Monday, July 30, 2007

YOU are wanted: Dead or alive (though preferably the latter...)

Frontliners training! ...was okay. Not great or terrible, just okay (okay is good, just in case it sounds negative). The skyrocketing attendance came a little bit back down to earth with an average attendance of eight.

All the more for those who missed out on training this week to feel a little unhappy because Mr. Jason had injected something new into training. He had mentioned it the week before but, seeing that school holds a higher priority than floorball (to parents or their children?) the higher attendance expected did not materialize.

That something new? Technology. Ooh... bet you felt shivers run down your spine and your blood turn cold when this word was mentioned. Yeah, right, though Mr. Jason seemed to think it did. Must be because he came up with it.

The technology turned out to be Mr. Jason bringing along a laptop. On it he showed a slide show. About floorball. Wow. Pretty awe-inspiring, huh? Enough about that. Let's get back to the real, hard stuff.

Training was held as usual and as expected, with the basic drills being done and also some other new ones, which for this week, were fakes. The players learnt how to execute a fake(obviously) on the court, which, really, was interesting. No kidding.

And again as usual came the time when the drills were ended(thank God) and when the players conveniently forgot everything they had learnt and just had lots of fun on the court: Match time.
On the assignment given by Mr. Jason last week, the ones with the best record were Steven and Pei Li, with four times a week for each of them. Mr. Jason refused to comment on this week's assignment, saying there was no point saying it, as there were too few people in training.
Therefore(no, that's way too formal... nevermind, sticking with it), calling all Frontliners! The club needs YOU.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Three cheers (though I never get why three) for the attendance this week.

Promising. That, supposedly, is the most positive word that can be used to describe the growth of the club as the numbers slowly increase again.

After a dismal month of an average of seven/eight people per training, attendance on Saturday nearly touched the sky as thirteen people came. Hurrah.

Still, training was not hampered by the surprising number of people (there was a new face, Felicia from MGS) and Mr. Jason divided the team into two groups: one being for the newbies which "JediMaster" (as follows Mr. Jason) Kuan Yang took, and another being for... those considerably experienced (say two years, except for Sarah Ng who can be considered very mature in floorball, and... definitely NOT oldies, just to note) taken by Mr. Jason himself.

Kuan Yang made his charges do basic drills like ball control while Mr. Jason set his drill level at 'gear 5' and insisted no 'recoiling' when having the ball.

The players made a considerable effort, though it was rather disturbing. Meaning the look on Mr. Jason's face when he was looking at what he called the 'optimum space' where he could see both the ball and the space above.

Then later the two groups joined to do other drills, one of them being the 'landmine' drill where... yeah, landmine. As in it took the same form of the 'four corners of the world' drill, but the obstacles were considerably much more, and the penalty for knocking down one of them was five pushups.

The ladies were then divided into two groups, same for the guys, and it was GAME ON!
Apparently, it was the first time the ladies scored more than the guys (thanks to Koay Yi Lin, who scored all three and attributed them to being 'lucky').

And then came the debriefing. Mr. Jason introduced a system very similar to what the players call 'homework', wanting them to practice a certain thing he gives the whole week and recording it in a book.

Well... as he says... "You want to be a professional player, you must train like one!" There you go.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frontliners Training... yeah, that's it.

Where has everyone gone? School, supposedly, so the conclusion that can be made is either that Frontliners Floorball Club is young and committed (to school, at least) or that the club is old and worn-out and will shut down soon.

Still, an average number of eight attended training at PBSM. The primary focus of training was on ball control. Mr. Jason repeatedly emphasized on basic ball control and not the more advanced techniques because, according to him, the players had not yet mastered the basics.

Several drills were incorporated, mostly to do with dribbling between the cones and then shooting (5 push-ups for every miss, but as the ratio of misses to goals were about 2:1, Mr. Jason gave up with it) and decidedly the most enjoyable, original drill of all was one where a player had to dribble around four cones with another player trying to prevent it.

Great inventions come from great minds. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jason Chan. (Applause encouraged)

Then later the players played a 4v4 match with keeper-less goals yet still the goals were.. not really forthcoming, shall we say?

Conclusion therefore being that for Public Relations and Publicity, it is and will henceforth be made known that this club is actively honing and fine-tuning the skills of the many young talents in the club who will be world-class in the coming years. Honest.

Note: to those who have no idea what a PR job is all about, it is rather like making a stinky, fat rafflesia sound like a beautiful rose. Or carnation, for a matter of fact (those who know not what I talk about, refer to the entry on April 21). And... this is merely an example, so please do not take this in an extreme manner.