Sunday, October 26, 2008

Traning 251008: Fashion-Conscious Frontliners

Training was held at the same time at the same place. Frontliners set a new record of 20 attendees this week (applause) beating the previous record of 18 set not too long ago. Let's keep that up and smash more attendance records! This week, we welcome Derrick to the Frontliners family. One notable absentee was Pei Li, still out due to illness. Get well soon, Pei Li! Hope to see you back on the courts next week!

Training started with the usual warm-up. The players were then paired up to do passing. Players were then separated: juniors under Coach Jason and seniors under Kuan Yang. The juniors were taught the basic stuff while on the other side of the court; the seniors' drills were emphasized a lot on passing, movement and shooting. The pace started slowly but soon picked up once players were familiar with the drill. The seniors were paired up to do more passing. This time, looking down at the ball was not allowed.

At 11 pm, it was game time. 4-on-4 (juniors) and 5-on-5 (seniors). It looked like the juniors were enjoying themselves very much, running for every ball and never seemed to be tired.

Training came to a close at 12.00 pm. After some talk from Coach Jason and Kuan Yang, the players were dismissed. Many of them were checking out sticks and commented on how they did not like the colour of some sticks. (Don't be fussy, guys, colour is not important, it's how you use the stick; whether for playing floorball or making it match your clothes or eyes, you decide.) Overall, training was good and hope to see all of you next week. OooOOOO FRONTLINERS!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The F Words

F is for Floorball. Training, same time, same place.

F is for Flooded. Heavy rain the night before meant wet court and soaked grass all around.

F is for Friends. Many new Frontliners, invited by their friends, turned up again this week.

F is for Family. Blood relations and floorball relations galore.

F is for Fun. Ex-coach turned wise man Steven Tay was the coach-for-the-day. And what a surprise it was, when he said the whole training was devoted to game time.

F is for Four-on-Four.

F is for Fledglings. Fresh floorballers showing off on the court, with fresh captains, Tania Loke and Sonia Frances.

F is for Fish. Michael (Mikey) obviously felt like one, slipping on the court and getting his behind all soaked in rainwater.

F is for Frustration. The juniors expressed disapproval when called in for substitution.

F is for Faraway. Kenny and Nicholas were evidently in their own happy world, joking around and having light moments while playing on the court.

F is for Finally. After an hour or so, Roselyn Ewe decided to show up.

F is for Farewell. Training ended at about 11:30a.m. when everyone left.

F is for Frontliners.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The joy of UPSRers is the envy of PMRers

UPSR students fresh from completing their exams are now back roaming the courts in PBSM. We welcome back our small cikus Julian and Tristan. Another small ciku Kyle has joined us for 3 consecutive weeks. Frontliners also welcome back our mercurial Sharron Tan whom has also returned to the courts after arranging time with her job.

An achievement to be proud of, this week Frontliners have an attendance of 18 people besides the fact that we are now in the exam seasons. Many of our regulars had to study and control their itchy hands from playing floorball as they face PMR.

A note to the PMRer, baca buku=ibubapa gembira=hidup floorball. Remember that, and keep that in your soul. A good mathematical model from our ex-nerd(still quite) coach Kuan Yang.

In addition to the return of our lost sheeps, we have 3 new recruits this week, Su Rong, Verina(Tristan’s sister) and Gabriel Ng. Drills are pretty much the same, as Senior coach continues to execute his P.M.S.(passing movement and shots) propaganda. The training was fast paced that keeper, Shun Kai’s knees have to wear out in half time.

300 Coach Jason as usual does the lame old beginners stuff. Being 300’s coach and dealing with immature kids is definitely a big challenge.

Newcomer Su Rong definitely had a hard time training with the kids and has expressed his desire to train with older kids like those in the Spartan troops. “I love everything here.. except… err training with kids? I mean… when will they ever be serious?” lamented Su Rong.

Spartan coach Kuan Yang commented that Su Rong may be more advanced that those kids even though he is a beginner. Perhaps Su Rong might be able to make it to the Spartans? Hint hint, we shall see.

Our new recruits seem to have lots of energy and enthusiasm for the game. Gabriel, is our most smallest ciku ever recruited at age 11. Has a pair of fast and athletic legs which can be developed. Its another smaller version of Julian. Verina seems to have a natural instinct when it comes to shooting and taking first timers.

Spartan coach, Kuan Yang gave every Spartan a constraint during game time, which is, no stealing ball and no dribbling and movement while possession. This got the Spartans quite irritated. “No fun one” states fellow Spartan, Kenny Ng. “Not tiring at all” lamented most of them. The response from coach Kuan Yang “ you are not tired because you choose not to run and stay static when you are not having the ball. Run more. You should feel tired!!!”. True enough… after obeying the command, the Spartans eventually wear out. Pei Li had to admit “I’m really tired !!”

Enough said, the whole purpose of the drill is to train our passing and movement under ideal conditions. Unfortunately, good stuffs are usually boring. We need to see it as a step to the next level rather than just playing for the “feel good” session. That is the only way to the top.

To PMRers, ALL THE BEST… See you after PMR.

Monday, October 6, 2008

(Out of Breath)

Training was...

...good but really tiring.

(Check the most accurate.)

A slew of Frontliners all confessed to late nights out thus explaining the loss of energy. That is, apart from Kenny, who was grey and sick; and Pei Li who happily announced she had had a great night's rest.

Not that Coach Kuan Yang pitied them in any way. He ruthlessly demanded lung-bursting sprints throughout a training that concentrated on first-timer shots. Even with fifteen attending, they were tough done by to keep the pace up.

Julian and Wayne reappeared in training after a long break; while Megan astounded everyone and actually attended training for two weeks consecutively. Kyle Matthews also came for his second training ever (add another Arsenal fan to the roster, yes?). The new face this week turned out to be Shaun Ong.

And even after game-time officially ended, Coach lined the players up and told them to run. And run. And run again.

Good for the soul, that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TGFF: Thank God For Friends

1. If you do, great job and keep it up!
2. If you do not, you better start and Quick! (Coach Jason's indirect orders.)

Now why is this in a floorball blog, of all things?

'Floorball is about friendships', as quoted in Contact's blog. So if you do believe this, come to Frontliners Youth Meet on 4 October 2008 from 5.30-7.30pm and if you don't, all the more important for you to come.


Because The Coach said so.

(There'll be lots and lots and lots of food, so BE THERE!)

For more info, call Coach Jason.

Just Plain Weird

I've already written about feelings-oh-feelings, a very self-reflecting post; but this time, however, I would like to do a study on the weird names people come up with.

Let's go in alphabetical order and start with E&P. Elephants and Pineapples don't exactly go together, to state the obvious. Perhaps it was a reference to the players... fat and clumsy. Like Tania.

(pause for laughter)

Probably not. E&P had an average age of 14.9 years, and, if I'm right, none of them reached past 5'6. They could've done with someone bulkier to guard the goal, but had to make do with Eulene, a stick-thin thirteen-year-old. As it was, however talented Ivy was as a tennis player; however gifted Wei-Lynn might be as a ballerina, the only person who knew more than just how to hold a floorball stick was Tania.

Good effort, though I don't think I'll be seeing most of them anytime soon in floorball. Prove me wrong, girls.

(It actually started with an icebreaker Tania was doing during youth. When dividing them into two groups, she thought the 1 and 2 numbering system was boring, so she divided them into Elephants and Pineapples instead. Random, really. And when she was in a dilemma over the team name, Joyce just went ahead and wrote E&P on the form.)

Next up, Ednamodes and Violets. The names were ripped from the main characters of Pixar animation 'The Incredibles'. High school kids watching animated movies... what ever has the world come to?

The names did match, however. The ladies in Ednamodes shared the same vocal tendencies of Edna Mode, the super-fussy and loud character from the movie. Probably not as short, but incredibly comic, as some would attest to in Ednamode's game with UniHawks. Loyal also, supporting each other with screams that would burst the roof open though staring into the jaws of defeat.

Violets showed promise, Pei Yi for one, and should be a team to watch out for in the years to come.

(The names started long before when Sheryn was still in MGS. She suggested that they use superheroes for names and thought of The Incredibles, because she had watched it before signing up. Plus, she liked it.)

Fury and Inferno. No mistakes in pronouncing Inferno, but I cringe when people call Fury 'Furry' and twist it even further to make up 'McFlurry'. Then cue the whole line of Frontliners McChicken or Frontliners ApplePies jokes.

Frontliners performed credibly with the resources available though Pei Li tried too hard to do everything and simply exhausted herself. Sonia more wisely stuck to the job and did well to carry the team to 6th place.

Sugar. Gods above, of all names, why Sugar? Combine it with the name used in Youthwave earlier this year and you get Contact SugarPuffs. Though to take it at name value, Sugar was good. Outside of court.

Once they stepped inside, they transformed into scary beasts that fought and scrapped for every ball. Hardly any goals went in thanks to Penny's industrious performances, and Sheryn up front was bullying her opponents into submission. They didn't score many goals, didn't let in many either, and it worked.

(Turns out Sugar is another species of ants. Just like Fire Ants. Puffs, however, was random, coming from Powerpuff Girls to denote power. Yeah, it fits.)

And for the names that have been forever. UniHawks and Innebabes. I was bemused, to be frank: How in the world could UniHawks have not won the title? Looking at the stats: UniHawks scored sixteen and let in one, appearing unstoppable. To state more statistics, they were the oldest team in this category with an average age of 22.4 years, each had played floorball before and could run well enough.

Maybe some things just can't be explained.

Innebabes, well... the word would be solid. Their one weakness was defence, Kao Yi Lin prone to using illegal body parts to stop the ball. But usually their opponents concentrated too much on neutralizing the threat of the triumvirate of Valerie, Elaine and Cui Lin to threaten Innebabes.

Not so weird now, after the study. As always, most amazing mysteries have very ordinary explanations. It does add color to floorball... but it will remain now and forever: Weird.

Of course, it could be worse. Just think of all those people naming their kids what they named their teams.

Frontliner's Declassified Floorball Survival Guide. Guide to: Newbies.

*This post was written by fellow Frontliner Sonia Frances, on her personal experience in the Z'liners-PFA Floorball Challenge

When I received a text to join the Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge I agreed. All to have fun and play floorball. Simple enough.

Right. But what's life without a little drama?

First, Manager draws up teams but players drop out like mosquitoes so Manager puts me into the other team as captain. (I only knew what captain means, not what captain does.)

TOURNAMENT DAY- After watching the juniors in action, I just couldn't wait for the women's game to begin. After frantically waiting and registering all the Infernos (sounds like there's a whole army of them) I told my teammates to just have fun and do their best.

Inferno's opening game was against FGA's Elephants and Pineapples (it was funny writing that -sorry, Tania) and I knew this was the only game we could salvage something from. I moved from my usual defensive position to forward. Not my preferred position but hey, why not try something new? Inferno scored the first but the joy was short-lived as Two-Faced Frontliner, Tania Loke equalized for E&P.

Final score: 1-1. Not bad, I would say. Unfortunate to score first and allow an equalizer.

For the game against MGS Ednamodes, I returned to guard the goal like gold. Unfortunately, I viewed it as a mere net, not gold, and conceded four. Ednamodes scored in less than a minute but we managed an equalizer. Ednamodes however scored three more to kill off the game.

Final score: 4-1. At least no telur ayam. I was pleased with the performance of Inferno. They played well for first-timers against a tough team.

The game against UniHawks was something like last year's FA Cup Final where Pompey faced Cardiff. We could be the giant-killers, make it a fairytale but all the pundits were with Pompey. I hate it when pundits are right.

Bad news: We lost. 4-0.
Good news: We played well! (Not to brag or anything.) Playing tactics doesn't do much on newbies, just gives them an idea. My teammates must be real smart (I know Eureka is) cause even I couldn't understand what I told them before the game. I only understood fun.

Inferno faced sister team, Fury for 5th/6th placing and being good sisters, we let Fury captain-cum-Inferno manager, Kew Pei Li score a hattrick. We even scored one for them! Talk about sisterly love. No clue on who scored the own goal though. Final score: 4-0.

Overall, we earned a respectable 6th. The Infernos found it hard to believe and kept asking, "You mean we're not last?!" and I would happily reply, "No." Can't really talk about what they lacked especially in movement and running because I myself am a blunder in that area. So I'll leave it to the Master Yodas to assess that.

I view every tournament as a chance to evaluate myself and see how much I've improved since the last. I would say there's a slight improvement in defending but there's still a long way to go. For now, I'd rather not be forward.

It's like a piece of patchwork. For four people, they did better than expected. -Tania Loke

Not bad la. Frontliners Inferno was like Sonia & Co. just like how E&P was like Tania and Co. -Kew Pei Li

It was better than expected. I got a bruise! -Eureka Foong

While other teams will roar out their team name with lots of semangat, we sounded like zombies with retarded giggles at the end.

Now time to kikis the Sonia and Co. thing.

(All Master Yodas, do assess how Sonia performed and give some feedback. Feel free-- no, obliged, to leave comments.)