Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spartans G5: End of the Fairytale

In the final game of Frontliners Spartans Div.1 campaign, it was like every part of the Spartans many performances in the past 4 matches.

Just like the games against Ztec and Innebandy, Spartans raced to an early lead, only to squander it. But in those two games, Frontliners managed to hold on and come out with a draw and win respectively. This time however, Contact Fireants made sure that they inflicted the only lost for Frontliners this campaign.

As of now, the identity of Spartans’ first goal scorer is unknown, although it looked like Nicholas had the final touch. With at least silver guaranteed, Frontliners had nothing to lose. Su Rong added to his tally for the Spartans second goal not long after.

And just like in the other games, the goals conceded were due to defensive errors- closing down to slowly, clearing through the centre (Coach is gonna cringe!), etc. Contact jumped at every opportunity and never gave Frontliners a moment of peace. Contact scored two goals in quick succession and all was level.

After racing into the lead, Frontliners were left chasing after Fireants. Kuan Yang rattled the crossbar right after Fireants had taken the lead. Truth be told, that was the closest Frontliners could get to goal in the rest of the half.

More goals in the second half, but they were all from Contact Fireants. It was a tough and rough half. Players ran into the boards, players went flying, Kuan Yang and Penny knocking their heads together after a scuffle for the ball in Fireants zone. Tempers flared but count our cool and calm coach/manager and captain to keep players in check.

Man of the match was Nicholas(much to the delight of some who were awaiting his 'legendary' Spartan cheer) for his darting down the court, switching from defender to forward and probably scored one goal.

Though Spartans had lost 6-2, it was their overall performance in the entire league that kept smiles on their faces. 2nd in the league, a first for the club, is something to be proud of. Kudos to Frontliners Spartans and long may they continue to improve and achieve more success in the future. What is your profession??


tania said...

SONIA i feel that your report-writing has improved A WHOLE LOT lor.. nice writeups :)

sonia said...

thanks tania.. :)