Thursday, January 15, 2009

Olga Natasha, 9 (2008-present)

A relatively new floorballer in FFC, though she's not one to be looked down upon.

An invitee from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (CHS), she turned up in October, following after Tristan, Verina and Kyle.

Her on-court performance still has a large room for improvement. However, it has not remained stagnant, as her stint of trainings so far has helped her progress from staying still to running around a bit more.

Nevertheless, Olga is still very young and fragile, but athletic.

With the wise men and two awesome coaches around, FFC is definitely the place for her, if she is adamant on pursuing floorball further. All she needs is some good ol' perseverance, hard work and consistency.

Verdict: There remains a whole mansion of things for her to learn, but she seems willing, for now.

Play of the year: Coming for training.

Prediction for next season: She is expected to stick around for some time, until she either loses interest or persists in improving in floorball. FFC looks forward to the latter.

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