Friday, October 23, 2009

HOT core training. 21 Oct 2009

That simply explain the weather for that day especially the shade-less basketball court. However, that doesnt seems to tire out the Saintz but fire up their passion for floorball even more! With 20 Floorballer, we started off jogging around the street soccer court and Coach Jason then led the team into warm up himself.

Warming up session

Coach Jason then demonstrate the 'team work and physical' drill which is to carry their teammate across the court.

The defender's drill 2-on-1 come up next.

Defenders line

attacker's line

Captain Mikey guarding the post

After afew more drills, the Coach declare its GAME TIME.
Teams were split. Junior aside, Senior the other side.

THis time, the senior gets to play in a much wider plane.
2 Basketball court. one cone at the end of both side.
and YES.
the cone is the 'goal post'
Coach Jason stressed on playing with our senses and get into the game.
not just playing for the sake of playing

time reali flies when we just started to get into the game.
we wrap up the day with one last match for both Senior and Junior

the casualty

Coach Jason debriefing the players.
the Management then took over and reminded them to study for their finals.
Good result will lead to more floorball.
just before the training ends,
Jason promoted on the Big-E camp and also promised the players a treat for OUR first victory as a school

SXI Floorball Club
Management Team

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Happy Deepavali to those who celebrate it... when u think of deepavali, you think of murukus... capati... bla bla bla... :)

Coach Jason took up the training with warm up drills...

Coach Jason then moves on for a meeting along with the wiseman Steven and ironlady Pei li...

Coach Kuan Yang took the training and spice it up with his killer drills... heh heh... sounds evil...

The SEMPOI punya Budak-budak Coach, Michael Cheah took the budak-budaks for a kindergarden session in floorball...

Hmm... I wonder what are those budak-budaks doing in the dark eh??

All come back for a battle on the court with 5 minutes ongoing gameplay...

And then... the second coming of Coach Jason and iron lady Pei li...

FINALLY... manager Jason Chan gave a challenge to all FRONTLINERS...
Can you remember what is it... ? Next training...all must show hand...

SO lets see if we all remember the challenge or not ? Can remember or not?


Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh when the Saint's go marching in! 14/10/2009

"Oh when the Saint's go marching in!"
This is the best song lyric to represent the training on the 14th Of October 2009.
A total number of 35 PEOPLE! attended training.Welcoming new and old players.
It is the highest attended training in the history of SXI Floorball Club.
Praise God for that!


What are you looking at punk?

Excited faces!

Coach Explaining the Snake Drill

Bonding between Brendon and Fred! =D

Showing Off

Some defenders drill.

Getting into teams.

"Bring it on"

As training ended,the management team announced the players participating in the exhibition on the 18th Of October 2009 in Shang Wu.9am- 12pm

Team 1
  1. (C) Gray lee
  2. Michael Cheah
  3. Ho Jun Yi
  4. Kenneth Yeap
  5. Algin Tan
  6. Jeffery Lim
  7. Bryan Tan
  8. Darien Tan
Team 2
  1. (C) Ong Ray Gan
  2. Walson Chua
  3. Marcus Kam
  4. Daryl Ooi
  5. Fred
  6. Alpha Pan
  7. Gideon Joseph
  8. Alex Vellu
Players listed down here,must be at Shang Wu on Sunday by 9am for warm up and everything will begin at 10 am.Everyone must wear their KK shirt and sports attire.Thank you.

SXI Floorball Club
Management Team

New Battle Ground. 7/10/09

Its been sometime since SXI Floorball Club has posted up something.
We apologize for this.
On the 7th Of October 2009.Training was held at the basket ball court cause the street soccer court was not available due to PMR.
After getting on to the basket ball court,we found out that it was not bad.
Well,its has always been said that pictures can some how talk.
So,its better to have the pictures do the talking.

The Basketball Court.



Team TALK.

Penalty Shot!


Management Team.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Newly IMPROVED training... konon


sounded catchy...

Perhaps the catchy part was the extended game play...

So... HOW did we fare???

Suddenly SO MANY PPL in training... 30+ people in the court. INTENSITY... both coaches Kuan Yang(head coach) and Jason(the other coach/manager) had some intensed moments... headaches...

"too little players also SUSAH..."

"too MANY players also SUSAH..."

Haih... tat was the cry of head coach Kuan Yang(sekolah cina... :P)

Extended match time? was it really extended? Of course... well... just slightly more than the previous week... but player being players... always complain... PLAY NOT ENOUGH... right?

Complain complain paling pandai... kekeke... Well... Relak ah...

Management's gonna come out with even more innovative training package to cater for all your needs...


Our philosophy has always been... "Ada Idea Baru"

See you in training :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Army In The House

For many of those who came for training this week, it probably was the first time stepping foot on PBSM's next-door neighbors, St. John.

Oh, yes, all of them do pass by the pink-and-white building every week, on their way to PBSM, but the most they give would be a sparing glance at the young St. John's'es who seem to forever march.

Well, here's a big note.. St. John's is way more canggih than PBSM! They even have a reception area, with a password-key box beside the door.. fu-yoh!

The court, however, was small when compared to PBSM's; miniscule when compared to Dalat's; and.. non-existent when compared to Balik Pulau's.

Small as it was, though, it sure was better than playing under the hot, hot sun at Taman Gelugor's basketball court. So it was good.

The first drill after warm-up was a leg-exercising one. There was a puddle of very dirty water at one spot on the court, and the players were all told to walk, dance, and shuffle over it to spread the water.

That done, Coach Kuan Yang took a leaf out of Coach Jason's book and actually did a fun drill.

At one end of the court, he placed two chairs at opposite sides, and at the other end, he placed a stack of dustbins (PBSM and St. John's seem to get their dustbins from the same shop) in the middle.

Standing at one end, a player had to pass the ball between the legs of the chair, run and pick it up, then dribble around said chair. The player then had to pass the ball and hit the dustbins, and again, run, pick up and dribble around. Finally, the player had to repeat this procedure for the final chair, and the drill would be over.

After a few rounds, Coach divided the players into two groups and made the drill a friendly competition. A ball between the legs of the chairs gets one point; so does hitting the dustbins. The team with the most points win and get to determine the losers' punishment.

The chair legs seemed to have suddenly gained magnetic powers, drawing the ball to them but not between them.

Su Rong's team ran out winners, and he happily doled out the punishment: that the other team would have to run three rounds round the whole place.

Not inside, not just outside, but the whole place; including the houses.

Obviously, Coach stepped in and spoiled the fun, saying running inside would do. Thus the losing team had to run 10 rounds inside, and the winning team had to set up the goalposts.

At that moment, in came fifteen or so males, ranging from the tiny to the muscle-packed to the.. well-aged. These, ladies and gentlemen, were the boys from Salvation Army!

So whatever plans to torture the players by Coach had to be scrapped. Instead, almost immediately, it was time for a match.

The SA boys definitely were no pushovers.

At the end of training, a few announcements were made, and the players were dismissed.