Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exclusive Interview: Pei Li's Thoughts

Recently, The Tall One (TTO) and The Short One (TSO) (not their real names), with the help of Anonymous Guests (AG) had the privilege of interviewing Kew Pei Li (PL), who scored her first ever competitive goal on Tuesday. Pei Li, Frontliners loyal female player, willingly answered questions in her own creative way.

TSO: How did you feel?
PL: Like, oh, cool.

TTO: Were you expecting to score?
PL: [shakes head]

TSO: What did you do? Didn’t you jump or something?
PL: I just walked back. Smiled a bit.

TSO: The fact that you scored a goal. Have you realized it yet? Has it hit you?
PL: Not really.

TTO: Rate your goal on the scale of 1-10.
PL: 3. Compared to Kenny’s and Kuan Yang’s against Dalat, mine was soft.

AG: How did you feel the moment the ball entered the goal?
PL: I didn’t realize. I didn’t see it go in because all the Innebandy players were blocking. Only when Kenny and Nick turned around and smiled, then I know lah

TTO: Rate Frontliners performance on the scale of 1-10. Why?
PL: 7. Why ah? Because we let in two goals we shouldn’t have let in. We played well but there’s still room for improvement.

TSO: Where do you go from now?
PL: Dude, it’s like I won the World Cup, with that question. I will try hard to improve my play, to vary my play. I will try to lob balls, which I have not been successful at. As long as the team wins, it doesn’t matter.

TSO: Are you happy?
PL: I’m happy that we won. Umm..well, I guess. [Thinks] It’s cool lah. I’m not sure if I’m happy or not. I should be. It’s a good thing and good things make me happy. So I’m happy. [moments later] Embarrassed.

TTO: Why?
PL: Why ah? ‘Cause right, everyone was cheering and I’m not used to that. I’m more used to cheering for people.

TSO: How did you do it?
PL: I don’t know. It just happened.

TSO: Apakah rahsia kejayaan anda?
PL: Monday, girls’ state training really helped a lot.

TSO: Who would you like to thank for your success?
PL: What success?
TSO: Your goal. You know like in the Oscars’, they thank this person and that person.
PL: I would like to thank the supporters.
TSO: Thought they embarrassed you.
PL: I would like to thank Ming Hwee for selling me the Bubble (Pei Li’s stick). The stick did it, not me.
AG: But you were holding the stick.
PL: I know but the stick did 60%, I did 40%. For me lah. I think lah.
TSO: So you’re not gonna thank Kuan Yang, the coach?
PL: And thank you everyone who thinks they are a part of it. It’s not much success la, just a goal.

TSO: Berikan nilai yang anda amalkan.
PL: English please. [Interviewer translates in head]
TSO: What moral values have you exemplified through the goal?
PL: Haaaa…lemme think, lemme think. Ah..It’s a crap question man. It’s just a goal!

TTO: But your very first.
PL: Doesn’t feel like it.
AG: Have you always been like this?
PL: Like what?
AG: Like, emotionless.
PL: You didn’t hear me scream at Algin during the game? That’s not emotion ah?

TSO: So when can we finally expect you to feel?
PL: Feel what?
TSO: Excitement.
PL: Not sure. It will come when it comes when it comes but I think it’’s not a big deal. I’m also like, how come I’m not happy? Right..

TSO: Thank you for your time. We really appreciate it. We hope you continue your marked progress in floorball.
And we do hope Pei Li and the Spartans will continue to improve and learn to play like Spartans.


ky said...

the most crappiest yet entertaining interview i have ever read. hahaha...

ehem, i was thanked last?
tsk tsk tsk...

you guys should do more of this.
keep the "fire" burining. ^^

lavin said...

oh pei li!! you scored a goal against inne...! congrats.. =D
wah frontliners spartans really doing a great job.

bernicehengheng :) said...

PEI LI!!!! :P goshhh...! how i wish i was THERE! :((( funny the interview....who was interviewing u anyways...ghahaha :)