Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 3

Xavierians to the rescue of FFC.

Club training was horrible, at its lowest with only 4 people in training including the coach. We were fighting against extinction.

It was at this moment, Xavierians came to the rescue.

Of the 12 Xavierians that joined the FFC training, 6 of them remained faithful to the club. They were passionate, committed and were willing to fight to rebuild the club from the scratch.

The fabulous 6 are,

1. Joshua Raj
2. Mekananth Selvaraj
3. San Jeevan Sivaraj
4. Goekula Kannan
5. Ilaiye Pumaren
6. Nareenthiran Jaya Gopal

It was the special bonding between these boys and the club that kept everyone moving.
Without these boys, FFC will cease to exist today. We couldn't even send a decent team into a competition.

The boys continued to help FFC rebuild itself eventhough SXI has fallen.

Thanks to these boys, today we still exist and finally won the silver in PFL Division 1.
Something we at FFC can never dream of back then.
The Promise

FFC finally struggled through and survived the the Great Depression. But what happened to SXI???

Jason Chan made a promise to the fabulous 6 while going through the Great Depression. He made a commitment that once we overcome everything, we will revive the school again. That's a lifetime promise. Things will change.

FFC continued to work hard through the Xavierian recruits in an attempt to revive the SXI team. Efforts continued for 3 years. Persistence was the typical Spartan trait. Attempts were met with failure. No one wanted to play floorball. Eventually the fabulous 6 left the school. But the promise remains unchanged. FFC continued to pray hard and cast the vision to any new Xavierian recruit.

It was always at the back of our heart to revive the school that saved us :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Xaverian Training 09 09 09

A special day for a special training.
Today attendance surpassing 20 people.
It was less of drill and more of match time.Coach Jason was getting us prepared for the upcoming competition this Saturday.
Everyone is excited.
You can see it in their faces.
Training started.
Warm up by Lawren and Michael.
Later on was the Snake Drill.
After the snake drill.
Coach Jason wanted to work the players legs even more.
Coach asked the players to do "DRAGON RUNS."
Everyone was separated into groups of 5's for the run,with a total of 5 rounds.
The "Dragon Runs" ended and it was game time.
Players playing this Saturday got into their teams,Team Lunatics and Team Kamikaze.
Those who were not playing this Saturday was in Team Nameless.
With Raygan and Lawren captain of each team,it was
Coach Jason mixed and match players as the game went on.
Then,everyone decided to play for 30 more mins after training.
With each team finalized,it was Team Lunatics VS Team Kamikaze.
The little kids proved threatening as they scored 1 or 2 goals.

The final whistle was blown!

It was warm down.
The most entertaining part of the day.
It was the only time players could see each other scream!
Stretching pass your limits ensuring we are ready this Saturday.

Managers talk,
Michael told each and every player to be at school by 6.20am on Saturday morning.
For those who fail to turn up on Saturday,would have to pay a fine of 20 ringgit.
Participating certs will also be given out to school players.
Players are told to wear their white school KK shirt as their 1st jersey and bring a black t-shirt for the 2nd jersey.He also said about proper attire and only sports shoes.
Food will not be provided on that day but bread and drinks will be sold at Balik Pulau.

For any questions, players can look for

Monday, September 7, 2009

PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challange 2009.

After the managers meeting on the 3rd of September 2009.
This are the team groupings and match schedule for the
PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challenge on the 12th of September 2009.

Team Groupings.

Group A
  1. Minden Titanium
  2. SXI Kamikaze
  3. Ztec 2011
  4. Bak Hu(Firebrands)
*the top 3 will qualify for the next round*

Group B
  1. Contact Army
  2. Innebandy! Co.
  3. Bak Kua(Firebrands)
  4. Frontliners Fusion
*the top 3 will qualify for the next round*

Group C
  1. Bak Chang(Firebrands)
  2. SXI Lunatics
  3. Contact Driver
*the top 2 will qualify for the next round*

Match Schedule
Group Matches.
  • 7.50 a.m-Registration.
  • 8.20 a.m-Minden Titanium VS SXI Kamikaze
  • 9.00 a.m-Bak Chang VS SXI Lunatics
  • 9.40 a.m-Bak Kua VS Frontliners Fusion
  • 11.00 a.m-SXI Lunatics VS Contact Driver
  • 11.20 a.m-SXI Kamikaze VS Bak Hu
  • 11.40 a.m-Innebandy! Co. VS Frontliners Fusion
  • 12.20 p.m-Frontliners Fusion VS Contact Army
  • 12.40 p.m-SXI Kamikaze VS Ztec 2011
This are only the selected group matches for the day.

-The top3 teams for Group A and B will qualify for the next round and only the top2 teams from Group C will qualify for the next round.The whole tournament is estimated to end at about 4.20 p.m.
-Please be on time for team registration in the morning.

-Lunch will not be provided but bread and drinks will be sold,So prepare your own lunch.
-You can only eat at the stands.
-Warm-ups must be done out side not inside,Youthwave style.

For enquires please contact your team managers.Thank you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Xaverian Training 2nd September 09

After a week of training in the indoor court, the PBSM hall,
we are back to our very own Street Soccer Court.
Although it was a semi-open area with some pot-holes to avoid during the training,
the energy level was nothing less compare to the power packed training last week.
one CLAP for all the Saint.

It was a great day to start off our training as it was kinda cloudy.
without much of presence of the Sun,
And TODAY is a day to remember as the attendance soared up high hitting 25 players.
We welcome Calvin back to the floorball scene as well as Alex who is new to floorball.
we started off with jogs and warm up.
Snakes followed up after 2 rounds of suicides.
While the energy level was still at the peak,
an assessment was carried out by the coach through the keeper.
it was to test their shots.
after 2 rounds of shooting,
Michael, Jeffery, Algin, Kenneth and Gary was classed as the 5 Hard Shooter.
Lawren, Calvin, Wei Jian and Walson were classed second to them.
A 2-on-1 drill was done to get the players ready for the game later and also to forge up the team play.
Team Lunatic and Team Kamikaze were then named and split by Michael for the upcoming tournament, PFA Rising Start Challenge.
The long awaited game time soon arrived.
Team Lunatic was high on spirit as they manage to bag in afew goals with some good team plays.
however, Team Kamikaze was not easy on them. They fought their way through with stubborn defense which kept the forwards busy looking for alternatives.

Game time soon ended and the Saint were brief on basic rules in the game of floorball by Coach Jason.
Michael then took over to brief the players on the PFA Rising Star Challenge.
Thanks to the effort of Michael,
we manage to get support and sponsors from the school for the Challenge which we are participating in.
It was a great training as most of them complain on how short it was although we played for almost 3 hours.

The Management Team Of S.X.I Floorball Club.

PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challenge 2009

S.X.I Floorball Club will be sending 2 teams for the upcoming PFA-Rising Star Floorball Challenge (OPEN CATEGORY) on the 12th Of September 2009.

Team 1

-Lawren Lim (C)
-Michael Cheah
-Jeffery Lim
-Kenneth Yeap
-Algin Tan
-Darien Tan
-Tan Eik Hong
-Bryan Tan
-Howard Ooi
-Chung Wei Jian

Team 2
-Ray Gan (C)
-Marcus Kam
-Gideon Joseph
-Joel Lee
-Daryl Ooi
-Walson Chuah
-Alpha Pan
-Caleb Ng
-Gary Teoh

So this will be the players playing on the 12th of September 2009.
If there are any questions regarding the teams or the competition,you can always look for:-

-Michael Cheah
-Lawren Lim
-Kenneth Yeap