Thursday, December 25, 2008

Passion Consumes. Consuming Passion.

What will you do when there is no training?
What will you do when there is no ball for you to hit?
What will you do when you hands and legs are itching?
What will you do when your overflowing passion is killing you?!

For once, floorballers of Frontliners Floorball Club has found a cure(more like suppressor)...

No training, do some digesting.
No ball to hit, you got food to eat.
Hands and legs itching becomes stomach and mouth itching.
Passion killing you?

Lets wolap some food.

And that was what majority of the Frontliners did on the faithful day of 22 December 2008. It was Frontliners Floorball Clubs 2nd annual dinner since last year’s at Faces.

The people, almost everybody came, missing Pei Li (who was dying to come) and Steven; the Indian trio, Sanjee, Loga and Megan, last but not least , Father of all Bosses, Ps. Tom and some others. On the other hand, FFC was honored to welcome Kenny Khoo from PFA to join us for the feast! We hoped you enjoyed the food.

Speaking of food, it was…
Mix reaction.
Gab, I don’t like spicy food. And leaving half the leave full.
KY, I don’t mind having Parpedum as Christmas Present. And wolap-ing most of it.
Lavin, where is my Masala Mutton? No more? Really bermasalah(troublesome) huh?
Kenny, I want chicken and sotong. What else?
Jason Chan, eh were is my chicken? Ended up with no chicken.

Well, things don’t always go according to plan, it’s never prefect and you can’t please everyone on everything every time anyway.

Pity Mikey the organizer running up and down getting everything done and keeping everyone comfortable, while the aunty too rushing around for the side dishes and the parpedum. Thanks. =)

All the makan’ing and crapping came to a halt when it was time for a farewell speech by Kenny. Leaving for PJ to further his studies, the rising star of FFC will have to say bye bye to all of us. A loss for FFC and Penang Floorball, and a gain for PJ, I hope.

“Rose almost meteorically after joining the club in April 2008 having never touched a floorball stick before, his natural athleticism and aggressiveness helping him gain a place in the Penang Floorball state team after just seven months of playing floorball…” – Frontliners Floorball Club Annual Yearbook 2008.

All the best in PJ my friend.
Hopefully, a loss of a player is a gain of a leader!
Hopefully, a end at FFC is the birth of a new club in PJ!
Hopefully, we’ll see you in PFL’09. XD

Climax of the night was the distribution of the long awaited year book. Bound, with colour & pictures. Fuuyoh!! Two Thumbs up. And not even considering the contents.

Dying to know whats in it? Ok la, sneak preview:
- Club history flow chart.
- Individual player reviews.
- Selected articles; and
- Articles

A really nice piece of work and a priceless storage of 2008’s memories. The plus plus part of the having the yearbook is to get everybody write something on the autograph pages. It is nice to see everyone talking, joking and crapping to each other. It ran till late 10pm where the shop owner have to remind us it is time to leave as the shop is closing. Banyak potong steam!!

Finally we decided to call it a day after everyone had left a mark on my yearbook. After all the food, more work to do, sending a few jokers back home… grow up and get your own transport soon people!! XD

**Sharron, the pics please. Thanks. =)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Split Training: Two Sides of The Same Coin

Ladies' and Juniors' training started off with a refreshing one-round run outside PBSM then progressed to a more lighthearted, haven't-seen-since-last-year 'Monkey in The Middle'. This drill started with two monkeys and one ball and finally ended with four monkeys and two balls. It was indeed very confusing and entertaining at the same time, especially if two balls came to the same person at once.

The next drill was a simple lobbing exercise. The players were divided into two lines; one line to lob and the other to replace all the balls that had been lobbed. It was all a little strange, and finally Coach Jason decided to keep Julian, Sachin and Tristan as the replace-ers and let the others lob. Not that the first three enjoyed themselves any less, as they raced against the clock to see how fast they could replace all the balls. Kyle stood out, as almost all of his balls ended up inside the goal.

Now that all the players had lobbed to their satisfaction, Coach Jason revealed that, if they were successful at lobbing, then they would be successfuly at shooting. The only trick was to press harder. So he divided the players into three lines, and at the first blow of his whistle, the first line would have to step up and shoot into the empty goal up ahead. And so on, and so forth.

After each line had shot twenty times (imagine blowing the whistle sixty times...), Coach Jason gathered the players and asked how many balls had entered the goal, telling the players that their score this week would be the benchmark for the weeks to come.

Coach Jason then decided to have game time, with 20 minutes left. Since there were three ladies and six juniors, it meant that the sides would be uneven, to the dismay of some of the players. They grumbled a little, but in the end ran out 1-0 winners in a nonstop game that could have had so many more goals.

It was a little hard for the ladies to adjust to the lower level of play introduced this week, but both ladies and juniors certainly enjoyed themselves in the low-pressure, relaxed environment.

As for the men's first split training, the goalies started their training at 9am to 10am. Technical training for them. Real training began at 10am, with jogging and THE DRAGON RUN. Some were worn out from the running and some even continued running even though injured. Semangat ni.

After that, all got in the hall and as usual, the players were instructed to find a partner and to practise their passing without looking down. Coach Kuan Yang's first drill of the day was the 2-on-1 and the second wan was the snake drill. One of Coach Kuan Yang's favourite drills, the TRIANGLE PMS. (PMS=Passing, Movement, Shooting).

The drill was supposed to train players to attack during a game. Coach Kuan Yang said that if the seniors were fast enough to catch the drills, there would be more ahead.

It was game time. Everyone was pumped up and played with all their might. Noise could be heard from everyone's stomachs. Training ended at 1pm.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


What is your passion? Where is your passion? Are you full of passion?

Get passionate with your tummy in the PASSIONS OF KERALA.

Wallop 2008, our FRONTLINERS annual dinner will be held at

Place : Passions of Kerala
Address: 40, Service Road, 10050 Penang.
(if sesat call 04 - 229 2570)
Time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Date : 22 December 2008 (Monday)
Budget : RM 20

*Please note that you need to prepare around RM 20(if you eat less you pay less).
No free food.

All Frontliners are expected to be there including former alumnis. See be ready to meet up with our long lost players. All are invited.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Fellow Frontliners, this Saturday, training will go on, but not as usual anymore. Take note that the Juniors & Ladies and Seniors squad will be having 2 separate trainings from now on at PBSM.

The slot for training will be as follows,
8.30am to 10.30am - Juniors and Girls.
10.00am to 1.00pm - Seniors.

Criterias for Juniors and Ladies,
1. You below 15 years old by the year 2008.


2. You are a female.

Criterias for Seniors
You are a male aged 15 and above by 2008.

Goalkeepers are expected to be in training by 9am. Warm ups and keeper specific training will commence from 9am.

The whole purpose is so that we can all get to use the full courts to maximise our training capacity for both Spartans and 300.

Confused? Call coach Jason (Juniors and Ladies)at 012-251 2460
or coach Kuan Yang(Seniors) at 012-432 1966.

Change is good... :P

World Floorball Championships 2008 Finals: Sweden vs Finland (6-7sd)

World Floorball Championships 2008 Finals: Sweden vs Finland (6-7sd)

1st Period (Sweden 0 - 4 Finland)
0-1 Mika Kavekari, assisted by Mikael Järvi
0-2 Rickie Hyvärinen, assisted by Mika Kohonen
0-3 Lassi Vänttinen, assisted by Rickie Hyvärinen
0-4 Kari Koskelainen, assisted by Rickie Hyvärinen

2nd Period (Sweden 3 - 4 Finland)
1-4 Fredrik Djurling, assisted by Henrik Quist
2-4 Niklas Jihde, assisted by Henrik Quist
3-4 Daniel Calebsson, assisted by Kimmo Eskelinen

3rd Period (Sweden 6 - 6 Finland)
4-4 Kimmo Eskelinen, assisted by Mattias Helgesson
5-4 Fredrik Djurling, assisted by Kristoffer Kranberg
6-4 Niklas Jihde, assisted by Fredrik Djurling
6-5 Lassi Vänttinen, assisted by Mika Kohonen
6-6 Lassi Vänttinen, assisted by Mikael Järvi

Overtime (Sweden 6 - 7 Finland)
6-7 Tero Tiitu, assisted by Rickie Hyvärinen

Final Score:
Sweden 6 - 7 Finland

The best player of Finland - #27 Rickie Hyvärinen

The best player of Sweden - #28 Fredrik Djurling

Humanitarian Efforts

This week's training took a slightly more humane approach if compared to training last week. Training this week also coincided with Coach Kuan Yang's return (his perfect-attendance record since APAC was broken last week).

Attendance was encouraging, given the time of the year, and altogether 15 people turned up for training. Warm-up was thankfully and literally just warm-up, with a few rounds in PBSM and then a good stretching session led by Coach Kuan Yang.

The players then paired up for short passing. Coach Jason demanded eyeball-to-eyeball contact at all times while Coach Kuan Yang demanded that the players move towards the ball, instead of waiting for it to come to them.

Coach Jason then took the goalies aside and coach the goalies, Bryan and Soon Khai.

After the all-time favourites of 2-on-1 and 3-on-2's, training then progressed to match time. The difference in skill and experience between the two lines were vast, so the game started with a handicap, and, if the better line had not overcome the deficit in 10 minutes, 20 pushups would be the reward.

In the end, had it not been for the goalkeepers' surprising reactions and saves, the senior line would probably have had less aching muscles to contend with.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Frontliners Annual Yearbook 2008

Would you buy Frontliners' annual yearbook that costs around RM15 and has almost 80 pages of player reviews, feature articles and pictures?
  • Yes, I don't mind paying for something that has my face inside: 51%
  • Yes, but I won't pay more than RM10: 22%
  • Yes, but I won't pay more than RM5: 22%
  • No, I'd rather spend my money on something else: 2%

The good news is, more than half of you voted a big, resounding, first-choice YES! and we thank you for that. The bad news is, based on your response, we still do not have enough to cover all our expenses.

Don't worry, there'll still be a yearbook.

But to cut costs and make this possible, the yearbook will be self-printed. Less quality in materials, but no less quality in content.

Colour pictures, of course.

To cut costs further and to avoid wastage, we'll be taking orders. So if you'd like to possess this one-of-a-kind, limited edition yearbook, please leave your name in the comments section below. The release date for this yearbook is Dec 20.

We will not charge those who cannot afford it, but for those who can, we ask that you pay however much you think it will be worth (suggested price: RM5/book).

We will only take orders until the Dec 13 so do order now!

Physical Training: A Walk in the Park

No halls available? No problem. That was the case this week as training was held at the ever-reliable basketball court in Taman Gelugor. No puddles around the court; nice weather; slides and swings.

Frontliners had two new faces in training- Kalyhani and Zubaidah. We also welcomed back Yi Lin and June after completing their exams.

Training started off with Coach Jason instructing everyone to make five rounds around the housing estate. At first it was thought as five rounds around the court, but after Coach Jason explained the route, many went:

"Five rounds??!"

Coach Jason then changed his mind and made it three rounds but Kenny was bargaining for two. No luck this time.

The first drill started with three lines, which was reduced to two with those in the third line practicing shots with keeper, Bryan. The remaining two lines were practicing shots with the other keepr Soon Khai, with a twist- 5 balls had to enter the goal or else be 'rewarded' with 5 push-ups.

More shot-related drills were carried out and so was the more familiar 2-on-1. With training only until 11.15, match time was called. Yi Lin provided most of the audio during the game. A little accident left Adrian with a bleeding elbow but that did not put him out of action. While the girls (almost all) were left to play, the rest went for a 'little run'.

Training ended with announcements and Roselyn going into ah long mode.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back To The Basics

It was back to PBSM after a week at THE PROMISED LAND (Balik Pulau Stadium). With the absence of Coach Kuan Yang and Coach Ming Hwee, Steven was the boss of the day. Due to the gloomy weather, many did not turn up, people were sick and some were also late. Coach Ming Hwee was there for awhile at the beginning to observe the situation. We welcomed back Tania Loke after being absent for quite some time.

Steven's focus of the day was BASICS. Basic shooting and passing. The 2-0n-1 drill was again done to improve players' awareness and communication with each other.

Then, the most interesting part of training, game time.

After that, everyone lined up and got ready for penalties. Penalties got even more ineresting when Adrian successfully pulled off an air-hook goal. Towards the end of training, Roselyn (the ALONG) came to collect money for the jerseys. With half an hour left, Coach Steven decided to wrap the whole thing up with another game, which ended the day.