Thursday, January 29, 2009

Narenthiran Jaya Gopal, 19 (2006-present)

Right now Frontliners lack the tough, old-fashioned physicality that Nareen brought to the team. Why, even looking at his picture is intimidating! Certainly not someone who can be knocked over. Possesses the tendency to dribble behind the goal which sometimes can be fatal if not pulled off correctly. Capable of scoring the occasional close-range goal.

He played in Penang League and Youthwave.

Verdict: Deteriorated; an obvious, direct result of not coming for training. There have been better years for him than this.

Play of the year: Playing his part in a defence that leaked fifty seven goals in Penang League. Could have been more had he not been around.

Prediction for next season: Seems like floorball to Nareen is a fast-forwarded version of real life. Starting out two years ago, he now appears to be reaching a ripe, old age for retirement, left behind when the club suddenly expanded twice over. Not expected to come for training but if he does it will be a pleasant surprise.

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