Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Blood to drive the New Team.

The latest training, 27 January 2007 has been hit by schools having replacement classes for the Chinese New Year Holidays. However, the encouraging news is, we have a few new faces in the team.

For the girls, the attendance has been maintained at 5 people. We have a new face, Mei Ling from the Prime Timers. She seems to be enjoying the game though its her first time playing floorball. The girls had a nice time training together. The focus this week for the girls are their shots. The girls are showing improvement in their shots from the previous week. Well at least, on the average, the balls are beginning to fly rather than a grounder. Keep it up girls !!!

The girls training is still at a survival stage. With only an average of 5 people in these 2 weeks, we need to bring in more people. "Right now, we've gotta press on. The vision is to create a strong girls team. I have faith that our philosophy will work well in the long run. We must be long sighted and not look at the surface. I believe one day the girls will catch the vision." says coach Jason.

As for the guys, we have 2 new faces from Penang Free School, Hean Sun and Cason Chong. We also have another new visitor from St Xaviers, Lingeswaran. Lingeswaran didn't join us in training but decided to watch us from the sidelines to see what floorball is all about. Finally he expressed his interest in joining the team.

For the boys this week, the focus is on fakes. According to coach Jason, " The boy's team still needs to be tighten before they are ready for the tournament in 21 April. A lot of our players have been out of touch from floorball. They need get their bodies back in shape and fine tune their skills before they can challenge the other teams."

"We are now back to basics, rebuilding the floorball team from the scratch. I believe a lot of new faces will pop up in the Penang Floorball scene. This will be interesting" says coach Jason.

Hean Sun, the newbie said that "floorball is exciting and fun. Yet EXHAUSTING." That is expected from the Frontliners Floorball Club. Lets hope to see more youngsters taking up floorball in times to come.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The New Format For a new season.

FACE OFF. The season has begun.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you, the new format for the new era, Frontliners Floorball Club has finally separated its training to Boys only and Girls only training session.

The effort to separate the Boys and Girls are meant for each gender to grow their floorball skills independently rather than being a detriment to each others growth. It Has Begun !!!

We started the girls session this week with an attendance of only 5 girls. This exceeded our expectations as we only expect 2 girls to come. One of the boys didn't know of the changes made, so that makes 6 people in this week's attendance.

This year, we have a new coach Jason Chan (as seen in picture). He has set his eyes on reviving the Frontliners Girls team from the scratch. The club plans to set up an independent girls team into the Youthwave tournament in 21 April 2007. Time doesn't seem to be on his side. With only 3 months left, he seems to be quite optimistic and passionate on his job. Can he do it? Only time can tell...

The girls has shown that they too can play floorball. Here are some of them in action. The picture shows miss Pei Li(the one with white pants), getting the ball out from danger zone. Definitely a player to watch in the future.

Miss Serene Tan(in white shirt) showing what ball control is all about. Currently the most technically proficient and experienced player in the training.

3 months left. We only hope that more girls will enrol to the club. When that happens, the game of floorball will never be the same again. Fire up girls !!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Project 2007

As we enter the year 2007, Frontliners Floorball Club will be looking forward into another fruitfull year. Our immediate aim is to work towards doing well in the coming Youthwave Floorball tournament in 21 April 2007.

This year, we want to raise up young guns in our club. Our focus is to strengthen the youth development of in our club. We believe that by developing young ones, we are then able to secure the future of floorball in Penang.

Another focus of our club is to create interest in the womans category floorball. In the past, a lot of attention has been given to the mans category. It is our aim to develop floorball amongst the women. We will commit ourselves in developing a full girls team.

Mature and competent players are expected to drive the team forward. We will ensure that the drills will challenge these group of players to the next level. We believe that with the right blend of experience and youth, all of us as a whole can benefit from each other.

To achieve this goal, our training has been rescheduled on every Saturdays,

9am - 11am > Girls training session
11am - 1pm > Boys training session

A contract will be distributed as a memorandum of our commitment in developing those whom have chosen to be part of our program. Aside from those whom have signed, others are welcomed to join us in making our training more challenging and exciting.

Keep Floorballing... The Future is ours !!!