Friday, July 31, 2009

Training 250709: Dawn of A New Era

Training was headed by newly appointed Division 2 coaches Michael and Pei Li- taking over the realms of Coach Jason. Only 4 people showed up excluding the coaches and Kuan Yang.

Training started with some basic passing. Then followed by a shooting drill where one had to dribble from the side to the centre with the ball and do a wrist shot. Too simple? Here’s the catch. You mustn’t stop jogging. Even after the shot. Michael gave the occasional wake up call to the tired legs. Some had difficulty not doing first-timer shots and after around 20 minutes+ of that was Game Time. Training was only one and a half hours long, so less drills and wake up calls.

Lawren, Pei Li and Michael against the juniors and girls. The catch is. The senior team couldn’t run with the ball. This was made an advantage for the junior team. Goals blasted from all 4 players (mostly Kyle-good prospect for the future, keep it up!) left the seniors trailing 5-0 or 6-0.

Pei Li switched it up and sorted the players around. 3-on-3, Pei Li as the ref. After the scores were leveled at 1-1, Pei Li decided the next team to concede a goal would do 10 pushups. Sachin scored the deciding goal to wrap up the match and deliver the pushups to Kyle, Yue Shern and Lawren.

Let’s wait and see what the new coaches have in store for the juniors and girls next time.


Christopher Koh said...

Michael & Pei Li, keep up the good work!! :)

Mikey said...

Thanks Chris.=D