Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ringing in the New Year..Frontliners Style.

new year..
new rules..
some new faces
and then there were same faces.

and apparently, same drills too - snakes, the one with 3 levels.

Frontliners training resumed its normal business after a month off.
After the warm-up drills, juniors and seniors were split but did the same drill on both sides - square pass.

Of course we were expected to use what we learnt during game time.

But before that, Kuan Yang had a 'mini game'. Beat the keeper from 1 court away sounded simple enough. Unfortunately, that one month of holiday made players all rusty as floorballs were sent flying everywhere except to the back of the net. Maybe it was just the keepers' day.

Game time, juniors played with juniors and seniors played with seniors. 10 minutes per game.
After more than an hour of game time, training ended at 12.30 so that there will be enough time for the first announcements of the year. Sounds just like school when the first assembly of the year is usually the longest.

So there you go, half an hour of issues raised and resolved and the goal for Frontliners in 2010.
and in the words of Coach Jason "See you all next week"