Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coach Jason's Floorball Journey

*Life as a floorballer is a one which is exciting and full of adventure. I had my thrills and my kicks. This postings will be my diary as a floorballer. Hope that it will give you lots of encouragement in your journey to become a great player(I’m not yet there, but I aspire to be 1)

I was waiting for my sidekick Kuan Yang to car pool with me as we both come from mainland. I dunno what was wrong with him. He was sneezing throughout the whole journey. Must be someone talking behind his back. I hated it so much that I had to open the windows… just in case his germs got to me. If i'm sick you know where it came from.

As soon as I arrived in Dalat school for Penang State Training… cun cun 7pm... Coach Edward arrived. “So.. after this? 5 rounds eh”…keke… sikit lagi he's gonna be late… Aiks. But Edward's always on time. Not easy to catch him off guard. As usual, he responds with the ala “Terminator” smile.

Today’s training was interesting as we got to have 4 Ang Mohs to join us for training all the way from Scandinavia. All of them are taller than me. Towering and big. Like I care…

I find them very friendly. But there's one ang moh who is a little naughty… taught me some Finnish word. HAHAHAHA…

Kuan Yang… the captain… shouted to everyone… to do passing as a warm up drill. BORING… but essential.

We proceeded with a set piece drill that we did last week. I can remember the drill, but it seems that when I am at the court, I can just SUDDENLY forget. I dunno why…

Everything went well. But… the look on Coach Edwards face explained otherwise. The problem that happened most was when the forward ran towards the defender. “YOU ARE WASTING THE DEFENDER!!!” emphasized Coach Edward. “NO POINT IN DOING SO!!!”.

Trouble came even more as we moved on to the next drill. Coach Edward had to say… “HEY GUYS… I need you to be THINKERS la. What is the purpose of the Centre? Where is your timing?"

"The centre’s role is supposed to be creating more options for teammates to pass. Where should you look at? THE BALL… where do you look at? THE BALL… Where? THE BALL!!! Run in as though you are expecting to receive the ball at any time. It’s about being the dummy."

I feel that the drill is a pretty good set piece brilliantly designed by Coach Edward. If only we can do it la…

Match time. I was drawn into a team with Brian, Wai Kit and Henry. Waiting for our turn to play, as usual I watched the seniors from afar. Fast and Furious. Finally as those guys punctured, we came in to replace them. To my surprise… we got to play against the ang mohs team. Wah… finally I got back my kick. True enough… the ang mohs have better passing than us. But we are fitter and faster.

Coach Edward had to burst his lungs by shouting “Where is the RUN? CENTRE CENTRE!!!” Aiks… bila sudah dengar… kita kena sahut. Pantang dicabar la babe…

I ran into the centre. And ran up again. As much as I understood. “YES that’s it… Good run!” exclaimed Coach Edward. I have to confess… I was a little kembang for a moment. Ill get it done more often so that ill hear that more. Haha.

The ang mohs kept giving us a hard time, but there were moments they got kan cheong for a while. I should have scored. I had 2 chances. I must fine tune my shots.

The last round… we didn’t meet the ang mohs. We now played against the seniors. These guys are faster than us because their passes are fast and accurate. I tried to play one to one with Brian, but it didn’t seem to work. But we caught the opponents off guard with a well timed pass by Brian. GOAL !!! Lin Ken came immediately from the goal post(same team) and gave me 5.

Coach Edward rapped it off… saying “I LOVE THE PACE… Keep it up!!!. BUT you need to do the runs like the ones in the drill earlier." I thought to myself… aiks… he must have forgotten the good run I did earlier. Nevermind… next training we do it and show him again.

The most powerful man in PFA, James Looi was then given the stand… and he came and gave us a “VERY INSPIRING SPEECH”… konon.

All clubs… you are to sponsor the boards. IT IS COMPULSORY.

Personally I think, to be fair to PFA, clubs must take ownership of the boards. After all, we’re the ones using them. As Frontliners… we are ready to sponsor it. In fact I was wondering when would they ever collect sponsorship for the board. Let's just help PFA to build floorball. I think it's our responsibility to grow the sport and ensure that we get to play floorball with the best possible facilities. It's all about passion. So let's show our passion with our money as well.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Battle of the Year

Change is constant. As time flows, the last tick of a second has become history. Yesterday's history, it has become but the body still remembers it well, the aching reminds the mind vividly how yesterday was made. 2 days has passed since Frontliners' encounter with Ztec 8cers but the muscle ache continues to replay bits and parcels in my mind. What a game!!

20 July 2008. Venue, Dalat International School. Pouring rain. Yet, it attempt to cool down the excitement and intensity of both teams are to no avail. In the hall divided by the Reds and the Blues, muscles are well stretched, weapons are sharpen, killing intent is being maxed. There is no stopping the battle from erupting. Not the water dripping from the roof, not under the watchful eyes of the referees(Linken and Uncle Sam).

Going Down Proud
6pm. Face off. Who is going to draw first blood??

Nobody managed to draw first blood. Only the sound of stick clashing, feet stomping echoed in the hall. The referees were really put into test to make the calls. To be frank, the referees were pretty lenient as they took into consideration the experience level of the players and to let the game flow. Stricter measures were taken in the later periods as the fouls was becoming repetitive. From the players' expressions, some look confused with the decisions but nevertheless this should act as a learning stage for the new comers.

Just as the game was going to a stale draw and an achievement to brag about considering that Ztec outnumbered us 3 to 2 lines with a large majority of guys, Ztec scored. Not one, not two but three in quick succession to kill the game off. Fatigue and lapse of concentration must have crept in.

The juniors lost. 3-0. Lost but not defeated. All the goals were achieved. 3 out of 3. Team spirit kept in tack; all of you guys played with your hearts out and took a lot of shots! So heads up people. Train hard and look forward for more friendlies in the future.

Special mention to newbie keeper, Kai being his third time in goal gave a great performance. Holding on from Ztec's waves and waves of attacking. Although lacking in technique, Kai make tonnes of reaction saves, keeping the score line in tag until the final period. Two thumbs up!!

Typical Spartans
Seeing the juniors got KO-ed, temperature rose and rose, grip on the stick gets tighter and tighter. Can wait for the whistle for face off. A turn towards the bench... Sweat. 9 players plus 4 tired from the junior squad. Confidence dropped dead low. Half the regulars were grounded as exams is lurking around. Lets keep the scoreline respectable, I hope. Sweat(again).

The unexpected and the expected happened.

10 minutes into the game, a one-two between Ming Hwee and Adrian... Goal!! Unexpected. Frontliners took a unexpectedly lead. But the expected soon took over as Ztec equalised, then took the lead and then double the lead.

In to the second period, the intensity increased. The leading eager to increase the lead, the trailing fighting hard to catch up. A nice pass from a free hit by Serene met with a finish by Kenny, Frontliners pulled one back. Cheers!! Short one as Ztec Hit 2 back. Looks like the expected is expected to happened after all. Although I managed to squeeze a direct free hit in between, Ztec still lead by 2.

9 pair of tired legs and a pair of very tired knees. We went out in the last period panting. We went out not knowing that we were going to stage a superb come back.

A nice wall pass from Ming Hwee and a swift drag shot, the keeper was caught of guard and then another scramble in front of Ztec's goal, I managed to put another pass the keeper. We equalized!!! But Ztec kept their cool and penetrated us again, taking advantage of our weariness.

That was it. As expected. I thought. But the game was still on. The final whistle was still far off. Bo huat, keep pushing on lar.

In the midst of end to end action, suddenly out of no where, Kenny received a back pass from Adrian on the top right corner. Unmarked. Good spot. Shoot!!! I shouted with my lungs out. And then... Goal!!! We equalized(again)!!! But Ztec was not about to give in, they wanted to win. But Frontliners was not about to give in as well, we wanted to keep it that way. Pushing and shoving. Aggression meet with aggression. The referees had to made some tough calls, sending a player each from both sides to the penalty bench for roughing and jumping. By that time, both teams were off steam. We having possession were just letting the time run and Ztec wasn't keen of pressuring as well.

Finally, final whistle. 6-6. A big relief, a bit disappointed and a bit proud.

Relief that its finally over, I was at my limit. Disappointed that our regulars could come and we failed to utilise the friendly for our game play training but proud with the overall performance of Frontliners who fought till the last breath and last drop of sweat. Every Frontliner really have to salute our "Kungfu" keeper for such a marvelous performance between the post after standing in as an outfield player in the first game. Double two thumbs up!!

In the end, Frontliners put on typical "Spartanic" performance, staging the usual comeback. Although it can be very tiring and heart-stopping doing that all the time. Phew...

Special thanks to Termin, Moy and all the 8cers to made the friendly possible and also the referees, Linken and Uncle Sam and Sam junior for timekeeping. =) Last but not least, all the Frontliners that made it to the friendly. See you all in future friendlies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Training 12/07/08

Training was as usual. The difference were only Coach Khor Kuan Yang started the training late due to some reason. With the absence of Coach Jason( for juniors), Ms. Pei Li took charged on the junior. There were two newbie, Wen Hui and Jia Xiang joined us for training.

Coach Khor Kuan Yang instructed the players to form a semi-D to take their shots. They were emphasized on their body postures in order to prevent backache ( Sachin). Meanwhile Kenneth, the new goalkeeper, without any protection on his body managed to block the furious balls from getting in. There was also a drill called ‘Zig-Zag Drill’ (named by Roselyn) was taught on that day.

Now, MATCH time which everyone was waiting for. At first the players played 3v3 as there were many players. As time passed by, one-by-one of the players went off. So, due to the number of players left, Coach Kuan Yang managed to form a team of five and play 5v5.

12.00p.m sharp. Most of the players commented that the training was tiring but I think that was a good news isn’t it?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Everything You Need To Know About..

A brief introduction: Lavinia joined the club in January this year and shot up through the ranks like lightning, participating in Contact's 3v3 challenge, Penang League, Youthwave (champion) and PTPY (finalist) but had to leave Penang for further studies.

So we asked you to send in your questions, anything and everything you want to know about her, and here they are, the questions that you ask and she answers.

Amelia: Why do you like floorball?
Lavinia: Wah.. this question ar.. hmm.. I know that I really liked the sport when I first knew bout it. I don't know how to explain the feeling to you la. It's like you like the guy but you don't really know why.. hahahaha.. understand ar?

Roselyn: Will you join floorball again after you graduate?

Lavinia: Yes of course! ..why should I stop?

Marlina: Who are you gonna miss the most while away?

Lavinia: Haha.. let's see.. my family..

Sonia: What has been your biggest achievement?
Lavinia: I have achievements but all of it is the same to me. I am grateful that I have actually achieved some things in life.
Tania: Are you sure you are 20?
Lavinia: Yes!!! I know I look young (perasan) =p..

Steven: Will you still be passionate for floorball? If so, please spread it in your uni.

Lavinia: I will always be passionate for floorball. Yea.. I will..

Yi Lin: Will you bring floorball to Sabah?

Lavinia: Isn't floorball already in Sabah??

Megan: What are all those marks on your legs? Chicken pox?

Lavinia: Well... for your INFORMATION, Megan... it's called exzema.. (hopefully I spelled it right)

Pei Li: Will you stay in Sabah forever?

Lavinia: No way Pei.. I HAVE to go back. I can't stay forever. I already miss the food.

Lin Ken: Are you going to get married soon?
Lavinia: Hmm... I will.. if it's God's plan.
Julian: Do you want to be a good floorballer? May God Bless You. Try your best to pass your exam. SUS.

Lavinia: Thanks =D. And yes yes yes. I want to be a great floorballer.. HARHARHAR

Tristan: When will you come back? God bless you.

Lavinia: Wah.. miss me already? =P Will go back as many times as possible. Maybe the December hols. I've got 3 weeks. Hopefully when I go back I will still see you in the club.

Wayne: Who will fetch me to training after you leave?

Lavinia: Aww... poor thing.. *patpat* Can ask Kuan Yang or Ming Hwee lo.. hehehe..

Kuan Yang: What is floorball to you? And who to take photos after you leave??

Lavinia: It's my passion, it's fun and it's an adrenaline rush =D. Now finding my transport to go for floorball practises. Will not give up until I join a club. Hahaha. Who wants to take my job? Pei? Anybody la...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Turn the Heat Up!

You never realize what you've got until you've lost it.

Thankfully, forever is relative, and this week Frontliners found themselves back in PBSM for training cut one hour short. 13 was the number this week, as them wonderkids of UPSR seniority dropped out to study, and some lady happily flew all the way to Sabah for a four-year stay.

The club also welcomed Bernard, a towering giant from KL (or maybe Kuan Yang's just small).

Kuan Yang was introduced as the senior coach while Jason was the junior coach. For the seniors, training was focused on passing, as for the juniors, they did snakes and shots.

"Stick down!" was the common cry, Kuan Yang emphasising again and again the 'ready' stance.

Then back to the very familiar 3v3, quite barren of goals, but a particular one-two was played to perfection by Adrian and finished off by Kuan Yang.

Then at the end of training, Kuan Yang gathered everyone around and told them to drop their sticks... and the word 'killer' was on every player's mind...

Sorry to disappoint. Stretching only.

Overall it was a nice, fun and light kind of training for fat and unfit players that have not practised in weeks. Look forward to the court becoming a much hotter place in weeks to come.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Training 280608: Of VIPs and Monkeys

Bearing in mind that Kuan Yang does not want his surname mentioned, and that this was Lavinia Ann Lam's last training (before leaving the club to further her studies in a place a thousand times bigger than Penang), here's the normally usual and usually normal write-up.

Training was held in Pei Li's idyllic beach cum picnic spot again, sun, sky, trees and state-of-the-art drainage system included. Kuan Yang took charge. Coach Jason Chan, on the other hand, came, delivered sticks, stayed awhile, talked, and without a shout, left.

Coach-for-the-day Kuan Yang made it thoroughly obvious that passing with movement was of the utmost importance for the day. Drills revolved around pass-and-move, move-and-pass, move-receive-pass, pass-move-receive, and the point becomes strikingly clear.

Star-of-the-day, main character, one-day celebrity Lavinia Lam was late. She seemed particularly relaxed, strolling in after 10 a.m. ("like any other VIP" - Pei Li). Took photos, played and didn't seem on the verge of breaking down into tears (though one can never tell).

Matches started remarkably early. 4-on-4s. Julian Tan was rather 'high' throughout the entire training, doing incomprehensible acts of silliness (ditto monkeys) and playing utterly nonsensical tunes from his handphone. He never got tired, even demanding one more match after Kuan Yang called it a day. (And yes, he did get the match.)

Training ended with a parting gift from the club to Lavinia Lam (puppy plushie in flourescent pink box, purchased thoughtfully by Roselyn Ewe).