Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spartans G1: Meet The Spartans

Frontliners Floorball Club recorded a historically emphatic win over Innebandy! Co. in a game that kickstarted the Spartan's league campaign.
Starting out well, the Spartans took the lead with Jason scoring, assisted by Megan, a good shot from approximately 10m out. Celebrations were minimal, the game was not over yet.
True enough, Innebandy was Innebandy at their best with Deswyn, Sam, Nicholes and Daniel all playing, and they scored two goals in quick succession.
Minutes before the whistle sounded for half-time, out of nowhere Goekula Kannan, of all people, the red bull of the club, popped up to score a good goal.

2-2 at the break.

"We all did very well. To be honest, although there were some passes that went all over, this is the first time we actually played like a team," said the coach, "look at the person next to you and smile. We can win this."
Coach Jason then went on to startle the spectators by busting his lungs:
"Spartans! What is! Your profession?!"
To which the players screamed back:


After the break, Innebandy scored after some slack defending, and the Spartans could not seem to find their way back, lacking the finishing needed. Though missing a sitter just a minute ago, Kai Yann made up for his mistake and early nervousness by scoring from a yard out after a good pass from Joshua Raj.
Confidence growing, the Spartans pressed on for another goal, with Pei Li even getting a shot on target all the way from her defensive half (the keeper parried it away).
Kuan Yang then gave the Spartans the lead again (the assist by Pei Li), and this time the Spartans did celebrate.

The game, however, was still not over yet.

A freehit was given Innebandy's way just 5m from goal, and Kai Yann was sent out for not being a full three metres away when the ball hit him. The free hit had to be retaken, and this time Megan was sent out for exactly the same reason. Joshua Raj, Kuan Yang and Jason were the only ones left on court, and they pushed themselves all the way to defend their one-goal lead.
Innebandy could not capitalize on their two-man advantage, and heir heads dropped even lower when Kai Yann and Megan finished their penalties and came back in.
The pressure could be felt as Innebandy started to go all out in search of the equalizer, and passes started to go all over the place as the need got more and more urgent. Only Sharron and some good defending by the team stood in their way.
Kannan again shocked Innebandy (and also the Spartans) when, with all opposing players pushed up, there was plenty of space left behind. All it took was a clearance and a little composure.

Final score, 5-3 to the Spartans.

Penang and World... meet the Spartans.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Trojans G1: Shooting [Future] Stars

Accentuate on the 'Future', mind you.

Frontliners Trojans vs. Contact Bullets.

The evening started off with warm-ups by both sides, although admittedly Contact Bullets had a more spirited warm-up, doing Snakes, keeper included. Frontliners Trojans jogged, stretched, passed, took shots and whatnot. Very unfortunately, keeper Felicia Yeow only managed to do some stretches as her goalkeeping gear arrived a little late. And that was not helpful.

Come the first half, five fresh outfield Trojans took their spots and experienced captain Serene Tan faced off. The whistle went off, and boy, oh boy, them Trojans didn't know what would happen for the next 50 minutes. But, most importantly, they were ready, come what may.

Throughout the first half, the Trojans played quite well, considering there weren't even enough people to make two lines. Kuan Yang's advice was taken to heart while Serene's presence definitely made the difference. The 'wiper' formation held tight and fended off many Bullets as if they were wearing bulletproof vests. Then Nareen started the ball rolling and a clean shot made it Trojans 1, Bullets 0.

Points of interest: Loganathan (Loga) couldn't play due to a jersey problem and was undoubtedly a little frustrated, sitting on the bench with Kuan Yang and usually another tired Trojan. Julian Tan succumbed to nervousness and (instead of slashing madly or playing dead) his stomach decided not to play much. And Kuan Yang deserves special mention for keeping cool.

Come the second half, five fatigued outfield Trojans took their spots and experienced captain Serene Tan faced off. Note the difference. Contact Bullets equalised. Loga finally released all the tension accumulated on the bench during the first half and slipped the ball into the goal. 2-1 to the Trojans. Stamina proved to be an important factor, and the Bullets shot again. 2-2.

The 'wiper' formation slowly disappeared due to increasingly blur and tired Trojans and it failed to stop the Bullets (who were shooting as if the gun was automatic). 2-3 to Bullets. And the goals kept coming. 2-4. Maybe the Trojans forgot about their bulletproof vests. 2-5. Cries by keeper Felicia went unnoticed, and finally: 2-6. And the whistle went. Thrice.

Bullets had shot down them future stars.

Team Manager Jason Chan, who kept his silence till now, called the frustrated Trojans together for a discussion. Which proved to be an impact. He explained why they lost (which included: so few players (7) compared to Contact (15); the problem of war-ups, especially for Felicia; the difference of the number of experienced players between the Trojans and Bullets; and stamina, tiredness and lactic acid). Frustration levels took a dip besides the fact of lenient refs and absent players.

Some players deserved commendation though. Serene Tan, captain who made the difference. Without her, it could have gone worse. Felicia Yeow, goalkeeper, who saved 15 out of 21 shots-on-target, not to mention the number of times she put her bare hands in danger to grab that ball. Tania Loke, forward, who raised a few eyebrows. And of course, Loga, Lavinia, and Lauren who proved their worth as one-month-old floorballers.

One down, five to go.

Penang Floorball League 2008

Penang Floorball League is back!! After missing it for a year, old guys can now relive the excitment, for those who are new to the game, join and have an addictive taste of it.

The league spanning around one and a half months from 23 Febuary to 5 April will be held on Tuesdays and Saturday nights at Dalat International School. A total of 8 teams register for this years league, with 4 teams per division.

Frontliners Floorball Club registered 2 teams for the league, Spartans in Div 1 while Trojans in Div 2. The main objective is to promote team play and expose players to more competitive floorball. Here are the players and fixtures for both teams:

Frontliners Spartans

Team manager: Jason


#3 Kannan
#5 Sanjeevan
#7 Ming Hwee (Jason)
#8 Pei Li
#9 Mekanath
#11 Joshua Raj
#12 Steven Tay
#14 Joshua Lam
#15 Kai Yann
#17 Kuan Yang (c)
#19 Yi Lin
#66 Sharron Tan (gk)

Match days: {date} {day;time} {opponnent} {home/away}
  1. 26-Feb (Tue; 7.20pm) vs Innebandy!CO. (A)
  2. 01-Mar (Sat; 8.15pm) vs Contact Fireants (H)
  3. 15-Mar (Sat; 8.15pm) vs Minden Unihawks (H)
  4. 22-Mar (Sat; 8.15pm) vs Innebandy!CO. (H)
  5. 25-Mar(Tue; 8.15pm) vs Contact Fireants (A)
  6. 05-Apr (Sat; 7.30pm) vs Minden Unihawks (A)*moved earlier

Frontliners Trojans

Team manager: kuan yang


#3 Naren
#4 Bryan
#5 Tania
#7 Julian
#8 Sonia
#9 Serene Tan (c)
#11 Roselyn
#12 Loga
#14 Lavinia
#15 Lawren
#17 Chris
#19 Wayne
#77 Felicia (gk)

Match days: {date} {day;time} {opponnent} {home/away}
  1. 23-Feb (Sat; 7.00pm) vs Contact Bullets (A)
  2. 01-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm) vs Dalat Eagles (H)
  3. 11-Mar (Sat; 7.00pm) vs Ztec 8cers (H)
  4. 16-Mar (Sun; 6.30pm) vs Dalat Eagles (A)*dated & timed changed
  5. 22-Mar (Sat; 7.00pm) vs Contact Bullets (H)
  6. 01-Apr (Tue; 7.00pm) vs Ztec 8cers (A)

So people, sharpen you weapons and be ready on those dates. All players are to be arrive at Dalat and report to you respective team captains and team managers 30 minutes prior to the match(6.30pm for 7.oopm matches and 7.30 for 8.15pm matches). DO COME ON TIME.

For further information, do contact your respective Team Managers and Captains!!

Hope you guys enjoy the league. GOOOOOOOO FRONTLINERS!!!

p/s: players must wear the jersey with the assigned jersey numbers throughout the tournament. failure to comply will amount to a 2 minute bench penalty on every game played!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Penang Floorball League 2008 - Secreteriats

Other than promoting the game in the rink, PFA is also trying to promote the game outside the rink. This year, each club are to send a number of names for non-playing roles, aka Secretariats. Basically the roles of a Secretariats range from filling up the match record, time keeping etc.

As to support the cause, both Spartans and Trojans registered few of the players as Secretariats:

Frontliners Spartans:
  1. jason
  2. steven tay
  3. sanjeevan

Matches on duty: {date} {day; time}
  1. 23-Feb (Sat; 7.00pm)
  2. 04-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  3. 11-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  4. 16-Mar (Sun; 6.30pm)*date & time changed
  5. 18-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  6. 01-Apr (Tue; 7.00pm)

Frontliners Trojans:
  1. loga
  2. roselyn

Matches on duty: {date} {day; time}
  1. 26-Feb (Tue; 7.00pm)
  2. 04-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  3. 15-Mar (Sat; 7.00pm)
  4. 18-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  5. 25-Mar (Tue; 7.00pm)
  6. 04-Apr (Sat; 7.00pm)

All secretariats must report at the desk at leasts 30 minutes before the matches starts, failure to do so will cause the team of the Secretariat involve to be given a 2 minutes bench penalty for the following match. So again, DO COME ON TIME!!!

If for any reason those above mentioned are not available on the date of duty, please informed you manager 3 days before hand so that a replacement can be assign.

For further information,do not hesitate to approch your team managers only!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Frontliners Training 160208

The last week of training before the Penang Open Challenge. Are the Frontliners ready? By the looks of it, they are improving vastly under the coaching of Mr. Jason, but are they really ready for the real thing, or will this be another disappointment?

This week's attendance was just nice with 15 people. There were two new faces on the court, the club officially welcomes them to the club. As usual, training started off with warm-up, snakes, and then a 3v2 showdown.

The coach then started game time. He separated the players into three teams. One was led by himself, another by Kuan Yang, and the third, which comprised of all newbies, without a leader.

Mr. Jason strictly advised everyone not to injure themselves. The game began and went on for two hours. There was a five minute break for every half hour. There were some pretty good shots from Koay Yi Lin and Kannan throughout the game. Kuan Yang's shots were, as usual, amazing.

At the start of the game play was not so smooth, but as time went on it improved. Mr. Jason's game-play was nice with his pretty shots and dribbling (goreng-goreng).

Later on, Mr. Jason briefed the team and showed them how to take penalty shots. He also briefed them about Penang League and the rules, asking everyone to come next Saturday morning also, saying there would be a small team-talk then. (This much is known: Mr. Jason is in charge of the first division team: Frontliners Spartans, and Kuan Yang is in charge of the second division team: Frontliners Trojans.)