Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mekanath Selvaraj, 19 (2006-present)

Frustrating, but can't help loving him at first glance. His cheery and upbeat attitude, second only to Yi Lin, can lift the doom and gloom right away. A wonderful solo act if in the right form, but his teamwork is often left wanting. Possesses blinding pace but his control and finishing sometimes let him down.

Pops up now and then for training, with work hampering his attendance.

Took part in Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League and Youthwave but was dropped for Z'Liners after sporadic attendance.

Verdict: Seems to be able to come up with the goods even though not seen in training, but the coaches probably prefer commitment over constant superstar attitude and occasional superstar play. His non-commitment to training casts a sour taste on his Penang League performance.

Play of the Year: Seven goals in Penang League, four of which were against UniHawks. Excellent.

Prediction for next season: To continue his on-off appearances. Touch and go here, he could go both ways. With the up and coming players in the club fighting for first-team/line places, attendance is all-important. Also to continue his prima donna-ing, appearing in Penang League, making his bows and then disappearing. Again.

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