Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Old and the New

Twenty-sixth day of the fourth month, 2008. Training as always. Frontliners Floorball Club welcomed in newcomers Lynden James Menon (of FGA, in blue) and Jason Lim (a break from Chan, finally), making a total of 19 floorballers that morning.

An old friend was also welcomed in (old timer, really, when it comes to floorball), national goalkeeper need-i-really-mention-his-name?

Training kicked off with an old favourite - Snakes. Now when was the last time...

Moving on, Coach Jason Chan stated that the focus of the next few months will be passing, in order to have the Frontliners "play like a team". And so in tandem with that, a new drill was introduced. It was essentially two drills slapped together, involving passing in pairs and attempting score past Lin Ken (the latter being what the coach called "the thrill").

That said and done, the floorballers were divided into two groups and did the X-box drill, new but soon-to-be-old.

The seniors were then pitted against the juniors, one side playing offense and the other defense. And whether old or new, teamwork was obviously crucial for both sides. Attackers had to communicate and pass, while the defenders kept a tight formation, fending off any incoming shot.

Finally, the oldest, most routinely part of training: Match-time. The ladies played 3-on-3, which was pretty tiring. The others sweated it out with five-a-side, Pei Li being the only rose among the thorns (though she's more than used to it already).

Point of interest: Frontliners was proud to host one of the best goalkeepers in the world (self-proclaimed) and its picture will hopefully be up soon. Although it still let in a few goals. Nothing's perfect, remember?

Old drills go, new drills come. Old floorballers go, new floorballers come. Speaking of which, Frontliners Floorball Club is definitely growing in size and strength.

Till next week, then.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Youthwave Floorball Tournament 2008

It was a memorable weekend for Frontliners Floorball Club as the ladies defended their title succesfully, and the men achieved a high of fourth place overall in the annual Youthwave Floorball Tournament.

There was no special preparation for this tournament, no target set, as participation here was solely to have fun. Anything else would be a bonus.

Frontliners Revolution
Khor Kuan Yang (c)
Steven Tay
Por Kai Yann
Joshua Lam
Mekanath Selvaraj

The Revolutionaries, led by Captain Kuan Yang, had been drawn in the so-called 'Group of Death' containing Penang's top teams, Ztec U-18, Innebandy! North and Unihawks Titanium, but started off remarkably with a thrilling 1-0 win over the MetalMen. They went on to lose their second match 1-3 to InneNorth, but bounced back with a close-fought win over Ztec, 1-0, thus finishing runners-up in their group.

In the quarterfinals, they faced Underdawgs Zirconium, champions of their group, and in a heart-stopping encounter won on penalties after it was all square after eight minutes. It was looking unstoppable for them until they bumped into Salibandy in the semifinals, losing narrowly, and lost again in the 3rd-4th placing match to Innebandy.

Frontliners Renegades
Jason Chan (c)
Goekula Kannan

The Renegades were forced to play with no substitutes after a late pullout, but managed to defy expectations and reach the quarterfinals. They battled and fought for the entire eight minutes, but Torch Bearers from PCC triumphed 1-0 in their first match. However, they found themselves right back in contention after a convincing 3-0 win over Ztec Rockets, then managed to hold on to a goalless draw against Innebandy! South to enter the quarters.

Their valiant run finally came to an end against Salibandy, but the players were happy enough to just have gone past the group stage.
Frontliners Inferno
Tania Loke (c)
Sonia Frances Gopal
Eunice Tay
Marlina bt. Mat Yusof

Frontliners Inferno, against all odds, and two players short, came to within one point from qualifying for the semifinals. Nothing was expected of this second string side, and when their first game ended in a 1-4 loss to Underdawgs Hailstorm, it was all taken in stride. (The solitary goal was a very nice consolation, scored by Tania past ex-Frontliner Sarah Ng.) They shocked everyone, even themselves, when they beat Ztecaholics by a clear two goals in the next match with goals from Tania (penalty) after some good goalkeeping by Ztecaholic Kao Cui Lin, and Marlina, her first goal ever of her career.

Unlucky to have lost their third match to MGS Violets 0-1, the fatigued and exhausted ladies fought to the end against MGS Edna Modes, the third-placed team overall, and did themselves proud with a one-all draw after tremendous last-gasp defending by Sonia and a stab-in by Marlina.

Frontliners Fury

Kew Pei Li (c)
Sharron Tan
Serene Tan
Koay Yi Lin
Roselyn Ewe
Lavinia Ann Lam

The defending champions (who went by the name Roses last time around) established themselves as the top ladies team this year with four new faces and a new captain. Drawn in the tougher group of the two, the Furies were probably still the favorites to win, and started well with a 2-1 win over MGS Dashes, with goals from Yi Lin and Pei Li (penalty). The next game against Unihawks Thunderstorm was messy and disorganized, as the need for revenge took over for some, remembering the 3v3 challenge earlier this year. The loss of Yi Lin to cramps (what else?) meant the loss of the team's focal point, and they went a goal down soon. They rallied back, and Roselyn scored a neat goal to make it 1-1.

Against Contact Puffs, the Furies came back from one goal down to one-up after Yi Lin and Roselyn combined to score two. And in their final game against Salichicks, they controlled possession and play but did not seem to have that finishing touch, still, 1-0 at the end after great team play by Serene and Yi Lin. A defeat for Unihawks by the Dashes helped the Furies to top spot in their group, with the Dashes going through agonisingly on goal difference.

Up against MGS Edna Modes in the semifinals, they ran riot and came out 3-0 winners, playing one of their best matches so far, with captain Pei Li scoring the first goal solo. Sharron rounded up the game with a thunderbolt from the other end. In the other game, MGS Dashes overcame a weary Hailstorm, and set it up perfectly for a rematch in the final.

"We've played well, but I know we can do better. We've come too far to lose here, so let's go out there and win this for the club."

It was an evenly contested game, but after an unfortunate own-goal gifted the Furies the lead, they never looked back. Another goal by Roselyn meant that it was all over. The final whistle went, and it meant that Frontliners Fury were the champions, once again.

1st- Torch Bearers

1st- Frontliners Fury
2nd-MGS Dashes
3rd-MGS Edna Modes


Friday, April 18, 2008

Youthwave 2008: Quiet Before the Storm

Anticipation clouds the horizon as Youthwave Floorball Tournament 2008 draws nearer. Check the club blogs all over Penang. Nothing up, in posts or chatboxes except for some very obscure stuff (Cap'n E, ManYoo kicking Liverpool's butt and the Iron Lady's face paralysis). It's like no one knows what to expect out of this, presenting the dilemma:

To take this seriously or not?

Youthwave was established for wholly different reasons than the other tournaments that dot the calendar, for fun and fellowship rather than serious competition. No pressure is put on teams to perform in Youthwave, unlike Penang League. It doesn't matter, win or lose.

On the flipside, a gold is a gold, nothing changes that fact. Everyone likes to win (well, stating the obvious here..), everyone likes to have that gold-coated plastic medal hanging on them. Like Sports Day in school, where you know the medals you hold are meaningless, something your mom would throw away next year, but you just bask in the moment. Your moment.

So it's your choice whether to take it seriously or not, but there are a few things to remember:
1. Come on time (please!)
2. Don't leave anything behind
3. Come for the Youthwave Concert the next day (7.00pm, GBC)
4. Enjoy yourself

Frontliners will be sending four teams in again: Frontliners Revolution and Renegades (guys) and Frontliners Fury and Inferno (ladies). More on this to come after the tournament.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Point Of Difference: Frontliners Style

Training was decidedly unusual and abnormal this week, for a change; not because of the drills, thrills or... (frills?) accidents (Yi Lin has blessedly stayed injury-free), but because of numbers. Yes, it is all about the numbers, and 24 (think Kiefer Sutherland) was the number of people that turned up for training.

Seventeen and seven new faces (Durga+Marlina+Amelia+Sachin+Nicholas+Kenny+Adrian=1 very happy coach) signalled the start of something new (how cliched...), post-Penang League 08. No goalkeepers today, however, must have been their day off.

"We've worked on our basic controls, dribbling and shooting, and at this period we're gonna work on our passing, because to play as a team we need to pass." (Coach Jason)

The players did exactly that, after Technical Advisor Kuan Yang took the new players through a crash floorball course, then after a while, Coach Jason took the more senior ones to the side and invented a more motivational way to get the players to pass and trap the ball properly: A Passing Competition.

The pair that completed the most passes one-way would get... congratulations and applause, and the pair with the least amount would get 5 push-ups each, and then applause. Interestingly enough, two out of three times, the pairing of Serene Tan and Tania Loke was the one with the least number of passes (ironical misfortune).

Still separate from the juniors, the players did the basic Xbox drill, although they took some time to catch on to it. Nevermind, Practice Makes Excellent (astutely quoted by Yi Lin).

The juniors impressed very much during the practice match (Kuan Yang must be getting better and better at coaching), although there was more fluidity and composure in the seniors. And, yes, there were goals involved this time.

After training, the coach introduced contracts to all the seniors present, demanding their commitment and support, in return for 'first-class treatment and coaching, and full commitment to their development as a player', which would effectually bind them to Frontliners Floorball Club until Penang League 2009 ends.

Different is good. Different is interesting. Different is what Frontliners Floorball Club wants to be.

Behind The Scenes, Part II

The second part of this special edition, the second half of the club. How Frontliners Spartans' team manager, Jason Chan, views the Penang League 2008 campaign. SPARTANS!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION???
And all of Sparta says FLOORBALLERS!!!

It was a roller-coaster experience for the Spartans. But indeed it is one that all of us will carry throughout our lives. Critics that began with writing us off were suddenly surprised by the radical and diehard attitude of the Spartans. The energy... the power... the pace and most of all... THE HUNGER!!!

Spartans are probably, if not the most... HUNGRY team in the league... We've been waiting for this day. However... as heroic as we can be, we're still nowhere near the top. A few fumbles at the end of the league proved to be fatal.

The Spartans started their Penang League campaign a year ago when I was first sworn in to take over the leadership of Frontliners Floorball Club. We came out with a plan which we called PROJECT 2007 (look back at our first ever blog entry). It was a 2 year plan to rebuild the club and most of all the team as a whole from scratch. In search of the finest gems in Penang, we went scouting everywhere as much as possible, looking for the best prospects to fire up the team. After months of effort, there were at least 7 teams and lines that failed the test of time. Only the strong were left behind, thus resulting in the creation of the Spartan team.

The Spartan team should have been stronger if not for the dropouts that didn't last. Those who were following the program well have captured the attention of many. Most of these players have no or little exposure at state level training. (These fellows have parents that don't like them to play floorball, so they can't go to state training. Those who have the opportunity, please appreciate it.) I once said to all my players that if they can't go for state training, then let's bring the same level of training to our club.

The price is... only 1 word... COMMITMENT. We had a target, and that was to be the 1st Runner-up in Penang League 2008. We had that goal even before we started the campaign. Goals were set, at a Club level, Team level, Line level and even Individual level. Rewards and bonus schemes were launched.

What went wrong?

The first game boosted the team's confidence a lot, when the Spartans beat the defending champions 5 - 3. It was an entertaining and thrilling game to watch. Who would have thought the Spartans could have defeated the mighty champions powered by the invincible Deswyn Wan? Even the Spartans were shocked.

However, the second game sealed the confidence among the fans that we could repeat the same performance if we were focused enough. Somehow we were no longer the underdogs in the game.

Contact was always the team that we took extra caution with. We are not surprised that Contact is where it is today. We lost to them both times, and we have to admit that we are still very far behind them in many areas.

If there was any team that killed us of our goal, it has to be the Unihawks. They were great. From the beginning we took them seriously, in fact, we took every team seriously. Spartans are an unpredictable team. On a good day, we can beat the champions. On a bad day, we commit silly mistakes that prevent us from achieving our goal. But the Unihawks improved a lot as the league progressed. Have you noticed that their goal difference gets less and less along the way till they finally beaten us? Bravo to the Unihawks.

Individually, I am very proud of my players. They have risen to the occasion. Mental strength was the biggest improvement in the team. The pillar of the team is and has to be Sharron Tan aka Kungfu Spartan Keeper. She overcame herself throughout the whole league and performed so well that National Keeper Lin Ken was so impressed. Well... I wasn't surprised at all that she was mentally prepared, cause we as a team, we've always had faith in her.

The catalyst of the team would have to be Kuan Yang. The stats have proven everything. Technically strong, this is the most versatile player in the team that can play in any position except goalkeeping (who knows eh..). I took the risk and shifted him behind to make him play at his best. Even he was surprised by the impact created from this decision. Kuan Yang's stature made the mindgames playable for the coach because of the many options he creates for the team. If chess is floorball, this guy is the queen.

The most promising Frontliner in Penang League 2008 was Mekananth Selvaraj aka ADEBAYOR. His stunning performance captured the fans attention and earned him the nickname of the Arsenal and Togo Poacher. Having Mekananth in the team brought up the average speed by 20 percent. Speed is his main asset, and I've been working on changing him from an typical old fashioned winger into a stinging striker with a killer instinct for goals. The game against the Unihawks helped unleash the in-born poaching abilities in him. Definitely a player to watch in the future, if he can get rid of his opportunity-wasting blind passes which frustrate the coach so much.

Players that have matured a lot are Mr Shyguy, San Jeevan and Iron Lady, Kew Pei Li. Both were the back two that provided a strong platform to organize attacks. Though silly mistakes were committed, we have to admit that anyone would love to have them in their team. And we at Frontliners view these two as our priceless assets. No bargain available to buy them out. Keke... these two have also shown good commitment in training, thus, they are our long term plans for our future.

San Jeevan has excellent ball control. Always the most obedient one in training, his hard work paid off, with a goal scored as he obeyed the call to take more shots. Some sad moments when he made some silly mistakes that cost the team, but whatever they say... you gotta love this guy. How often do you bump into a shy guy who plays good floorball nowadays?

Iron Lady, Pei Li has been tougher and nastier this time round. Her controls have improved. We managed to catch her shooting a few times on target and exchanging some nice passes with the forwards. Always the one asking the coach... "What should I improve?" Well, I usually poke her with saying "EVERYTHING". Keke... Take it easy girl, Rome was not built in one day. Let's start first with the way you smile:)

One guy that shocked me and the whole team was Goekula Kannan. He is the joker in the team and reminds me a lot of Emile Heskey. He's one big bull. This boy scored two goals against Innebandy. I had to keep my promise of kissing him for every goal he scored (that was two). Discipline wise, Kannan has improved in controlling his temperament. We give him credit for the effort taken to control his own impulse. Hmm... I still wished I could work on his floorball sense first, though.

As a coach, my best buy of the season was Joshua Lam aka Lam Tai Hap (Pendekar Lam). Many do not realize that he is my most-underrated player in the team. To sum it up... he is like a Ferrari, without alignments. Horsepower without cornering abilities. We've gotta work on his alignments, he appears to be very clumsy. But Japanese-style-Banzai ethics and energy has placed him in the heart of the team. Taking over as the one shouting our war cry while I was not around, his energetic presence is an asset to the team. We love his Semangat and GUNGHO attitude. Although opponents are irritated with his brainless tackles and pushes, I can't blame him... under the coach's strict orders he had to play overly aggressive. He took it willingly without resistance... must be something natural to him. One of the long awaited energy givers.

Have you ever seen the LORD OF THE RINGS movie? There was this scene where the hobbits were asking for help and the ent answered, "We... have... come... to... a... decision..." The whole of middle kingdom is in war against Sauron, and here you are, a group of people who are saying, "Errr... I think first lah... See first lah... Dunno ah..."

POR KAI YANN. Deja Vu. The whole of Spartans are fighting with their lives, and then suddenly this joker starts asking, "Er.. coach... I play where ah?" (What are you gonna do if you are the coach?) But I must admit, Kai Yann has matured a lot this league. He has gotten rid of his Nervous Breakdown Syndrome that appeared in every past tournament. This boy is one that I personally discovered and recruited him from our youth group. As the tournament progressed, Kai Yann got better and better. He seems to have found a micro-fraction of his ego once again (if you can make this boy angry please teach me, he's a cool cucumber). I think he's got lots of potential (maybe many will disagree with me, but that's my opinion as a coach). This tournament made me realize he's got another feature I didn't notice all this while... a natural rebounder, dangerous in front of the crease, although before he can ever fulfill his call... he's gotta solve his 'stim stim' problem first.

Koay Yi Lin is the most cheerful person in the team, who never fails to put a smile on everyone's face. This girl is another energy giver in the team. Being the most cheerful, she ended up as the cheerleader for the team. Wasn't being played much due to the intensity of the game, yet we at Frontliners recognize her availability as an asset to the team. She cheered and encouraged the team when it mattered most. That's a big contribution.WISEMAN: Steven Tay, being the most senior player in the team is another valuable piece in the puzzle. This wiseman is the other most versatile player in the team besides Kuan Yang. However, being long gone from the floorball scene for some time has mellowed down his aggression. But I still love the way he slowed down the pace of the game once again. He's the calmest player in Frontliners so far with excellent ball control. Only problem, him being a little TOO calm and holding the ball too long. But I reckon that he has got very good floorball IQ, very good game intelligence. That's why I call him the Wiseman.

As for me... well... I dunno how to comment on myself... you guys are free to comment on the chatbox... keke. I'm doing my soul-searching right now as a player. I have to change the way I play to go further. Taking both coaching and playing seriously and at the same time is no easy task. But Penang League 2008 has been a wonderful memory for me. It has deepened my passion for the club, its players and the future young guns that will rise up.

While the campaign was not successful, it was not a failure as well. We have defined our own style of play: the Fast Pace style. We actually got to be at the top of the league for a short while, which was only a dream in the past.

My only regret is to have missed the chance to clinch a medal. The biggest letdown is that we were the only team that did not have its own supporters. We were always playing an away game. It is something we will work on in the future. But I believe being in such a position has made us mentally stronger to stay focused on the game.

The proudest moment that I have as a coach till today... well, to be honest, is to see my players grow. Some have even outgrown me. Some show much promise.

When my players become good players and they start coaching others one day, I will have won the biggest medal of all time. That is my vision. I'm in the people business. Not winning titles. That is the greatest satisfaction I will ever receive as a coach. It motivates me to press on and continue what that was started in 2007. We still have one more year to go to complete Project 2007. This is so far the peak of Frontliners Floorball Club, and we definitely will see more interesting stuff coming in the future.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Behind The Scenes, Part I (And Also Penang League 2008 Review)

You've seen the action on court, the good and bad,the beautiful and ugly. Now take a look at what went through our team managers' minds during and after Penang League 2008. Below is how Frontliners Trojans' team manager, Kuan Yang, sees the team and everything and anything that happened.

PROLOGUE: A crazy 6 weeks of intense floorballing has finally come to an end. Phew... All the sweat from running, all the pain from the slashings and the lost of voice from shouting, not to forget the ups and downs in the game, the costly mistakes and the magical moments. All is now in the past and hence a review of it to build a better tomorrow (hopefully).

Div 2, supposedly a training ground and arena to perform for newbies and reserve players but due to the lack of teams, stronger teams were forced to play in the division. Although this destroyed the stage for the Trojans to perform and definitely made it tonnes harder to maintain the morale, it proved to be a good training ground for the players and me as a manager.

PLAY OF THE LEAGUE: Play of the league is probably the most easy thing to comment on as the only fair game was with Contact Bullets. A Hansel and Gretel battle. Both are full of young and new players although Contact boasts a few regulars in State Training. Both young and inexperienced, both hammered by larger and meaner opponents, and both managers always ending up losing their voice for the day(haha).

All the other games were meant to cut down the deficits to make the scoreline look as respectable as possible, but against Contact was where the goals would come from. And it did, all 3 goals scored in the Trojans campagin were against the Bullets. No disrespect, but the fact is that there were only two Div 2 matches in the whole league and I believe it was a great experience for the players.
THE TROJANS: Individually, it was a pretty encouraging performance from all the newbies, and at least all of them lived up to a certain expectation target set.

Goalies, the last line of defense, a scarce and valuable talent in the game who always get the sticks when conceding and nothing when goals are scored. We're lucky to have two, both young and fresh and eager to learn the trade.

Felicia, our first choice goalie in my opinion did a great job cuz it is not easy to keep your sanity and play as a goalie for a team that leak goals like flowing water. The team may concede a lot of goals, some of them the defenders' fault, some the goalies' and some being just pure unlucky. Anyhow, her determination and never-say-die attitude deserve much praise. On the technical aspect, although a layman, I feel the basics are there but further refining and training would surely help. And never lose focus, you are definitely on the right track. Continue to emulate you "sifu", and one day you'll surpass him. Haha.

Emergency goalie Bryan who was recruited from FGA to replace Felicia who was unavailable due to NS duties for the last two games gave a reasonable performance for a first timer with two training sessions under unqualified goalkeeping coaches (sweat...). From my point of view, with his football goalkeeping experience plus hard work and proper guidance, I see a lot potential waiting to be fulfilled.

Julian & Wayne, both youngest in the club, were very energetic on the court though at times headless (as expected for kids of that age), portrays Frontliners' future if not Penang's. These two have bright futures and it would definitely be worthwhile to keep staying in Frontliners to watch them grow in to great players one day.

As for Loga, the towering hockey-convert forward was impressive up front with bursts of pace and numerous on-goal attempts throughout the campaign. I wouldn't call them shots, but if he had mastered the basics of it, Trojan's goal tally would be much improved. As I mentioned, Loga is "towering", but slightly soft at times and does not exploit his height as effective as possible in areas such as blocking the keeper during free hit attempts and shielding the ball more effectively, an area to be taken note of.

Tania on the hand although smaller in size has been quite a shocker with her dribbling and not to mention a few "nutmegs" here and there. Not yet the whole package cuz the dribbling always ended up with nothing, so do try and make passes from time to time, hopefully with a lot of hard work she might start to terrorize defenses next year.

Trojan's new defensive trio, Sonia, Lawren and Lavinia did quite ok for first timers, and there is certainly obvious improvement throughout the games, in some basic defensive positioning eg. when the ball is behind the goal etc. and also other defenders' know-how like clearing the ball from the sides, moving the ball behind the goal post. Areas of improvements definitely include alertness, ball shielding and ball control for all three, more seasoning of the long legs for Sonia(must execute Jason's training regime vigorously) whereas Lawren needs to divert the aggression in basketball play to floorball. (And please stop wearing beach pants, reminds me of the Aussie's Swedish coach and gets me into trouble with PFA president Mr. James...)

Nareen, star defender for the Trojans, made good use of his towering presence, a hard runner at both ends of the court and with his experience, I definitely felt safer with him around the defensive end. However, his habit of venturing up in attack has to be less frequent as Trojans back line is way too fragile to be left with one behind. As a senior player, the "one-hand syndrome" has to be rectified and his passes were pretty woeful. Keep working hard!

If Nareen is the star at the back, Roselyn would be the star up front. Hardworking up front, possessing deadly slap shots and to my surprise, able to help organise the forwards on court, it all prompted me to select her as a center for two games when Serene was away. Did pretty well in the middle of the park and tried her best to keep the formation compact. Maybe due to her lack of experience, she was pretty confused when she switched back to a forward role but no fear as experience will be gained via more involvement in the game. Similar to Nareen, improvements in passing is a must and more wrist shots please. Keep it up!

Last but not least, Captain Marvel Serene Tan, the most experienced and skillful player of the team and who played all four games which she attended without resting. Bravo. Nothing much to complain or comment about, but it would definitely be good if she could attend training more, get to know the team more and help improve on the team play. Thank you for leading the team in this campaign!

THE OBJECTIVE: Objective wise, supposedly for exposure (expression, experience & entertainment), aka the lame 'E' cuz the majority of players were fresh brand new. Win or lose was never my concern, experience was not lacking but the platform for expression and entertainment(fun) was hampered with teams like Dalat and Ztec in the division. The trashing was not so nice, I admit, but we should not be beaten by it, we should rise from defeat, digest the experience, improve and face the next challenge, stronger.

For some it was bad for morale; I would say it was part of learning and building mental strength. For some we shouldn't have joined in the first place; I would say: then when will you be ready? We will never be ready unless we are always ready. Ready to face the challenge ahead. Win or lose should not always determine the purpose of joining a tournament, to learn and to improve should always be the main idea. Getting trashed and moving on with it is part and parcel of the learning curve.

I believe each and everyone is like an unearthed gem, full of potential to shine, and sometimes will just have to face hardship, defeats, grow with it and then when the outer layer that conceals the gem is removed, only then the glowing brightness of the gem can shine. Hence, the phrase of revealing one's potential is complete, now move on to fulfill it, which is another stage you Trojans will explore.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY: Here is a summary of the good, the bad and the ugly (like the Sun's sports column) of the Trojan's campaign in Penang Floorball League 2008 Division 2:

THE GOOD: Spirited, collective and diehard Trojans fought all the way to the final game. They fought, they bled, they crumbled, they rose and they fought again.

THE BAD: Four teams in Division 2 league with only Two Division 2 teams. A sad day for Penang Floorball.

THE UGLY: Lost. Lost on journey, lost count of time, lost their mind... Somehow, the Trojans never reached the battlefield and left their comrades to fight a lonely battle.

Overall, it was a good learning curve for most if not all the players. Individually, it was great to see them improve bit by bit throughout the league with some even exceeding expectations. Team wise as a whole, the Trojans were a collective lot, fighting till the end but tactically there is still loads of work to be done. Hopefully the matches will light up the fire in everyone of them and make them hungry for more action.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spartans G6: Unihawks 5-3 Spartans

The Unihawks finally took off and presented Innebandy! Co with second place and the silver in a game that promised much but delivered little for Frontliners Spartans.

Missing two players, the Spartans had an off-day all over, spurning glorious chances and passing to everywhere but to their fellow teammates. Take nothing away from the Unihawks, they truly and thoroughly deserved the win with terrific goalkeeping and good finishing. Lucky, maybe, that the Spartans just couldn't get into their stride, but fortune favours the brave, and the Unihawks had nothing to lose and everything to prove.

What made the win even more impressive was the fact that they came back from two goals down, and scored five goals, one after another. They dominated the Spartans physically and mentally, and, unlike the previous game, they made it count, and the Spartans were left to dream of what could have been but just... didn't.

On the brighter side, the Spartans welcomed back Ms. Koay Yi Lin, their lady-of-all-sorrows, who screamed her lungs out while watching from the sidelines and still managed to get cramp.

Congratulations to Minden Unihawks for finally showing what they can do, and... to the Spartans, well done. To everyone, together and as a team, the Spartans have shown that they are capable of actually playing floorball... Now to just get rid of 'em inconsistencies...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Trojans G6: The Last Game For The Trojans

It was a tough day for this team. Trojans only managed to send 1 line, which is only consisted of 6 players (Serene, Roselyn, Loga, Nareen, Lavinia, Bryan). IMAGINE!!! 6 players against a swarm of bees. Numerous and strong. What happened to the rest? Find out and whack them to the ground! (Just kidding, but complained by Coach Kuan Yang too.)

During the first half, the Trojans were instructed to play defensive in order to reduce the number of goals conceded by Ztec 8cers. Meanwhile at the bench, Coach Kuan Yang was yelling with his whole heart to the Trojans to "PLAY DEFENSIVE!!!" until he lost his voice. 0-6 when the whistle blew..

Break time.. Coach Kuan Yang continued to encourage the players to go on for the game, for this was the last match for the Trojans. "It's not the matter of the scores, but it'ss the matter on how we improve our skills as a team. You all have tried your best. That is the most important for you Trojans. Remember! This league is only for exposure and to gain experience," said he.

The second half began. Frontliners Trojans were quite exhausted again due to the number of players comparatively. Nevertheless, they never give up but fought to the last minute. As the game went on, the Trojans improved. Phit! Phit! Phit! The end of the game, 0-5 for the second period, 0-11 in total.

Frontliners Trojans did not win throughout the campaign, but team spirit remains high, and we shall continue to play floorball simply because it's in our blood.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Get used to that word - you'll be reading it a lot.

Training was as usual at the usual place at the usual time attended by the usual people. The only unusual things being a new face - Nhivashni (Nhiva would suffice) invited by Kew Pei Li, and the absence of Coach Jason Chan.

It started off with some people being remarkably early and others, well, remarkably late. Seeing that it was past 9 a.m. and Technical Advisor Khor Kuan Yang was still somewhere on the island besides PBSM hall, Juniors' Coach Pei Li dragged the team up for the usual warm-up. Minutes later, Kuan Yang turned up.

With that, he took over and the players paired up to practise the usual passing while goalkeeper Bryan Koh worked on movement. Crucial as it is, passing was rather usual, nothing exciting or interesting to be said, besides the fact that something was missing. And although nothing was made verbal, it was obvious that the players sorely felt the vacuum usually filled by the energetic Jason Chan.

Usual passing progressed to not-so-usual passing, i.e. V-shaped passing and flicks/lobs ("Flob?" wondered Yi Lin). Kuan Yang did give a demonstration on how to pass and receive lobs, but, as usual, he made it look easy. Flying balls probably lightened the atmosphere a little, with short (but loud enough) exclamations and stray balls bouncing 'round the place.

X-box. Four standing at the corners of a box and one in the middle. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, shoot. The junior players cogitated a little before getting the hang of it. Almost eerily, the court became deathly silent at times, the rolling ball making the most noise. Which wasn't very usual.

Match-time, as usual. Passing was top on Kuan Yang's list. Surprisingly, Roselyn Ewe beat Yi Lin when it came to letting off the most screams. No goals were scored though.

Where was all the energy and excitement? Evidently Coach Jason's influential energy was on vacation with him in Malacca. All in all, training was - just usual enough.