Monday, August 31, 2009

The Xaverian Training 26th Aug 09.

The night before it was raining,
But the next morning was bright and shining,

A great day for floorball training,
and it was our first holiday training.


Everyone was excited,especially the junior members of the team.Some were even earlier than the coach.
It is the first time S.X.I Floorball Club had a training in a proper indoor court

It was 8am and training should have started but Coach Jason decided to wait for the rest to arrive,so training started at 8.30am.
The team started with a jog around the housing area outside the RC building.
Good effort shown by Alpha in the jogging part thanks to the support of Lawren.
Then the usual warm up.

We got back in the building and started training.
The Snake drill,2 line drill,2-on-1,basic ball control drills and all sorts of PMS drills which included a lot of running.
Almost to the climax of training,Coach Jason got players got into pairs and started a 2-on-2.
3 badminton courts, 2 pairs in a court and small coned goal posts on each side.
Get it?
After a certain amount of time played,pairs rotate among other pairs.Therefore,everyone gets to play with each other!

Game time,the moment every player has been waiting for.Coach Jason had a 5-on-5 game and then only a 4-on-4.Getting the players ready for the upcoming PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challenge on the 12th of September 2009.With both our keepers absent from training a goal will only be counted if it hits the top corner.Hard?maybe not.Shot were being fired from every part of the court and hitting the top corner.Awesome.

After an hour of game time,everything came into conclusion with a debrief.Everyone expressed their feelings towards the training.Obviously it was great! Coach Jason tells the players about the DO's and DON'Ts on the court and praised Nimesh for his encouragement given towards other players,willingness to chase the ball and many more,not forgetting the most important part,his POSITIVE THINKING.Coach Jason stressed that every player should have that values in and out of the court.The quiet one,Kenneth made a few words saying that players should join Saturdays Frontliners Floorball Club training.Finally,a word from the team manager,Michael.He reminded players about the upcoming competition on the 12th of September 2009 and he said that S.X.I Floorball Club will be sending in 2 teams.The teams are named as :-
-Team 1
-Team 2

The team names were based on selection of many people from the school,therfore it was chosen and the list of players for each team will be posted up very soon.With such great number of turn out for training there were some plans to have the weekly trainings at RC HQ once or twice a month.
That concluded The 26th Aug 09 Xaverian Training.


The Management Team Of S.X.I Floorball Club.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Xaverian Training 19th Aug

Today, 18 saints floorballer turned up for training including a new player, Kent.
Training started off by a warm up session and a few rounds at the Street Soccer Court.*players setting up the goal post*

*Running before warming up*

*warming up*

After the warming up session,
the snake drill was done followed by first timer shots.
Coach Jason then came up with afew sets of different PMS drill which involves alot of sprinting, passes and of course shots.

*briefing on the drills*

Even though they were confusing at first, but the Xaverians manage to get the drill going after a few tries.
*players trying out some shots*

Before game time,
Coach Jason set up the track for the challenge last week.
again, the players gave their best to win the title " Man of the Training"
the challenge involves afew cones arranged in a zig zag formation which the player have to sprint from cone to cone and then recieve a pass, pass back, and the take a shot at the keeper.
The challenge was top by Algin, Jeffery and Kent.
however, every challenge needs a winner and 3 of them fought for it.
Game time came and players were split according to their experience.
after a good 30 min of game time,
Coach Jason blew the final whistle.
but as the players were requesting for extra time,
the training was slightly prolonged.
The game time was finally over and briefing took over.
The Xavierians learnt about the importance of discipline and promised to show improvement the next training.
Here comes the Man Of the Training.
He is none other than Mr. Algin Tan.

*Man Of the Training Award*
Owning the title the second time consequtively.
Training dismissed later than expected
Although next week is a school holiday, but training is still on and players will be inform once we confirm the details.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 2


In 2006, SXI participated in their first ever floorball tournament. Prior to that, SXI trained with Frontliners Floorball Club (FFC) 2 months before the first tournament. Coincedently that was Coach Jason Chan's 2nd time coaching floorball in his whole floorball career. There were at least 12 Xavierians whom joined the club training back then.

The was a very strong bonding between the Xavierians and the coach. The relationship continues to be strong today even though many of them have retired from floorball scene.

SXI joined YouthWave for the first time. They earned a respectable 4th position only to lose to FFC(3rd place) who also competed in the same competition. Mekananth was the captain of that team back then.

SXI Crisis.

After that epic, the Xaverians training was stopped many times due to exams and unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the attendance dropped. Eventually the SXI team was gone. The school decided to shut it down. Was that the end of history???

The Great Depression of FFC.

FFC was going through a big change in leadership back then in 2007. Jason Chan took over the mantle of leadership over the club. The club was facing a threatening challenge of players diaspora which almost resulted in the closure of the club. Majority of our main players had to leave Penang for further studies. It was unavoidable. Shockingly FFC only had a few faithful ones left.

To Be Continued ....

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xavierian Epic Part 1

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Xaverian Training.

Today,this will be known as a historical post.
As promised,at 9.00PM++ today.
The first post on The Xaverian Training will be published officially on the Frontliners Floorball Club BLOG for the FIRST TIME in history.
After a long and endless discussion between the Management team of Saints and Frontliners,It has been made official that Frontliners Floorball Club will fully support SXI Floorball Club in many ways possible.SXI Floorball Club is also given the chance to utilise the blog for announcements,posts and also the summary on The Xaverian Trainings will be posted up.
SXI Floorball Club is very grateful for having Frontliners Floorball Club to support us.

Coming back to the post,

Trainings are on Wednesdays. 3pm-5pm.Venue:STREET SOCCER COURT.
Rain or Shine,Training is ON!
(Unless told so)

*Every Xaverian is INVITED*

For todays training,it began with only 9 people including the coach(JASON CHAN MING HWEE) as most of the members were away for a meeting.After the meeting,attendance again rose to 18 people. Training began with a Passing,Movement, and Shooting Drill made by the Coach himself.

*Lining up for the drill*

Everyone was told to finish this drill within 8 SEC's
THATS ALGIN! you will know how fast he went later.




*IT WAS A 4-on-4*

*Michael tired?i dont think so.KILLERS MAYBE?*

Coach Jason letting us know how important is it to study and get good grades.
"Labor Omnia Vincit" Labour Conquers All.
There for work hard and smart and it will bring you success.

*The management team*
(the 3 blind mice)

*The coach himself*

This is a new award.
M.O.T=Man Of The Training!
He completed the drill as said just now in 6 seconds making him the fastest and the M.O.T!

This Ends The Xaverian Training of 12th Aug 2009!
More updates to COME! so keep on reading!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 1

Labor Omnia Vincit is the St Xavier's Institution's(SXI) school motto. It simply means "labour conquers all". The fact that we see the SXI floorball team today training regularly every week with an average of 15 hyperactive Xaverians is the testimony that this motto remains true today and is the trait of all true Xaverians. The Xaverian epic is the epitome of what pioneering spirit is all about.

3 years ago.

It all began 3 years back. Brother Kenny Khoo(picture below), back then from Frontliners pioneered the first generation SXI team.

The original purpose was to give the students an avenue to express themselves in the right manner through floorball. The school then allowed the floorball club to be pioneered rather than having boys wasting their lives on unhealthy activities.The training was held at the Street Soccer court at 5pm to 6pm every monday 3 years back. SXI is the first ever boys school to ever form a floorball team in Malaysia.

Is that all???

to be continued

Spartan Training

It was Coach Michael Cheah, with his new Unihoc Player blade and all, who rocked the training floor last Saturday.

Coaching with utmost authority as if he'd been coaching for years, it was a breath of fresh air for most players already used to the voracious Jason and the ice cool Kuan Yang.

It was a combined training, and there was one new face that day... he's short, he's small, and he smiles a lot... and he's Daryl of SXI!

Snakes, Japanese snakes, 2-on-1's... all the usual pre-game warmup already hammered into the players was done. Coach then moved on to drills that were a combination of passing, dribbling and shooting.

Finally, in a very football moment, he picked Lawren and Pei Li for the captains that day, and let them each take turns to choose their players.

It was a high-scoring match, as there were no goalkeepers either side. Kyle, in Lawren's team, was a constant curi-ayam menace, and Daryl, in Pei Li's team, showed good defensive sense and released the ball very quickly.

Late into training, Justin and Zachary, two new guys, joined in.

And just as Zachary looked like he would score his first ever goal... Coach Michael blew his whistle, called an end to the match, and ordered the players to line up.

Well, duh...

Of course there'd be killers.

These were Spartans and Spartans-to-be who were training.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spartans G5: End of the Fairytale

In the final game of Frontliners Spartans Div.1 campaign, it was like every part of the Spartans many performances in the past 4 matches.

Just like the games against Ztec and Innebandy, Spartans raced to an early lead, only to squander it. But in those two games, Frontliners managed to hold on and come out with a draw and win respectively. This time however, Contact Fireants made sure that they inflicted the only lost for Frontliners this campaign.

As of now, the identity of Spartans’ first goal scorer is unknown, although it looked like Nicholas had the final touch. With at least silver guaranteed, Frontliners had nothing to lose. Su Rong added to his tally for the Spartans second goal not long after.

And just like in the other games, the goals conceded were due to defensive errors- closing down to slowly, clearing through the centre (Coach is gonna cringe!), etc. Contact jumped at every opportunity and never gave Frontliners a moment of peace. Contact scored two goals in quick succession and all was level.

After racing into the lead, Frontliners were left chasing after Fireants. Kuan Yang rattled the crossbar right after Fireants had taken the lead. Truth be told, that was the closest Frontliners could get to goal in the rest of the half.

More goals in the second half, but they were all from Contact Fireants. It was a tough and rough half. Players ran into the boards, players went flying, Kuan Yang and Penny knocking their heads together after a scuffle for the ball in Fireants zone. Tempers flared but count our cool and calm coach/manager and captain to keep players in check.

Man of the match was Nicholas(much to the delight of some who were awaiting his 'legendary' Spartan cheer) for his darting down the court, switching from defender to forward and probably scored one goal.

Though Spartans had lost 6-2, it was their overall performance in the entire league that kept smiles on their faces. 2nd in the league, a first for the club, is something to be proud of. Kudos to Frontliners Spartans and long may they continue to improve and achieve more success in the future. What is your profession??