Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sonia Gopal, 15 (2007-present)

'Sonia' reminds you somewhat of 'Bonia'. (Don't worry, she's used to it.)

She defied frank expectations and hung on to FFC faithfully for the entire year, stopping only for holidays and exams.

She even brought her brother along.

Skills-wise, improvement came a long as she persisted. However, being un-athletic definitely hampers her play. Nevertheless her legs did get more used to the running that's required in floorball.

Sonia quickly chose defence over offence, staying behind and guarding the goal to her utmost best most of the time. The only rare moment you see her charging forward is when she is sure that there is no threat posed by the opponent.

Her defensive play has been getting better and better, and so is her knowledge of the world of defence. Sonia still has a deficiency of game sense, though. It can be safely assumed that she enjoys herself, or she wouldn't be coming.

Verdict: This year has been a good one for Sonia as she started taking floorball seriously and focused on improving her play.

Play of the year: Leading a team (Frontliners Inferno) in the Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge (Ladies) and showing that she can run and attack indeed.

Prediction for next season: This year has shown that she has not given up on floorball just yet, and won't be, not anytime soon.

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