Friday, November 23, 2007

Frontliners Training 231107

Expecting little but receiving much. Not the encouraged mentality of athletes who aspire for the top, but somewhere along the way there all help is welcomed, especially when it appears to be one of the lowest points in the year.

How melodramatic.

Be that as it may, this was the case for training today. Because it was held at such an unusual time (Friday-1.30pm), the coach expected only five people to come. Pleasant surprise, then, when Delton Khoo came. Pei Li lead the warm-up, and during that, Mekananth made his grand entrance.

The price of lovely biceps has inflated. Afraid that the players would become giants with bulging biceps and take over, Coach Jason decided to switch to another punishment. (This is only speculation, it is not an official statement.) Megan, who came late, and Rooban who could not control himself and went to the restroom without permission (whoa, this sounds like school...), were ordered to run back and forth from wall to wall the whole length of the court, Megan 30 times and Rooban 15.

While that was taking place, the other players did Snakes. After a while, the coach stopped the drill and called them over.

"After two rounds if I do not hear anything... anything positive from your mouths, you're gonna be like him (points to Megan, Rooban had already finished)."

The court was much more lively after that, and training progressed to Snake 2. The effects of having training at 1.30pm when Kai Yann and Pei Li had to take a break before their lunch came out the wrong way.

Later when everyone was fine, Coach Jason paired the players up and had them pass to one another across the court. He went to where each player was standing and demanded that they look directly at their partner's blade while controlling the ball, threatening them with said punishment if they looked down at the ball.

That done, he introduced a new drill: mini 2-on-1, designed by "Miss Pei Li". (Unnecessarily adding the 'Miss'. Payback, maybe, for the 'Mr' in his name almost every week.) A 2-on-1 in a small badminton court, but this time the goal was the big one, not a cone.

Match time now, 3v3's. Coach Jason tried out the Rotation system where the players moved constantly around, taking up different positions so that there always would be two options to pass for the player with the ball. This kind of play required plenty of stamina, and soon the players were almost running on empty, there being only one substitute. Rooban taught the Frontliners a lesson in shooting, scoring 4 goals.

It was surprising to learn that everyone had plenty of fun during training, even the coach, though there were some very tired legs when training ended.

"Even though you all haven't been training for two weeks already... everyone did okay."

High praise from the coach.

Only one more week before the month-long break in December. Attendance is not expected to improve, but... let's hope for another pleasant surprise, shall we?

Thursday, November 8, 2007


To all our Indian Frontliners... Mekananth(aka Megan), San Jeevan, Nareenthiran, Joshua Raj, Aaron Raj and Kannan... and all our indian(and non indians as well) readers around the globe... Happy Deepavali !!!

The Frontliners Floorball Club will resume training tommorrow at 3 - 5 pm. So make sure you are there after all the muruku, curries and chapati. Its time to get fit once again after the festive season.

During Deepavali, the Frontliners contingent visited Megan at his open house today at 3pm. The contingent includes coach Jason, Kai Yann, Sarah Ng, Sheryn Ng, Sharron Tan and Serene Tan. Coach Jason and Sharron Tan was the chaeuffer as usual.

Coach Jason prepared a warm up for all of them before they reach Megan's place. He made sure that everyone was in a Deepavali mood by blasting the radio with THR Raaga (the tamil radio station @ 99.30 fm .. check it out!!). While the tamil songs were in play... it seems the rhythm got into their souls... the whole car was flowing with the sounds of the tabla and sitar as everyone shook their heads and go with the flow. The was a heightened moment when the radio played the song(dunno the name of the song) which is also Kannan's(another Frontliner) favourite song. Experienced player Miss Sarah Ng... couldn't wait to reach Megan's place as she said... "Oh... I can't wait to DANCE later !!! "

As they reached Megan's house... everyone greeted the family... HAPPY DEEPAVALI !!!
The first impression that everyone has was that... Megan's house was very nice and clean. The interiors were very well done(everyone commented that his house was beautiful after they left).
They were first served with some good cookies and MURUKU(A must for Deepavali visits).

The Frontliners enjoyed first class hospitality from the family. For all of them except coach Jason and Kai Yann, it was their first time visiting indian friends on Deepavali. It was a good experience as everyone had to learn to use their hands to eat. Pei Li seems to be the one struggling with using her hands to eat. It is obvious that all of them weren't trained to eat with their hands. As they finished the food, everyone took their hands out and compare. It seems that Experienced Player, Miss Sarah Ng... has the most efficient technique of eating with her hands. Only her fingers got soaked in curry while her palm was clean.

Megan's mom is a good cook. The food was really delicious.

"If I close my mind I can go on eating and eating." declared Miss Sarah Ng.

She already had lunch before that. But it was finger licking good... that she eventually decided to close her mind... and continued eating and eating. Promising Youngster, Kai Yann ate at least 3-4 rounds of Nasi Briyanni. Everyone enjoyed the food plus the wonderful time of laughter.

As the Frontliners left the house, Coach Jason was still in a Deepavali mood(being the only person wearing indian dothi). He borrowed the DVD, " Sivaji " from Megan before they left.

"I'm a Rajinikanth(tamil movie superstar) fan" declared coach Jason.

Megan's mom couldn't help it but say... "no wonder you look like Rajinikanth. "

That was the Frontliners contingent visitation. Don't forget to keep yourself fit after the festive season. We will be getting ourselves rocking in training tomorrow. Happy Deepavali once again :)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Training Changed To Friday... awww man...

Trainings that are usually on Saturdays are now changed to Fridays, haiz.... Got no choice, a lot of weddings going on during year end. Why must everybody choose year end to marry, its not like they are still in school and need to wait until school holidays only get married, haiz... We went to the first ever Friday training, that is from 3-5 pm. There were a total of 8 FRONTLINERS there, oops, i mean 7 only excluding Rooban whom is from Innebandy. Training was going on as usual, we did all the usual warm-ups.Coach Jason called everyone to do the snakes. A lot of people made mistakes, most also not quite sure of the 'style' on how to shoot and aim properly.

After that, its time for PLAY BALL!! We've done some 2v2 match with the cones as goals (which is particularly hard to aim even at close range) in a very limited space. Man, it surely was cramp when the match started. Players started to bang each other (no space to run,what to do) to get the tiny ball and lot of passes and interceptions are made also. There was so many OUTS because the area to play is realy really small (seriously) and a lot of free hits were done. Some of the players who are quite annoyed, they continued to play-on even though the ball is out. Good choice though, can play more ^^. The teams are Jason-Pei Li, Kai Yan-Rooban, Sanjeevan-Megan, and last but not least Joshua-Yi Lin.

Now is the time to play the real full match. Sadly we got not enough players so the games were all either 3v3 or 4v4. At first it was 4v4 match, Coach Jason split us onto two groups which consists of ==Group1 (Jason, Pei Li, Joshua, Kai Yann)= =Group2 ( Megan, Sanjeevan, Yi Lin, Rooban) It all started quite well and everybody was playing their game the normal way. Players started to yell " Oi oi, ball!", "Gogogo, your men!!", "Mark him!!" and all sorts of phrases. The match was very tight as both teams tried very hard to score. Finally, our coach Jason scored the opening goal. It took a really long time because both teams had their defences very tight so there was not many chances to score. Everything went smoothly until one of the players (Yi Lin) got her leg cramped. Then, we played 3v3. So now one of the players can rest and substitude with one another. It ended with the score 2-2, 2 scores scored by our experienced coach Jason and on the other team Sanjeevan scored 1 and Megan another. Finally, the whistle was blowned and everybody was glad its over. All the players went to take some water and cooldown themselves.

Its so tiring after all the drills and matches are done especially when u have not attended floorbal for a few weeks... Ahem... After all the matches are over, we sat down together to share our opinions for the day. As everyone was ready to 'speak-out', a group of people started getting inside the court and play badminton. Haiz, bad timing. The coach got so irritated because of all the fuss and noise, he finally said " Aiya, go back la, its too noisy here, we'll do it next week lar". Everybody went home except for a few others which stay back to discuss some things with the coach. Thats practically all we've done during Friday.

F un!!
L ong stick
O riginal
O rientated
R eal Challenging
B est!!
A class sport
L ong-lasting
L ive a healthy life

Keep the Frontliners spirit burning!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

LIN KEN saves the day from an airhook !!!

This is the video clip of one of the most exciting part of the Penang Floorball Scene. Taken from Penang Open Challenge 2007. Our most beloved perky-to-the-point-of-annoying attention grabber, KAO LIN KEN saves the day from an airhook by our Malaysian National Floorball Master, Sasi. Enjoy the clip.

*anything beyond 13 seconds is a waste of time, so don't have to stream beyond it.

P.S: As you can see we are currently upgrading our blog facilities. Please use them wisely. And we also value your feedbacks to make this blog a better experience. :) There will be more clips coming soon if everything goes well beyond this prototype stage.