Sunday, January 18, 2009

Serene Tan, 18 (2002-present)

She's been around for so long she can't exactly remember since when.

Making her debut with FFC this year during the Penang Floorball League, she captained the raw Trojans (Division 2) and was most certainly the backbone and pillar of the team.

It's a pity to have such a skilful player forced to survive in Penang's floorball scene that is mostly dominated by men. Reason being that this makes physical strength imperative to compete in the sport.

Among the ladies of FFC, Serene's ball control is definitely one of the best. Formidable shots, too. Division 2 can be counted as lucky to have such an asset in the team during PFL this year, with her pool of experience and all.

On the flip side, Serene is slow on court, not being as athletic or light-footed as other ladies. She isn't exactly your star runner, though she partly makes up for it in skills and knowledge. Her shoes will definitely not be easy to fill, her act a tough one to follow, and she's pretty much irreplaceable as a player.

However, like many other old guns in the club, studies mean that her attendance in trainings has to suffer, and the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future.

Verdict: She's worth her weight in gold when it comes to experience and skills. Pity her attendance took a toll this year.

Play of the year: Being that lady behind the Trojans in PFL '08.

Prediction for next season: Won't be seen much longer in FFC as she's joining another club.

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