Friday, March 23, 2007


The Frontliners girls team are on the move once again. Our women star, Sarah Ng has set the Frontliners women's suicide record at a time of 17.15 seconds. It was an encouragement to the others to continue to strive for excellence.

We want to welcome back Miss Koay Yi Lin(picture, 2nd from left in white t-shirt). She has finally decided to join us for the YouthWave 2007 challenge. The Frontliners can definitely use an extra hand in their pursuit of challenging the other teams.

It is amazing to see Yi Lin still having some floorball sense although she's just joined us. Star player, Sarah Ng praised " she's doing great for someone who haven't been playing for a long time. "

The girls just recovered from the most exhaustive training last week. Coach Jason has finally learned his lesson the hard way. This time, he allowed enough rest for the girls. To be prudent, coach Jason kept asking the girls to rate their level of exhaustion from the scale of 1 to 10.

"Surprisingly this week, the girls were able to make it for the fitness test. It is true that i allowed rests in between, but you've got to give them the credit that they are fitter now." says coach Jason.

Asked on what she has improved this week, Sarah Aida commented, " I think I have improved in my stamina and fitness."

Looks like coach Jason's never ending emphasis on fitness is beginning to pay off. Other than fitness, those that has been committed to the training has shown tremendous improvement in their overall floorball abilities.

Technical Advisor, Kuan Yang was amazed at the girls progress stated," The girls have definitely improved a lot since we started training early this year."

The was a moment of good play shown by Roselyn(picture above) during the match. Roselyn controlled the ball briefly to do a simple fake before executing a pass to her team mate. Technical Advisor, Kuan Yang commented " Look at Roselyn, she plays a lot better now. Now she is able to have more control on her game compared to last time."

"Roselyn is one of the most improved girl in the team. Her commitment to training is the reason she improved. She's more confident of herself and doesn't panic like before. Anyway, she still has lots of room for improvement. As for now, she's doing great" says coach Jason.

Bouncing back from the insane training last week, the girls are now back on line. It is good to see that the pace is picking up as the tournament gets closer.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

16.09 seconds per suicide attempt !!!

Last Saturday, coach Jason clocked each of his player's performance in doing suicides. It was a "triple stage suicide" attempted to set the record for the Frontliners Floorball Club.

As for the latest records, Mekananth and Sarah Ng holds the fastest time clocked to complete a suicide in PBSM hall. Both of them set the pace for the Frontliners at a record of 16.09 seconds(Mekananth) for the boys and 17.54(Sarah Ng) for the girls respectively. The slowest of all is at 22.12 second.

Coach Jason said" from now on, 22.12 seconds will be our benchmark for the minimum time taken to complete the suicides. Any layperson should be able to make it to that mark."

After praised by his colleagues, Mekananth humbled himself and encouraged the others, "hey guys, maybe you will beat my record after this round."

"Mekananth is a natural athlete. He is a natural sprinter equipped with unlimited stamina that only the sky is the limit. Even without disciplined training and down with a "runners knee", he is still able to beat the rest and set the Frontliners record. I think he can run faster than most of the seasoned players and can still last like an ENERGIZER battery. You've got to see it to believe it." said coach Jason.

Even Sarah Ng acknowledged,"the boys should have clocked faster than that."

"Mekananth's only problem is that his legs move faster than his arms. He's got to learn to be useful defensively. If he can solve that, he can be a very good floorballer. We are now waiting to see him master the proper floorball techniques." says coach Jason.

As for the whole boys training, the atmosphere was great. The boys finally mastered themselves and learned to give out everything for the team. It was the FRONTLINERS SPIRIT. During the match, there was a series of quick passes and interchange of the ball. The ball is now traveling faster and faster in PBSM these days. The goals scored are no longer individual efforts but based on the collective team work displayed by non-individualistic individuals. Even the newbie, Chin Guan that joined us this week got to score a couple of goals on his debut.

Asked on how he felt about his debut, Chin Guan commented, "Floorball is fun. I like the team spirit here. Id like to join you guys for training next time."

Mekananth praised the newbie, Chin Guan for his enthusiasm on floorball,"Its amazing that Chin Guan get to score on his debut. Even when I started, I couldn't score."

" I always tell my players, this is not a national squad where you compete against one another for your places. But rather, this is a club where we all grow together. I'm so proud of my players that they finally understood what the FRONTLINERS SPIRIT is all about. People can take your medal away. Who cares. Let them have it. But they can't take your hearts unless you let it go. Every time we play we bring our hearts along. Cause we are FRONTLINERS !!! " states coach Jason with an emotional tone.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Killer training - The going gets tough, the tough gets going

Today's girl training has been greatly affected by the low attendance. We have only 5 girls on our list. Coach Jason's insanity with physical fitness has caused some minor breakdown with some of the girls. 2 of the girls has been challenged about their physical fitness. With 2 suicides in a row, burpees, some sit-ups and push ups, coach Jason is pushing the girls to the limit.

"Last year we had a star player in our team, who couldn't play in the 3rd-4th placing match. Thanks to his poor level of fitness, he broke down with muscle cramps. It almost caused us the bronze medal. This year, we will try our best to alleviate such risks." says coach Jason.

Asked on whether how she is coping with the training, the most senior player in the team, Sarah Ng answered "Its ok with me."

" The training is more challenging due to less people. The drills are done more frequently than usual and we have less time to rest." said Sarah Ng.

Coach Jason comments," the training is specially designed to fit the players current conditioning. I'm surprise that they couldn't take it. If Sarah can take it, I thought the rest can take it too. Perhaps its due to the cancellation of last week's training due to exams. I have to apologize for my ignorance on their current conditioning. I guess I have high expectations on them. I may have pushed them a bit too early."

Roselyn and Sarah Aida were down with exhaustion. Roselyn looked pale after the training. Sarah Aida went to the toilet while training and vomited. Sarah Aida sighed," Wah, Penatlah !!! "
Pei Li was also down with some minor breakdown. She felt some pain in the stomach for a short while.

The YouthWave tournament is getting closer and closer. Looks like the Frontliners are also setting the standards higher in their training. Like they say, "The going gets tough, the tough gets going."

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Back to Basics

Exam! Exam! EXAM!!! At this moment of time, many people tend to stay at home buried by books and books. Most people would have cut off all activities and just digest on words and numbers. But surprisingly, this weeks attendance had increase from the previous. More people then usual had turn up for training.

This week, Coach Jason had decided to go BACK TO BASICS again. After a time of warm up, the girls spend a period of time on taking shoots! Pei Li,after a slight injury is back and fired up to continue.

After that, Coach Jason stressed on the girls the correct way of passing the ball. Coach Jason had a small section with the girls showing them the right way to pass the ball. During practice, Sarah protrayed the correct way of passing the ball.

After practice, it was time to try out what they have learn. Coach Jason put everybody to the test by a drill called the "2 on 1". The girls put their hearts into it and had tried various ways to enter the territory of the opponent.

When it was time for the guys to train. Coasch Jason was fired up and ready to "kill". He lean more toward the physical side for the guys and did all sorts of physical activities like push ups, sit ups, and burpees. Later on, the guys did suicides.

Then, the guys were taught to control the ball. It was easy at the beggining but when coach Jason started to move and accelerate the speed.The guys found it hard to control and to keep the ball at their own range.

The guys practice almost all the same things the girls did. After a break, the guys had a short game!

During the game, coach Jason saw that the Frontliner Spirit had started to raise up again!
He was very encouraged and he encouraged us to continue and let the Frontliners Spirit to flame on and never to burn out!!