Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Omnia Vincit - The Xaverian Epic Part 3

Xavierians to the rescue of FFC.

Club training was horrible, at its lowest with only 4 people in training including the coach. We were fighting against extinction.

It was at this moment, Xavierians came to the rescue.

Of the 12 Xavierians that joined the FFC training, 6 of them remained faithful to the club. They were passionate, committed and were willing to fight to rebuild the club from the scratch.

The fabulous 6 are,

1. Joshua Raj
2. Mekananth Selvaraj
3. San Jeevan Sivaraj
4. Goekula Kannan
5. Ilaiye Pumaren
6. Nareenthiran Jaya Gopal

It was the special bonding between these boys and the club that kept everyone moving.
Without these boys, FFC will cease to exist today. We couldn't even send a decent team into a competition.

The boys continued to help FFC rebuild itself eventhough SXI has fallen.

Thanks to these boys, today we still exist and finally won the silver in PFL Division 1.
Something we at FFC can never dream of back then.
The Promise

FFC finally struggled through and survived the the Great Depression. But what happened to SXI???

Jason Chan made a promise to the fabulous 6 while going through the Great Depression. He made a commitment that once we overcome everything, we will revive the school again. That's a lifetime promise. Things will change.

FFC continued to work hard through the Xavierian recruits in an attempt to revive the SXI team. Efforts continued for 3 years. Persistence was the typical Spartan trait. Attempts were met with failure. No one wanted to play floorball. Eventually the fabulous 6 left the school. But the promise remains unchanged. FFC continued to pray hard and cast the vision to any new Xavierian recruit.

It was always at the back of our heart to revive the school that saved us :)

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