Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Anatomy Of Woman, Man and Floorballer

Nothing too detailed, all you perverts. Nothing personal, all you male chauvinists. Nothing enlightening, all you brainy nerds. Merely a matter of no importance.

YEAH, RIGHT! It is a matter of utmost importance to all you floorballers to understand the human anatomy. Now, recite along: 'Eyes to see, nose to smell, tongue to talk (oh, okay, taste, then), legs to walk and hands to hold a floorball stick.' YES! Exactly-- not one but TWO hands. Those who reach this state of blessed enlightenment have the world at their floorball blades. Those who don't by next week will face Mr. Jason Chan's wrath (which, we all know, is no small thing).

Ha. There, now let's go down to the same, boring Details which are necessary to fill up space. Attendance was reassuring, seeing that the number of players had not decreased over the week (neither had it increased, but do let's be positive) as the club, again, welcomed back Miss Lee Wai Wai after a long period by the sidelines with an ankle injury.

Training started off with the ever-present Snake then progressed on to One-on-Ones and a couple of other unnamed drills (two, to be precise). With the players' energy levels still high, Mr. Jason started the 3-on-3s. San Jeevan's consistency caught a few eyes but it was again, Felicia who stole the limelight with some magnificent saves (to keep said person's feet on the ground, she still let in goals).

The most glaring habit that the players committed was the sin of one-handed control, as explained above, and, as Mr. Jason says:

"You hold your stick with one hand you give me push-ups with one hand!"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Develop Lovely Biceps At RM 4++

This week in training the price of absolutely stunning biceps has freefallen to a mere RM 4. Mr. Jason has gone totally berserk in dishing out 5 push-ups for every mistake. "You do this, you get biceps!" Grammatically incorrect, but logically sound. Add in perfect abs also, yet it really depends on how the players do it. Some do the real deal while certain others make it look more like breakdancing.

Not to sidetrack from the ever-improving attendance as seventeen people came for training this week as the club welcomed back Mr. Mekananth (missing for almost 3 months) and Mr. Lin Ken (also sorely missed since the last training), with the gentlemen outnumbering the ladies 2:1.

As Mr. Jason promised, training started off with Taekwondo Ball Control that included 5 push-ups for everytime a player lost the ball. Next came Snake and some other drills, also including the above principle. Last was a drill wonderfully titled 'Helicopter', which was rather similar to that of Prison break, but this time the players had to dribble round and round and round a cone first (don't understand, COME for training). Thank God Mr. Jason dropped his 5-push-ups-per-mistake for the game, or else... Arnie Schwarzenegger, anyone? It was a basic 3-on-3 game, ladies v ladies and guys v guys.

Here this paragraph is specially reserved for the club's new goalie, Ms. Felicia. Taking charge between the posts for the first time, she has already impressed Mr. Lin Ken with her fearless stand and competitive spirit. She performed commendably this week, notably saving some good shots, and best of all, she enjoys this new position.

Later during team talk the most prominent comment was that 'overall, the players had performed outstandingly this week and shown much improvement, give yourselves a hand.' Mr. Jason then got out the whiteboard and started to get all technical, explaining the vision of the club (well-rounded student-athlete) and what had stopped the players from developing ever since Youthwave.

But in the end, the focus of training is not on perfect biceps but on floorball (though admittedly, they would make a great addition). Mr. Jason cannot carry his vision alone and hope for it to succeed. The players must also do their part to help (and that means coming for training), though it is good for Mr. Jason to feel some weight every once in a while, because the club is not about one man. It is about one team. One vision. One heart.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Steady on, Frontliners...

Sixteen. Hmmm... what comes up when you think of it? Nothing earth-shattering, other than freedom on the road for those independence-crazy teens, really, is it? But it is. The best ever for Frontliners Floorball Club ever since... April, believe it or not. What's this all about?

The all-important attendance.

Sixteen people came on Saturday, including Mr. Lin Ken, the 'perky-to-the-point-of-annoying' likeable attention grabber. Familiar faces were there also, best being the love-me-or-hate-me face of Mr. Jason Chan. The court was repopulated once again.

Training started with taekwondo style ball-control where Mr. Jason had the players stand in rows of four and do some basic ball control. Then came the double snake where he insisted there be 'vision' and no recoils. After that there was 'Prison break', then finally 2-on-1s. Throughout the whole drills session Mr. Jason appeared to be hearing impaired as he screamed for the players to respond louder to his words and brought the much-missed noise back to the court.

Drills being over, the players were divided into teams and the games started. For the gentlemen, it was proved that teamwork triumphed over individual skill as the team containing Jason and Kuan Yang lost by a whopping five goal margin to Steven's team. For the girls, however, there was really nothing much to say except that Ms. Koay added to her total goal tally with another brace of goals.

After training Mr. Jason called the team together and urged them to keep up the spirit though Mr. Lin Ken be away, and told them to look up to Kuan Yang and Lin Ken as role models in floorball. Not forgetting to mention that he awarded the title of 'Most improved since last week' to Pei Li, from her performances in the drills and the game. For once in her life she blushed (as Mr. Lin Ken claims, though really, this writer disputes that) when the players applauded.

It is an encouragement to see that the players are back in numbers. It is a step by step improvement with them showing no signs of slowing down. Not much longer until the Frontliners attain the position of top ranked team in Penang? Well...

Let's focus on attendance for next week's training first.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Quiet in the court!!!

Ssshhhh! The players need to practice! Huh? It's not a library, but that's what it seemed like during training this week. Other than some startling screams from Ms. Koay Yi Lin, the court was deafeningly silent.

Which was a little surprising, considering the attendance. Twelve people came for training, including Rooban from Innebandy! Co and someone new (Frontliners Floorball Club wants to officially welcome Parthiban to the club). Several faces were missing, including Mr. Jason.... Perhaps that's why training was as mentioned. His inspiration and weighty presence were sorely missed.

Training started with passing and some other basic drills, but even for the basic ones (let's not think about the more advanced ones) the players were already soullessly silent. Strolling from station to station and playing spiritless balls that a slight breeze would stop, anyone would not be guilty in thinking that a bunch of respectable centurions would do better.

Kuan Yang finally called for game time. Assigning the players to groups of three, Ms. Koay again turned up to be the top scorer, beating her previous record of three. Without doubt she was the best ladies player on the court, running tirelessly to pursue every ball and adding some sound effects to her actions. Felicia, who joined the club just for almost a month, deserves special mention as she has shown tremendous improvement since the last training.

After the game the players heaved a sigh of relief, but apparently Kuan Yang had something more. Ordering everyone to stand in a line, he waited patiently for the players to realize he wanted a horizontal line, then told them to run. After only one killer he ordered them to stop as anyone could see they were dead tired.

After training, newcomer Parthiban, on asked how he found floorball: "It is fun... fun," and agreed to come for more trainings.

End word? The court is NOT a library (not to put any negative impression, books are good for you), so buck up, you who call yourselves Frontliners!