Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michael Cheah, 15 (2008-present)

The most outgoing and loud of the current Saints' crop and the only player in the club to use a Fatpipe, let alone pink, stick. Add hair that just seems to grow and grow (two haircuts in, what, two weeks?) and get... Michael Cheah.

One of the later Saints to join the club but one of the most improved Saints in the end. Has good overall sports sense and athletic abilities as a result of high school football. All in all, he is a natural athlete. He can take good first-timers (half the credit goes to his Whip 30 stick) and also good drag shots. His technique, movement and control are impressive, and right now, he can play either in defence or attack.

However, he can frustrate his teammates by his solo-ism sometimes. He also needs to release the ball faster.

Participated in Z'Liners with 300.

Verdict: Ever-willing to train and improve, a breath of fresh air so badly needed in this club.

Play of the year: Successfully captaining total underdogs, 300, in Z'Liners especially in their 1-0 win against Z3.

Prediction for next season: To continue to improve and surpass more experienced players in the club.

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