Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frontbandy vs Inneliners

Saturday came again, but this was no ordinary Saturday. Why? Cause the usual morning training was cancelled as PBSM was unavailable. Instead, Frontliners had a joint training session with Innebandy at Dalat International School from 8-9.30pm (not very ordinary, is it?).

Training started off with stretching accompanied by music from Sam's handphone. After flexing our muscles, we did a drill where the passer had to send in a knee-high, bouncing ball, and the shooter had to score past the keeper. While this was going on, the rest of Frontliners' contingent arrived. The drill was then improvised- now the shooter had to fake past a defender, then shoot.

After the drill, it was game time. Frontliners and Innebandy players were grouped according to their month of birth, odds vs evens, and it did turn out to be a great game as both teams were evenly matched.

No music this time, during warm-down, but we did learn some new stretches too explicit for the camera that Coach Jason will probably incorporate in training next week...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Training 140608: Somewhere over the Rainbow

Kompleks Belia: Great big place with a vending machine that actually works (something Red Crescent Headquarters does not have). That is, IF the court is available.

Which unfortunately was not the case last Saturday, although to compensate, the court outside could be used free of charge.

The ventilation was great, wind in hair (check Steven out!) and balls rolling everywhere, with even drains as a safety net all around the court.

Meaning the players spent half of training just picking up balls from a thankfully damp-ish drain.

Twenty-one players, including off-duty goalie Bryan (who doubled up as photographer; the headless pictures would be his), with three new players: Calvin, Kenneth (sandwiching Lawren below) and Soon Khai; also the long-missing Partiban.

All the drills centred on two main things: passing and movement. Passing was not quite up to level, with balls rolling anywhere and everywhere, but at least the players were moving.

Slow-paced and leisurely would be how to describe it, the trees surrounding the court just adding to
the beach atmosphere. Coach Jason also did not press the players too much, and he called for matchtime much earlier than normal.
With two very open goals, one would have thought that the goals would have come fast and furious. Not the case this time. Understanding between teammates was lacking, but enthusiasm certainly was not.
Then out of the dark doors
appeared... Oliver and Ter Min from Ztec 8cers Floorball Club, who invited Frontliners in for a short-notice friendly.
Gladly trooping in as to avoid the burning-hot sun, it turned out to be a good experience for the players although running out losers by a ton of goals, playing against a team devoid of ladies. Ztec's top players simply outclassed the Frontliners. A taste of what to come for next year's Penang League?
Great place for picnic, Kompleks Belia.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Part III: Those Who Work Hardest...

...do not necessarily win, but there can be no denying that these people below deserved to. Congratulations!

1st: Bryan (Contact)

2nd: JJ (Minden Unihawks)

3rd: Ter Min (Ztec 8cers)

1st: Pei Li (Frontliners)

2nd: Eeleen (Innebandy! Co)

3rd: Charmaine (MGS)

Part II: Ladies' PTPY

Pei Li: I love these kind of tournaments. Fun and rather inconsequential, all in the name of friendship... though I admit I might get a little competitive and overbearing. All in the name of winning.
No point strategizing or counter-strategizing too much, as I tend to do, one of my many mistakes. And don't you just know that feeling when you know you've got your goal covered... and the ball just slips past you.
All the more reason to love 3v3s. Mistakes don't matter as much as in Penang League.
I did score (a whole lot more of penalties than in open play). The penalty practice paid off very well... consider it the gold I never won in January's floorball challenge.
Definitely worth the sweat.

Tania: There are sunny days, as there are rainy days. There are birthdays (22 January, for instance) as there are deathdays (but I'll never die). And so there are floorball days (like Youthwave) as there are days when I'm not even supposed to touch a floorball stick (and that brings us to...).
PTPY. RM8 sounded reasonable enough, until lethargy (think Mr. Abdullah) and blurness kicked in. Some clumsy footing (by yours truly) meant an own goal in the first game.
Anything I clearly remember about the other games is blurry by now, but still, lesson learnt: Laziness is a sin in floorball. Run for that holey ball.
Maybe that RM8 could've been better spent on something else (chicken chop, anyone?). Or maybe not.
Marlina: In PTPY Floorball Tournament, I've become (a) more experienced floorballer. I joined this tournament not because of the prize but because I was wanting to mix around with other floorballers from other clubs, so I could learn more and more from them, since I've been a novice all this while. So I think this tournament has helped me improve a lot. Thank you.
(Yes, she was dribbling towards the goal, not away from it. This lady is FAST.)
Sonia: Participating in the PTPY tournament was definitely a great experience. Playing with different teammates was a challenge but I did learn a lot and had fun.
(This lady in blue here was zealously guarding her goal, so much so that no pictures could be found of her on court... Good job!)
Roselyn: Blur, fun, and enjoy(able)... let floorball burn in passion!
(Funfact: Thinking she didn't make it through to the second round, she took off home, only to speed back ten minutes later after frantic calls by her teammates. Yes, she made it back in time.)
Lavinia: I like it a lot cause it has a diff(erent) concept.. and I got to mix around with the others.. Love it! I guess they should provide longer rest time lo. Tiring.
(Ms. Lam here had a little accident of her own...):

(...but still made it to the last round, going where bigger and better opponents could not. Also scored two goals along the way. Way to go!)

Part I: Men's PTPY

As promised, all the news, views and shots from PTPY.

Kuan Yang: Having played floorball thrice a week, the body feels uneasy when both state and club training is suspended due to unavailabilty of the court. It was a rare day off (to be) until the organisers of PTPY rang up and said they needed another few players to form a full group of 6. A floorball family member asking a favour... ok la.. help la.

With the help of Moy, we managed to fill the gap and form another new group with the overwhelming support from people like Nick and friends, Wayne and Lawren. Thanks.

Game day itself was pretty exciting with the "Little League" in action with the kids swinging their sticks around and the parents yelling and urging the kids on.

As for myself, after cruising through the qualifying round, I didn't expect the semis to be so darn tough. I think this goes to the other players, organisers and spectators as well. The norm goes by where the top 3 leaders will be decided within 3 games with penalties to decide those undivided by points and goal difference. However, 3 draws in 3 games, it was impossible to separate the 6 of us and the organisers decided to reshuffle us into another 3 combinations and played another 3 games. With poor luck, lack of focus and fatigue, I manage to surrender a qualifying change to the opponent.

A mixed feeling. Slightly disappointed, not qualifying for the finals after 6 hard fought games and at the same time relief I can finaly rest. Phew~ My soul wanted to but my body refused, hence Phew~ became Ouch~ and I get to relive that moment everytime I browse Minden's Blog, seeing that photo yang memper-siasui-kan. Haizzz.

p/s: Thanks for those who responded and those who attended PTPY. And a great pat on Kenny's shoulder for a wonderful performances for bagging so many goals including a hattrick!! And double pat on Pei Li for winning the women's category as well. =)
And finally... (this one's for you, Kuan Yang!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

PTPY 2008

"There is no 'I' in TEAM." (Coach Jason)

Ignoring the quote... there was much fun last Saturday in Play in a Team, Play for Yourself (PTPY), organized by Contact Sports. Initially planned to be held over a two-week span but shortened to just one due to the number of entries, a late avalanche of register-ees surprised the organizers (or so it goes).

Very much like the 3v3 Floorball Challenge organized earlier this year, the difference was that it seemed more like express golf. (Sink a hole, get a point, add up all your points... and winner takes all.) But played in a team.

Doesn't make sense at all.

Right, so players would be divided into groups of six. Then in that group itself, the players would be divided into two teams, facing each other. Three matches of five minutes would be played, each time with different player combinations.

With each win, two points would be gained. And therefore after three matches, the players' individual points would be totaled, and the one with the most tops the group.

Something like that.

In the Men's PTPY, Bryan of Contact turned out Champion, whilst in the Ladies', Pei Li of Frontliners earned the gold.

3v3's are not notably known for great tactical plays, but it was still great fun to watch, what from Ter Min's airhooks and attempted airhooks, Kuan Yang's 'swoosh' shots, to the agony of penalties.

And in the end... really, it went to show that individual skills alone could not win anything. The winners have a lot to thank their teammates for (so how about sharing that RM50 gift voucher?).
More comments and pictures to come.

Monday, June 2, 2008


How long have you been playing floorball??

First time? 1 month? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?

When was the last time you saw a really, really good player??

None? Penang? Malaysia? APAC? World Championships?

Personally, having playing the game for almost 4 years, and being fortunate enough to be involved in Asia Pacific Floorball Championship in Singapore last year, I say the best player I have seen and really admire are Brown from Singapore and Japan's #13 All-star defender(donno his name, pai seh). Well that was before I meet Jani.

Jani Kukkola with his Fatpipe stick

Jani who?? Ya, that was my impression at first as well. This is all I can korek form the registration form:
Name: Jani "Kukkis" Kukkola
Nationality: Finland
Age: 22,
Number: #29
Height: 177cm
Position: center
Club: SSV(Salibandy Seura Vikingt; Finnish Champions)

Showing off some moves

If you wanna know more about him, you should go ask Linken cuz he was privileged enough to be his "Limo" driver form the airport and made an informal interview with the Finnish star.

To be honest, at the start it was quite boring. We did some forehand, backhand passing and a circuit. Basically, me eyes were fixed on Jani's every move. The stance, the passes, the movement, the dribblings, the spins, the shots. Super! Superb!! and... I'm out of words to describe.

Lets do some drills

After that we did shooting drills, my favourite if not everybody's. The Drag Shots, the Wrist Shots, the Slap Shots. So fast you eyes cant catch it; so accurate it hits both top corners; so hard it leaves bruise on you!! Go ask Linken and you'll understand. You can just feel the pain from the sound of impact.

Wrist shot

Drag shot (Linken: Ouch!!)

Snake drill with drag shot

We move on with penalty shots and still you can't stop your jaw dropping in awe. The movement of the legs and the fakes. Outrageous!! Ask the guy on the receiving end who tried so hard but in vain when facing Jani's superior skills.

Penalties (Gk: enough ald!!)

Game time. And by that time, I think my jaw muscles were all cramped. Nutmegs, fakes, spin-offs, he would just breeze pass you like thin air. It's impossible to express it. It's beyond verbal expression and only when you see it with your own eyes then only you believe how good he is, how far far behind are we compare to the European power houses and his is still not the best yet.

To be frank, 50 bucks for the clinic, I don't think we really gain much from his teachings in the drills and tactics(maybe some about power play and free hits). However, by observing his techniques, by watching him take penalties, by being nutmeg by him, it opened our eyes, it widen our horizon that floorball those not end at where we know it now. There is still so much to explore. Those actions, those moves that can only be seen on xfloor.tv, we see it first hand. Outrageous, unthinkable stuffs that we think can't be done, he showed it with great ease. His mere presence inspired all around him if not me alone. That I think, 50 bucks is so little to lose and everything to gain.

What to train at home


By 5, the clinic ended we switched roles, we led and became his tour guide. We brought him to Gurney Drive and introduced him to some tropical fruits like Ciku, Coconut, Nangka and other Malaysia Delights. He said the food was OK and hopefully he really does cuz it would really be a shame if Penang food scared him away. We would really love to have him he some time in the future. By then, those who missed it this time, don't be so kiam siap next time and be there. Lets hope it'll still cost 50 bucks.