Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 2


In 2006, SXI participated in their first ever floorball tournament. Prior to that, SXI trained with Frontliners Floorball Club (FFC) 2 months before the first tournament. Coincedently that was Coach Jason Chan's 2nd time coaching floorball in his whole floorball career. There were at least 12 Xavierians whom joined the club training back then.

The was a very strong bonding between the Xavierians and the coach. The relationship continues to be strong today even though many of them have retired from floorball scene.

SXI joined YouthWave for the first time. They earned a respectable 4th position only to lose to FFC(3rd place) who also competed in the same competition. Mekananth was the captain of that team back then.

SXI Crisis.

After that epic, the Xaverians training was stopped many times due to exams and unforeseen circumstances. As a result, the attendance dropped. Eventually the SXI team was gone. The school decided to shut it down. Was that the end of history???

The Great Depression of FFC.

FFC was going through a big change in leadership back then in 2007. Jason Chan took over the mantle of leadership over the club. The club was facing a threatening challenge of players diaspora which almost resulted in the closure of the club. Majority of our main players had to leave Penang for further studies. It was unavoidable. Shockingly FFC only had a few faithful ones left.

To Be Continued ....

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xavierian Epic Part 1

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