Monday, August 31, 2009

The Xaverian Training 26th Aug 09.

The night before it was raining,
But the next morning was bright and shining,

A great day for floorball training,
and it was our first holiday training.


Everyone was excited,especially the junior members of the team.Some were even earlier than the coach.
It is the first time S.X.I Floorball Club had a training in a proper indoor court

It was 8am and training should have started but Coach Jason decided to wait for the rest to arrive,so training started at 8.30am.
The team started with a jog around the housing area outside the RC building.
Good effort shown by Alpha in the jogging part thanks to the support of Lawren.
Then the usual warm up.

We got back in the building and started training.
The Snake drill,2 line drill,2-on-1,basic ball control drills and all sorts of PMS drills which included a lot of running.
Almost to the climax of training,Coach Jason got players got into pairs and started a 2-on-2.
3 badminton courts, 2 pairs in a court and small coned goal posts on each side.
Get it?
After a certain amount of time played,pairs rotate among other pairs.Therefore,everyone gets to play with each other!

Game time,the moment every player has been waiting for.Coach Jason had a 5-on-5 game and then only a 4-on-4.Getting the players ready for the upcoming PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challenge on the 12th of September 2009.With both our keepers absent from training a goal will only be counted if it hits the top corner.Hard?maybe not.Shot were being fired from every part of the court and hitting the top corner.Awesome.

After an hour of game time,everything came into conclusion with a debrief.Everyone expressed their feelings towards the training.Obviously it was great! Coach Jason tells the players about the DO's and DON'Ts on the court and praised Nimesh for his encouragement given towards other players,willingness to chase the ball and many more,not forgetting the most important part,his POSITIVE THINKING.Coach Jason stressed that every player should have that values in and out of the court.The quiet one,Kenneth made a few words saying that players should join Saturdays Frontliners Floorball Club training.Finally,a word from the team manager,Michael.He reminded players about the upcoming competition on the 12th of September 2009 and he said that S.X.I Floorball Club will be sending in 2 teams.The teams are named as :-
-Team 1
-Team 2

The team names were based on selection of many people from the school,therfore it was chosen and the list of players for each team will be posted up very soon.With such great number of turn out for training there were some plans to have the weekly trainings at RC HQ once or twice a month.
That concluded The 26th Aug 09 Xaverian Training.


The Management Team Of S.X.I Floorball Club.

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