Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joshua Lam, 19 (2008-present)

The Ferrari Without Alignments that, taken at word value, is a danger both to his opponents and teammates. Depends who he crashes into. Exaggerating a little, perhaps, but Pendekar Lam Tai Hap gives passion an altogether new, crazy meaning. Rarely seen downcast. Definitely not short of aggression, but could improve his technique and floorball sense like most of the club. Should release the ball faster. Switched from his favoured position of forward to defence after Coach Jason saw his potential.

Has hair that will drop over and cover his eyes after a good sweat. To counter it, during Youthwave he tied it up in one bunch on his forehead, to comical effect. Doesn't mind laughing at himself.

He played in Penang League and Youthwave, then dropped out of training as college took over.

Verdict: A promising start to the year, his attitude and ethics were certainly valued enough by Coach Jason (though not so much for opposing players) to be played often in Penang League. But, as usual in this club, 'promising' just isn't enough.

Play of the year: Upbeat even when losing, one of the few players who did not cave in mentally during Penang League.

Prediction for next season: To further deteriorate as studies continue to take over.

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