Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Xaverian Training 2nd September 09

After a week of training in the indoor court, the PBSM hall,
we are back to our very own Street Soccer Court.
Although it was a semi-open area with some pot-holes to avoid during the training,
the energy level was nothing less compare to the power packed training last week.
one CLAP for all the Saint.

It was a great day to start off our training as it was kinda cloudy.
without much of presence of the Sun,
And TODAY is a day to remember as the attendance soared up high hitting 25 players.
We welcome Calvin back to the floorball scene as well as Alex who is new to floorball.
we started off with jogs and warm up.
Snakes followed up after 2 rounds of suicides.
While the energy level was still at the peak,
an assessment was carried out by the coach through the keeper.
it was to test their shots.
after 2 rounds of shooting,
Michael, Jeffery, Algin, Kenneth and Gary was classed as the 5 Hard Shooter.
Lawren, Calvin, Wei Jian and Walson were classed second to them.
A 2-on-1 drill was done to get the players ready for the game later and also to forge up the team play.
Team Lunatic and Team Kamikaze were then named and split by Michael for the upcoming tournament, PFA Rising Start Challenge.
The long awaited game time soon arrived.
Team Lunatic was high on spirit as they manage to bag in afew goals with some good team plays.
however, Team Kamikaze was not easy on them. They fought their way through with stubborn defense which kept the forwards busy looking for alternatives.

Game time soon ended and the Saint were brief on basic rules in the game of floorball by Coach Jason.
Michael then took over to brief the players on the PFA Rising Star Challenge.
Thanks to the effort of Michael,
we manage to get support and sponsors from the school for the Challenge which we are participating in.
It was a great training as most of them complain on how short it was although we played for almost 3 hours.

The Management Team Of S.X.I Floorball Club.

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