Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spartans G4: Pictures

A second for Sarah, a third for UniHawks who look totally in control.

Spartans cannot believe what is happening.

Kenny (make out the #7) scoring Spartan's first to make it 1-3.

3-2 to UniHawks at the break.

Red headbands the statement of the day for Coach Kuan Yang and Coach Chris.

Suleen looking very relaxed..

Team Contact look to be enjoying themselves..

Sharron doing what all goalies hate: picking the ball out of her own net.

And now for the equalizer!

Sarah of UniHawks taking a tumble.

Captain Jason biting his nails in anticipation.

Nick afraid to look at Sarah.

The long-awaited equalizer: Spartans breathe a sigh of relief.

Frustration mounts as Spartans go all out for one more.

Su Rong running the entire length of the court in delight after scoring.

Suleen looking dejected after conceding the fifth goal.

All hands on deck to preserve the slender lead! (but where are the other UniHawks?)

A relieved Su Rong after the final whistle.

Even the ref needs a breather from all the excitement..

High-fives and smiles all around for a game well-fought.

Both teams thank both sets of supporters who supported both teams. All friends mah..

Best defeat so far, UniHawks?

Two goals and one assist: not much more can be asked for from Frontliners' MOTM, Nicholas Teoh.

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Anonymous said...

Please ask for permission before using pictures of other club's members :P