again five minutes later, of course.

His hairdo naturally invites many nicknames, notably 'Caveman' and 'Puyol'. Has a near-telepathic connection with Kenny, and when they play together, it can be beautiful when it clicks and frustrating when it doesn't. There is not much to shout about his shots or passes, but he can dribble well, and knows exactly where to run off the ball. The type of player with more assists than goals to his name.

Keeps asking to be played as a defender to the coaches' bewilderment. Will take whatever thrown at him on his chin, only complaining to Kenny. Almost never seen moody or angry but neither is he a radiant personality. Someone who can be counted upon to run, run and run until the world ends. Or until he gets tired. Taller than most people think he is as he rarely stands up straight.

Played in PTPY and Z'Liners where he won silver.

Verdict: A very good year, if compared to most in the club. A constant fixture in training, most recently in State training, culminated in the silver he won in Z'Liners.

Play of the year: Cutting that shaggy mop of his=)... AND helping Spartans win a silver in Z'Liners with titanic defending in the semis against Titanium.

Prediction for next season: Will not be able to come for training as he has classes to take. His further future in floorball is questionable as his so-called 'pusher', Kenny, will have left for studies already.


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