Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nicholas Teoh, 20 (2008-present)

Crazy, messy hair; goofy grin; the only player Kuan Yang has asked to, literally, Shut Up. He started talking again five minutes later, of course.

His hairdo naturally invites many nicknames, notably 'Caveman' and 'Puyol'. Has a near-telepathic connection with Kenny, and when they play together, it can be beautiful when it clicks and frustrating when it doesn't. There is not much to shout about his shots or passes, but he can dribble well, and knows exactly where to run off the ball. The type of player with more assists than goals to his name.

Keeps asking to be played as a defender to the coaches' bewilderment. Will take whatever thrown at him on his chin, only complaining to Kenny. Almost never seen moody or angry but neither is he a radiant personality. Someone who can be counted upon to run, run and run until the world ends. Or until he gets tired. Taller than most people think he is as he rarely stands up straight.

Played in PTPY and Z'Liners where he won silver.

Verdict: A very good year, if compared to most in the club. A constant fixture in training, most recently in State training, culminated in the silver he won in Z'Liners.

Play of the year: Cutting that shaggy mop of his=)... AND helping Spartans win a silver in Z'Liners with titanic defending in the semis against Titanium.

Prediction for next season: Will not be able to come for training as he has classes to take. His further future in floorball is questionable as his so-called 'pusher', Kenny, will have left for studies already.

Narenthiran Jaya Gopal, 19 (2006-present)

Right now Frontliners lack the tough, old-fashioned physicality that Nareen brought to the team. Why, even looking at his picture is intimidating! Certainly not someone who can be knocked over. Possesses the tendency to dribble behind the goal which sometimes can be fatal if not pulled off correctly. Capable of scoring the occasional close-range goal.

He played in Penang League and Youthwave.

Verdict: Deteriorated; an obvious, direct result of not coming for training. There have been better years for him than this.

Play of the year: Playing his part in a defence that leaked fifty seven goals in Penang League. Could have been more had he not been around.

Prediction for next season: Seems like floorball to Nareen is a fast-forwarded version of real life. Starting out two years ago, he now appears to be reaching a ripe, old age for retirement, left behind when the club suddenly expanded twice over. Not expected to come for training but if he does it will be a pleasant surprise.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michael Cheah, 15 (2008-present)

The most outgoing and loud of the current Saints' crop and the only player in the club to use a Fatpipe, let alone pink, stick. Add hair that just seems to grow and grow (two haircuts in, what, two weeks?) and get... Michael Cheah.

One of the later Saints to join the club but one of the most improved Saints in the end. Has good overall sports sense and athletic abilities as a result of high school football. All in all, he is a natural athlete. He can take good first-timers (half the credit goes to his Whip 30 stick) and also good drag shots. His technique, movement and control are impressive, and right now, he can play either in defence or attack.

However, he can frustrate his teammates by his solo-ism sometimes. He also needs to release the ball faster.

Participated in Z'Liners with 300.

Verdict: Ever-willing to train and improve, a breath of fresh air so badly needed in this club.

Play of the year: Successfully captaining total underdogs, 300, in Z'Liners especially in their 1-0 win against Z3.

Prediction for next season: To continue to improve and surpass more experienced players in the club.

Mekanath Selvaraj, 19 (2006-present)

Frustrating, but can't help loving him at first glance. His cheery and upbeat attitude, second only to Yi Lin, can lift the doom and gloom right away. A wonderful solo act if in the right form, but his teamwork is often left wanting. Possesses blinding pace but his control and finishing sometimes let him down.

Pops up now and then for training, with work hampering his attendance.

Took part in Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League and Youthwave but was dropped for Z'Liners after sporadic attendance.

Verdict: Seems to be able to come up with the goods even though not seen in training, but the coaches probably prefer commitment over constant superstar attitude and occasional superstar play. His non-commitment to training casts a sour taste on his Penang League performance.

Play of the Year: Seven goals in Penang League, four of which were against UniHawks. Excellent.

Prediction for next season: To continue his on-off appearances. Touch and go here, he could go both ways. With the up and coming players in the club fighting for first-team/line places, attendance is all-important. Also to continue his prima donna-ing, appearing in Penang League, making his bows and then disappearing. Again.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lynden Menon, 12 (2008)

This junior joined in only but a few times after being introduced to the sport through fireBRANDS (FGAC). He showed interest in floorball and followed Coach Jason to FFC, though his time here was short.

Too short to write a review about his floorball career in FFC, frankly.

Joined the Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge (Juniors), playing for fireBRANDS.

He is now a regular at fireBRANDS' training.

Verdict: Now attending fireBRANDS' training, his floorball skills are slowly improving. Nevertheless, the fact that he can't train at home hampers his progress, but that's a different matter, not to be elaborated here.

Play of the year: Getting interested in floorball.

Prediction for next season: To be seen playing for fireBRANDS in other tournaments, but he will not be joining FFC anymore.

Loganathan Ramalingam, 21 (2008-present)

Imagine calling his name out on court when you need to save all the breath you can.

Twice the height of Roselyn but possessing the same width. Loganathan Ramalingam, better known as Loga, possesses good speed, his long limbs contesting that of Coach Jason's, but will take his own sweet time to track back after losing the ball, to the coaches' consternation. Half the club has no idea what his voice sounds like since he talks so little.

Seems to be attached with Sanjeevan at the hip; coming when Sanjeevan comes, and vanishing when Sanjeevan vanishes.

Loga joined the club in January and participated in Contact 3v3, Penang League, Youthwave and Z'Liners, all in the second-string teams.

Verdict: Scored two of the three goals that Frontliners Trojans had to their name in Penang League. Whether a credit to him or discredit to the team, Loga has had a pretty good year to his name even though his attendance in training was irregular.

Play of the year: His not-so-pretty solo goal in Z'Liners against Z3 that turned Dalat into a madhouse and helped 300 unexpectedly gain their only points of the tournament.

Prediction for next season: To come whenever Sanjeevan comes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Verina Ann Lynn, 14 (2008-present)

A new recruit from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (CHS), Verina was linked up to FFC through her brother Tristan.

As a beginner, she can shoot pretty well.

As a girl, she is very tough and mobile.

As a newbie, it's normal to get a short review.

Verdict: She's on the right track, and it would do her a world of good to keep on going for trainings. Not much to be said as she joined pretty late in the year.

Play of the year: Joining the club.

Prediction for next season: The fact that Tristan comes should keep her at it for some time, and after that it's up to her to develop her own passion for floorball and FFC.

Lawren Lim, 15 (2008-present)

Lawren is one of the few players in Frontliners who use a right-hand stick besides Yi Lin, Megan and Loga. Has reasonable technique, although his passes can sometimes be too predictable, making it easy for forwards to intercept them. Releasing the ball after a tackle is like a ritual for him, first he must always go behind the goalpost. Takes too long to release the ball, to Kuan Yang's irritation.

Not the fastest among the Saints, but the most experienced, and like all of them, always willing to give 110% in anything.

Continued the chain and brought other Saints (Calvin, Kenneth, Mikey) to the club. An incredibly sporting person and someone who loves to crap.

Joined the club in January and played in Contact 3v3, Penang League, PTPY and Z'Liners.

Verdict: A year of good progress for someone who just started playing floorball in January.

Play of the year: Managing 300 impressively without stressing out too much for Z'Liners.

Prediction for next season: Will continue to faithfully attend training and improve, as he has many years to go before leaving season approaches.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tania Loke, 15 (2007-present)

Tania Loke, no longer the smallest player of the club thanks to the new influx of junior players.

Labelled 'too calm' by Lin Ken. No matter who her opponent might be: big or small (in most cases, big), male or female, her control never lets her down. Sometimes too much, to her coaches' frustration.

For every strength, there must be a weakness, and in her case, it is releasing the ball. Looking more to play teammates in than to go for glory, she will, in slow motion, play right-left-right-left, and wiser opponents could choose to simply block off her passing options to halt her progress.

In addition, her size could prove either an advantage or disadvantage in that she will be less noticed by opponents, but be outmuscled by bigger and stronger ones. Altogether, she is not an outstanding player but rather a committed, consistent one. Something this club needs.

This year, she played in Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League, Youthwave, PTPY and Z'Liners. She captained Frontliners Inferno in Youthwave. She also led E&P of Firebrands in Z'Liners.

Verdict: Constantly being asked to lead the ladies' second-string team, she has had to play a supporting role that so often goes unnoticed. She did well, though, on each occasion, staying mentally strong and upbeat even after thrashings of 5-0, 4-1, and 7-0 all by UniHawks. For her own individual play, this year she has improved relatively in her shots. Could improve on her strength, though.

Play of the year: Leading an Inferno of just four players to within touching distance of Youthwave semis. And scoring two goals in the process.

Prediction for next season: To have heavier responsibilities and more roles to play, something she will manage well and even excel in, given her high commitment and love for the club.

*Update: Tania decided to join FireBrands, a newly-established club from her church, FGA.*

Lee Su Rong, 22 (2008-present)

A face like Deswyn and a body like Steven: a very apt description of Lee Su Rong. Not up to Deswyn's or Steven's skill levels, nevertheless, it is a start. And, just like Steven, he always smiles while playing.

Another of Coach Jason's footie friends, he is athletic and ever-willing to chase after the ball. The 'curi-ayam' player, as described by the Coach. Still lacking in technique and understanding of the game.

Joined the club in mid-October and has been coming faithfully since.

Verdict: A promising start to his floorballing days. Made the transition from juniors to seniors very quickly.

Play of the year: Paying up on time every week!

Prediction for next season: His progress to equal his desire to improve, also to be helped by good attendance and a willingness to learn. To break into the first team soon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sonia Gopal, 15 (2007-present)

'Sonia' reminds you somewhat of 'Bonia'. (Don't worry, she's used to it.)

She defied frank expectations and hung on to FFC faithfully for the entire year, stopping only for holidays and exams.

She even brought her brother along.

Skills-wise, improvement came a long as she persisted. However, being un-athletic definitely hampers her play. Nevertheless her legs did get more used to the running that's required in floorball.

Sonia quickly chose defence over offence, staying behind and guarding the goal to her utmost best most of the time. The only rare moment you see her charging forward is when she is sure that there is no threat posed by the opponent.

Her defensive play has been getting better and better, and so is her knowledge of the world of defence. Sonia still has a deficiency of game sense, though. It can be safely assumed that she enjoys herself, or she wouldn't be coming.

Verdict: This year has been a good one for Sonia as she started taking floorball seriously and focused on improving her play.

Play of the year: Leading a team (Frontliners Inferno) in the Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge (Ladies) and showing that she can run and attack indeed.

Prediction for next season: This year has shown that she has not given up on floorball just yet, and won't be, not anytime soon.

Kyle Matthews, 12 (2008-present)

Joined Tristan, Sachin and Michael in the Arsenal section in Frontliners. One of the stronger and more athletic juniors, Kyle, who joined late in September, has an amazing passion for floorball and bought a stick just one month after starting.

Has the One-Hand Syndrome Coach Jason so despises.

Verdict: Commitment to come for training, supportive parents, a desire to excel: all equal up to a good year for Kyle.

Play of the year: Joining the club.

Prediction for next season: Another player who, like Julian, has the passion and determination to improve. To be one of the core junior players next year.

Monday, January 19, 2009

PFL 2009: Division 2

Penang League is back, and for Division 2, Frontliners Floorball Club will be sending Frontliners 300 to compete with five other teams (Contact Bullets, Dalat Falcons, Firebrands, Ztec Griffins, Ztec Phoenix).

Frontliners 300 is a mix of ladies and juniors, some old horses (Roselyn) and some who have never played in a competitive game before (Gabriel). So all Frontliners, please come, lend your voices and raise the rafters at Dalat International School's gym to support your team. Every voice counts, so be there.

...and who knows? Penang might be in for a big surprise.

Sharron Tan, 21 (2002-present)

Six years on and this lady still loves FFC. Admirable indeed.

Six years of hard work and lots of play has led her to forging her own legacy in Penang floorball as a freakin' great keeper. Apt name, Kungfu Spartan, for her many heroic deeds.

Since becoming a goalkeeper, she has improved vastly in terms of her mental strength. Not an easy nut to crack, this one. You rarely see her showing her frustration on court nowadays. Thumbs up, more likely, if anyone manages to whack a ball past her. Not only has her own improved, she brings much-needed mental toughness to the team, whether as goalie or, in occasional moments (Youthwave '08, PTPY) an outfield player. This lady never gives up, frankly.

And that has led her to stepping up her performance in floorball, though it could go a rung higher if she deals with her other commitments in life which keep her away from regular training. After all, FFC does have a few up-and-coming keepers who could use her guidance and expertise.

Sharron is FFC's pillar, supporting the club and every team she plays in with her influential energy. Presently she leans more towards the management of the club, and in that area she is more than capable of the bringing the club forward, provided that she does put a little passion and hard work into it, which, undoubtedly, this strong lady will.

Verdict: That determined smile on her face every time she gets between the posts lets you know that this lady means business. This six-year-old pillar stood its ground firmly this season, bringing support to the framework of FFC.

Play of the year: Never lost her cool as goalie this year. And that's a huge achievement for a keeper.

Prediction for next season: To make a bigger impact in FFC next year, during trainings and while working behind-the-scenes as part of the management team of the club. Will be making efforts to come for training more regularly too. Six long years it's been, and she's ready for more.

Khor Kuan Yang, 23 (2005-present)

Sometimes one wonders: Who is the hero; and who is the sidekick here? Positions and names of positions have been changed; dumped and exchanged so many times between the both of them. However, there is no doubt that Kuan Yang provides the perfect counterfoil: for Jason's fiery passion he brings a sharp, down-to-earth nature; for Jason's emotional outbursts he brings a cool and calm level-headedness; and for Jason's blunt, in-your-face coaching, he brings a softer but no less effective approach.

Opposites attract, and in this case, make great partners.

Doesn't over-exert himself with pointless chasing, but makes every move of his count. Quick to release the ball, make the pass and take the shot. Provides countless options for the happy manager that has him, as one said: "If chess is floorball, this guy is (the) queen." Links up play beautifully if the understanding is there. Still, players who have played with him for some time will gradually warm up to his style and tricks.

Probably one of the best all-rounders in Penang.

This year he played in all tournaments except for Z'Liners.

Verdict: He just gets better and better. Better stick and better shoes do not a better player make, but they sure do help. Top, top marks for excellent attendance all year round.

Play of the year: His overall performance in Penang League as captain that carried the team through tough, bone-breaking matches. Five goals, five assists, five stars.

Prediction for next season: Only a matter of time before, maybe, he becomes bigger than the club. Will he tire of the 'big daddy' role he has to play in a club of young and green floorballers or will he thrive in it, becoming a better floorballer, captain and coach in the process itself? The guess is the latter, but eventually, in the years to come, he will look elsewhere for greater challenges.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Serene Tan, 18 (2002-present)

She's been around for so long she can't exactly remember since when.

Making her debut with FFC this year during the Penang Floorball League, she captained the raw Trojans (Division 2) and was most certainly the backbone and pillar of the team.

It's a pity to have such a skilful player forced to survive in Penang's floorball scene that is mostly dominated by men. Reason being that this makes physical strength imperative to compete in the sport.

Among the ladies of FFC, Serene's ball control is definitely one of the best. Formidable shots, too. Division 2 can be counted as lucky to have such an asset in the team during PFL this year, with her pool of experience and all.

On the flip side, Serene is slow on court, not being as athletic or light-footed as other ladies. She isn't exactly your star runner, though she partly makes up for it in skills and knowledge. Her shoes will definitely not be easy to fill, her act a tough one to follow, and she's pretty much irreplaceable as a player.

However, like many other old guns in the club, studies mean that her attendance in trainings has to suffer, and the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future.

Verdict: She's worth her weight in gold when it comes to experience and skills. Pity her attendance took a toll this year.

Play of the year: Being that lady behind the Trojans in PFL '08.

Prediction for next season: Won't be seen much longer in FFC as she's joining another club.

Kenny Ng, 20 (2008-present)

Displays an immense understanding of the game around him, often looking through football-tinted glasses. Has good technique and knows where his teammates are on the court. Not afraid to take shots. Seems to like covering every inch of the court even if he doesn't need to, which might tire him out eventually. Needs to learn the art of 'adopting and adapting', coming out from his comfort zone of football and improve his floorball sense. Prefers to let his skills do the talking and lead by example, he hardly raises his voice.

Probably the only time he is seen talking casually is when he is with Nicholas and friends.

Played in PTPY, where he scored a hatful of goals, and Z'Liners.

Verdict: Rose almost meteorically after joining the club in April having never touched a floorball stick before, his natural athleticism and aggressiveness helping him gain a place in the Penang state team after just seven months of playing floorball. An excellent year for him.

Play of the year: Leading Frontliners Spartans in their fairytale run up to the finals, scoring three goals and one all-important penalty.

Prediction for next season: Leaving in January for studies, but this will not stop him from improving. He could even start a floorball club in PJ...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kenneth Yeap, 15 (2008-present)

One player (besides Loga) most can swear to never have heard his voice before. Inconspicuous would be the word if asked to describe him. A pro-and-con thing.

However, Kenneth in 'full speed ahead' mode is someone you wouldn't want to be blocking because he'd barrel straight into you without so much as applying any brakes. Not on purpose, of course. Without pressure, he can pass and shoot reasonably, two things he prefers to dribbling. His physical presence is a big bonus although he can fall when he really shouldn't.

Did not play in any tournaments this year.

Verdict: Regularly came for training throughout the year however inconspicuous he might be. No startling improvements in leaps and bounds like Kenny or Michael, but rather improved slowly and surely.

Play of the year: His regular attendance in training.

Prediction for next year: To continue to come and improve. Most definitely.

Roselyn Ewe, 18 (2004-present)

An old hand at floorball, having almost four years worth of experience, Roselyn is one who progresses steadily and surely.

Yes, progressing steadily and surely means that she is getting slightly better. She was a star player for Frontliners Trojans in the Penang Floorball League early this year, occasionally filling in for Serene Tan as centre and captain for Trojans. Short as she is, Roselyn is one to be reckoned with.

Experience-wise she towers over most FFC players. Roselyn is one solid, all-rounded player who has gotten a firm hold on the basics, thanks to her persistence and constant attendance for trainings.

This lady is one faithful and focused Frontliner, surviving four years in FFC, albeit with a few pauses here and there. Her consistency when it comes to performance, however, can be worked on. Skills-wise, average. Average is good.

This little lady is the frontliner of FFC's Division 2 team, being the most experienced of all. Nevertheless, college classes definitely tampered with her advancement as a floorball player. Through it all, she epitomizes passion for club and sport, willing to rush for training after 10am classes.

Verdict: Not to be judged by her size; her floorball experience towers over the tall men and women of FFC. Her faithfulness and passion definitely need admiration, taking every opportunity to be at every training.

Play of the year: Penang Floorball League '08. Sure, she did get another gold this year in Youthwave, but PFL is definitely where she shone in Division 2, doing a brilliant job and playing exceptionally hard with the relatively inexperienced Trojans. She definitely stepped up to the plate when filling in for Serene Tan as captain and centre.

Prediction for next season: As with all older Frontliners, studies are bound to make an even bigger dent. For how long she can hold on to FFC until studies steal the spotlight remains to be seen, but her faithfulness and passion will do well to help her keep on traiing here for as long as it is possible to do so.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Olga Natasha, 9 (2008-present)

A relatively new floorballer in FFC, though she's not one to be looked down upon.

An invitee from the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (CHS), she turned up in October, following after Tristan, Verina and Kyle.

Her on-court performance still has a large room for improvement. However, it has not remained stagnant, as her stint of trainings so far has helped her progress from staying still to running around a bit more.

Nevertheless, Olga is still very young and fragile, but athletic.

With the wise men and two awesome coaches around, FFC is definitely the place for her, if she is adamant on pursuing floorball further. All she needs is some good ol' perseverance, hard work and consistency.

Verdict: There remains a whole mansion of things for her to learn, but she seems willing, for now.

Play of the year: Coming for training.

Prediction for next season: She is expected to stick around for some time, until she either loses interest or persists in improving in floorball. FFC looks forward to the latter.

Julian Tan, 12 (2008-present)

It is either his amazing potential or irritating personality that people see in Julian Tan. He is incredibly athletic, versatile and has good game sense. Strong willed and gets what he wants by any means possible. Will try to do everything by himself. He needs to correct his shooting technique and often prefers to use his backhand though Coach Jason has told him off hundreds of times.

Has the audacity to wear both Chelsea and Man United strips and not only that, scribble his name, number and sponsor on the back with a black marker.

Played in Contact 3v3, Penang League and Z'Liners.

Verdict: A relatively good year for him although attendance could be more satisfactory.

Play of the year: Successfully captaining F-Jr in Z'Liners without mutiny.

Prediction for next season: To continue to grow further, higher and stronger (both figuratively and literally) if he keeps his focus on floorball. Time is on his side and he still has a long way to go, but he has the raw determination and character to become one of the best. A born leader that age and experience will mould into a great leader.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nhivashni Womasuthan, 15 (2008)

Unfortunately, this is another name to add to the list of hop-on, hop-off players in FFC. Came in April, although she was supposed to play for Frontliners Inferno in Youthwave.

Like all new players, this one was no less promising, but sadly lacked the persistence and consistency needed to succeed in the game. Displayed symptoms of I-don't-think-I'll-be-coming-anymore (shaky attendance gradually becomes no attendance at all) and stopped coming a month or two later.

Verdict: Could have used more perseverance on top of the little there was.

Play of the year: Trying out something new.

Prediction for next season: Doubtful that there will be one. Shock us all, Nhiva, and show up again.

Joshua Lam, 19 (2008-present)

The Ferrari Without Alignments that, taken at word value, is a danger both to his opponents and teammates. Depends who he crashes into. Exaggerating a little, perhaps, but Pendekar Lam Tai Hap gives passion an altogether new, crazy meaning. Rarely seen downcast. Definitely not short of aggression, but could improve his technique and floorball sense like most of the club. Should release the ball faster. Switched from his favoured position of forward to defence after Coach Jason saw his potential.

Has hair that will drop over and cover his eyes after a good sweat. To counter it, during Youthwave he tied it up in one bunch on his forehead, to comical effect. Doesn't mind laughing at himself.

He played in Penang League and Youthwave, then dropped out of training as college took over.

Verdict: A promising start to the year, his attitude and ethics were certainly valued enough by Coach Jason (though not so much for opposing players) to be played often in Penang League. But, as usual in this club, 'promising' just isn't enough.

Play of the year: Upbeat even when losing, one of the few players who did not cave in mentally during Penang League.

Prediction for next season: To further deteriorate as studies continue to take over.

Ah Longs On Leave

Juniors and ladies training had two times more attendees this week with the Form 1 trio returning after a week's absence. After the now-usual run around the PBSM area, 4 players received 20 push ups for not following orders. With PFL just around the corner, teamwork was very much emphasised.

The theme of the day was shots (more like recurring theme), with old and new shot-related drills carried out. One drill made a surprise return: Snakes (now, when was the last time?). Coach Jason was also trying out different partnerships for PFL through 2-on-1's.

Game time also saw Coach Jason rotating players between teams to see how well they clicked. When a few seniors arrived, seniors vs juniors/ladies was done. The juniors put up a good show but displayed a few weaknesses. However, it can definitely be worked on. Training ended with a few announcements but no fees collection (Ah Longs on leave?).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marlina Mat Yusof, 15 (2008-present)

A school handball player who joined in mostly in preparation for Youthwave (Frontliners Inferno), in which she played by instinct and instinct alone. She managed to be at the right place at the right time, scoring two goals, to her own surprise.

This girl can run. Mightn't be running like a pro (meet Kuan Yang), but she'll run well enough to hit that ball towards the goal.

Unfortunately, her floorball career was rather short-lived after her attendance became shaky a few months on.

Verdict: Another hop-on, hop-off player. She has potential, though, if only she would hop onto the bandwagon again.

Play of the year: Her performance in Youthwave, scoring two goals. Beginners luck, or hidden skills?

Prediction for next season: Unless she suddenly gets a sudden spurt of real passion for floorball into her system, her unlikely return remains doubtful.

Jason Lim, 20 (2008-present)

Able to compete with Megan in a 100m dash. The one thing that stands out most is Jason Lim's speed, also maybe because everything else is lying on average. Was actually in a team with Nick, Irwin and Ming Hwee that won Contact's 3-on-3 Challenge in 2005. Disappeared after that, with SPM and other things taking central focus until fate played its hand and he bumped into Ming Hwee in Gurney Drive one day (which really explains why Nick has an old Frontliners jersey).

Once aspired to 'be like Sam (of Innebandy)' but was again interrupted this year as studies transferred him to faraway Kampar.

Jason is someone who, as it goes, 'will promise you the sun, moon and stars and then suddenly disappear'.

Did not play in any tournaments this year.

Verdict: Didn't come for training long enough to have improved on any rusty skills he might have had.

Play of the year: Re-joining the club.

Prediction for next season: Word last heard that he still practices floorball in Kampar (including airhooks). A pleasant surprise for the club one day when he returns, maybe?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Goekula Kannan, 17 (2006-present)

Kannan is one strong red bull that, when fired up, will knock down anything in his path whether friend or foe. He is athletic, aggressive and possesses decent shots; but is found lacking in teamwork and communication.

He took part in Contact 3v3, Penang League and Youthwave this year.

Verdict: Not much can be said about Kannan as he rarely came for training this year.

Play of the year: Definitely his two goals against Innebandy in Penang League that stunned everyone and gave Spartans the win.

Prediction for next season: To continue and finally complete his wonderful disappearing act.

Lavinia Lam, 20 (2008-present)

It's not the way she looks that makes her seem younger than her age, it's what she does. And so, we learn the secret of the Fountain of Youth: act like you're young.


Joining only in January, she rose through the ranks swiftly, as if there was nothing stopping her from getting floorball, floorball and more floorball. That is, until she hit a rock-solid brick wall: studies. Getting fished away to Sabah in July meant a small comma in her floorball journey.

Although only a 2-month-old floorballer at that time (ditto Lawren and Loganathan), she performed remarkably well in Penang Floorball League early in the year. It was all good from then on, becoming a champion in Youthwave and finalist in PTPY.

Her quick progress can be attributed to the fact that she's tough, a fast learner and not least of all, her passion for the sport.

It then turned out that going to Sabah was not going to dent her floorball passion, nor her career. Currently, Lavinia is hooked up with Nomad Floorball Club there and is apparently one of the star players of that club.

If only she could stay on a lil' longer, you say?

Verdict: Did pretty well, in terms of floorballing, until the time came for her to leave. Has an undying want to play floorball, thus her current carrer at Nomad Floorball Club, Sabah.

Play of the year: Becoming a gold medallist in Youthwave. True, Frontliners Fury had a formidable arsenal of really good players, but then again, floorball is a team sport. Which means that Lavinia obviously pulled her weight, although having only played for a few months then, and helped the team towards the gold.

Prediction for next season: Becoming a Sabahan graduate means missing FFC for almost the whole season, only to be seen in an occasional training or two while on semester break. She will be perfectly at home with Nomad Floorball Club in Sabah.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gabriel Ng, 11 (2008-present)

Gabriel joined the club in mid-October and is someone who, in familiar company, can talk to death even though there seems nothing to talk about. His stick is almost as tall as him, which really says something about his size. He is a player who will chase and chase and chase the ball wherever it goes. However, he lacks game sense and often looks lost in the midst of a game.

Verdict: An average year for Gabriel.

Play of the year: Joining the club.

Prediction for next season: Strikes people as the kind of person who, when interested in something, will give an arm and a leg for it, but then loses interest very rapidly. Will he stay? 3/2 odds that he will.

Koay Yi Lin, 17 (2002-present)

Koay Yi Lin is synonymous with cramps, screaming and that right-hander using a right-hand stick.

Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, put your right foot in and shake it all about... cue Yi Lin's high-pitched frantic screams: Cramp! Cramp! OUCH.

Although the situation before the cramp is most likely a totally different scenario, whether during a weekly training or a freakishly important tournament, the outcome is usually the same. Cramps. One of Yi Lin's apparent weaknesses, though the cause still remains pretty vague. Which is why it is usually wise to have a few first-aid volunteers around the place and, in a tournament (think Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge), a substitute.

Oftentimes she plays as a forward, running about with a little stamina to spare, cramps being the foremost problem when it comes to playing. Being a marvellous shot certainly helps her in that position.

She brings charisma and a positive attitude with her wherever she goes, always with a broad smile and alert-looking bright eyes. As the lighthearted one of the club, she's an encouragement to the team and a wicked ('wicked' as in 'awesome', not 'wicked' as in 'the wicked witch') cheerleader, same old loud voice and all.

Frankly, floorball-wise, improvements were scarce, mostly due to a large cut in attendance, courtesy of SPM. Once that bug's over and done with, she still has a lot of effort to be put into fitness training (one of Kuan Yang's specialties). Nevertheless, first and foremost, be back in training and survive in. What to work and build on will then be seen.

Verdict: Studies were a big interruption this year, but she performed consistently in major tournaments participated (Penang Floorball League '08, Youthwave, Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge), besides a hiccup or two (cramps, mostly).

Play of the year: Staying positive in every situation, sidelines or not, cramps or no cramps. Cheering like mad.

Prediction for next season: To make a triumphant return with SPM over and done with, trumpet included. How long her return will last, only time can tell. At a point where her future depends on what she does and where she goes, continuing with FFC will only be possible with some compromise and an unfading passion for the club and sport.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chan Ming Hwee, 26 (2005-present)

The name almost synonymous with Frontliners Floorball Club now. The president of Frontliners Floorball Club-- more commonly known as Coach Jason, this man (yes, man; a connotation of age) has taken the club juniors under his wing and left the boring old seniors to fellow coach, Kuan Yang.

He has represented the club in Contact 3v3, Penang League and Youthwave; and most recently organized Z'Liners along with Ztec.

His mazy runs and good control are trademarks of his now, his long limbs, however awkward they look, being additional advantage over his opponents.

Verdict: This love-me-or-hate-me man has the drive, determination and sacrificial tendencies, but his mental strength could be called into question after his performance against Contact in Penang League. Nevertheless, he has engineered the growth of Frontliners Floorball Club to greater heights than when he took over; his innovative ideas coming into good effect. A solid year with a few minor blips.

Play of the year: His four goals and three assists in Penang League that brought Frontliners close to that silver medal get the vote.

Prediction for next season: Multitasking this year, juggling both the roles of player and manager, for real personal growth he would have to decide which to put first. Prediction? For him to choose manager over player and continue developing young talents in Penang.

Kew Pei Li, 15 (2006-present)

The Rock. The Smug One. The She-Hulk. The Clumsy-Footed. The Frontliner.

Trains hard (rock-hard) by herself at home, undoubtedly, considering her floorball prowess after 2 years and 7 months' worth of playing. Nevertheless a wise man did say that she has slowed down, technique-wise. Though she hasn't stopped, obviously.

Talking about wise men comments, here's more: Same old problem with posture (bend those knees!), a lot of (brainless, sometimes) charging. Has a problem with running (ditto the Jason Chan himself). On the brighter side, it's expected that she'll advance on from the bottleneck she's reached, thanks to further involvement in state and having a new stick (aptly named 'Bubble).

Smug-faced while playing, especially in tournaments (in which she usually wins something-- a medal, a trophy, or a broken stick).

Is naturally very tough, loves getting physical (slightly reminiscent of a cow-- a female bull, or rhinoceros-- when it comes to charging), dreams of a physique like Sharron's. Competitive and decisive, Pei Li is definitely one of FFC's gifted leaders, captaining Frontliners Fury to victory in Youthwave '08, toiling and sweating over rallying two ladies teams for Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge and whatnot. Earmarked for more management work next time round.

Admittedly, she does get extremely competitive, even in tournaments dubbed 'just for fun'. Has a spreadsheet concerning prominent floorballers from almost, if not all the clubs in Penang, both on paper and in her brain.

Words of advice from a wise man himself: Observe other players, take their strength, adopt and adapt it into your own style and ask questions, especially with the horde of good players around in state.

Verdict: Literally a Frontliner, more so in FFC's squad of ladies. It'll take more than The Rock himself to make her budge or vacate her rightfully earned spot at the frontlines of the club.

Play of the year: It's hard to nail 'Play of the Year' to any one of her numerous appearances in tournaments, considering she won something 80% of the time. Consistent playing, more like.

Prediction for next season: Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wild enough, to keep her from floorball, more floorball, and living floorbally ever, ever after. To continue training, improving, and bringing more ladies into FFC. And if you look far enough, she just might end up being FFC's CEO and Head Coach. And, if you stare even urther into the future (which isn't exactly the wisest thing to do), there is a small intimation that she might become a Malaysian star player.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Calvin Ho, 15 (2008-present)

Calvin, who replaced long-gone Joshua Raj as the pretty boy of the club, acknowledged even by Coaches Jason and Kuan Yang. One of the long line of Saints that have decorated this club. A squash player before he joined Frontliners in June, he played for 300 in Z'Liners.

Hardly ever breaks into sweat but retains his icy coolness even during killers and suicides.

Verdict: Underneath his looks lie decent technique, whether in passing, shooting or receiving. Stopped training for a while to concentrate on his studies, but came right back after PMR.

Play of the year: Playing his part in Z'Liners, his first tournament ever, helping 300 win at least one of their games.

Prediction for next season: To rise above 'average' and 'decent' as he continues to come faithfully for training and gain exposure in tournaments.

Felicia Yeow, 18 (2007-present)

Felicia, the gung-ho lady keeper in a story that promised so much but has delivered little, as of yet. She started off the year well, coming for training regularly then playing in Penang League, until the government came along and happily sent her for National Service.

Safe to say it all went downhill from there.

A brave and encouraging keeper who is never afraid to be vocal although she lacks movement. She also needs to learn to come out more and not stay too deep inside her goal.

Verdict: For all her good points, she never could get into consistent form as exams, the government and studies took care of that.

Play of the year: Her mental strength and shot-stopping throughout Penang League that kept the scoreline mostly respectable.

Prediction for next season: Too caught up in college and studies for there to be a next season. Maybe after completing college... but that would be a long shot.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Durgarani, 16 (2008)

A floorball one-timer, invited by Nhivashni a/p Womasuthan (another short stint-er). Maybe her interest wasn't peaked too much. Maybe the fact that her inviter lost her flame (or spark, perhaps) for floorball made Durgarani lose hers, too. Maybe she started having tuition every Saturday morning.

Maybes aren't very constructive, so we'll end with a relatively constructive remark:

Frontliners Floorball Club'll welcome her return anytime.

Verdict: Tasted, but didn't finish, the floorball meal.

Play of the year: Her willingness to actually even come for one training.

Prediction for next season: Gone like the wind, never to return.

Bryan Koh, 18 (2008-present)

The half-player-half-keeper from FGA who does not mind playing either. He joined the club in early February, played as emergency-goalkeeper for Trojans in Penang League when Felicia got called away to National Service; then appeared only sporadically for training until lately, after playing for 300 in Z'Liners, he started coming more consistently.

Having played as a football goalie, his instincts early on were more football than floorball, but the more he played the more he adjusted.

Verdict: Seemed undecided as to whether he should play as goalie or not. His play in Z'Liners as an outfield player showed he could be decent enough, though.

Play of the year: Fresh and raw but bravely stepped up to the plate during Penang League, playing in one half of the 0-17 loss to Dalat Eagles and the full match of the narrow 1-2 loss to Contact Bullets.

Prediction for next season: Needs to decide whether to stick in goal or not. Also needs to decide whether he is committed enough to come for training regularly. Still expected to be seen around next year, but the year after is all a big mystery as these are not the only decisions he has to make.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Adrian Cheah, 18 (2008-present)

*We at Frontliners Floorball Club are sure you've enjoyed our second yearbook ever, and to continue and build upon last year's effort, we would love to hear your thoughts about the book. So feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below.


And for those who unfortunately missed the deadline for orders, the club will be putting up the individual player reviews from the yearbook in this blog (as tradition calls), so enjoy:).*

One of the 'Gang of Four' that appeared out of nowhere and settled in Frontliners Floorball Club like he has been playing forever. Adrian Cheah joined the club in April and took part in PTPY and Z'Liners, winning silver in Z'Liners.

Blessed with pace and natural defensive instinct, this player has the potential to become a skilled all-rounder.

Verdict: School commitments and studies kept him away from training for quite some time, but he looked as if he had never been away. His understanding with his gang is excellent, but he could do more to reach out to the other Frontliners. Perhaps lacking in technique, but his attitude to improve abounds and makes up for it.

Play of the year: Playing his part in the silver-winning fairytale run of Spartans in Z'Liners especially in the game against Titanium where he defended like a man possessed and helped keep the score level.

Prediction for next season: The youngest of the Gang of Four but in his final schooling years, has big decisions to make that could change his fllorball outlook, when so many others have already put floorball at the bottom of their list. However, to come for training more often than not.

Alice Ong, 19 (2002-present)

Not much can be said about Alice, the accident-prone biker-lady, as she only attended training twice this year.

Verdict: A decent enough player, but it is clear that floorball is no longer her priority.

Play of the year: None.

Prediction for next season: There probably will not be a next season.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Matter-of-Fact Recount of Training


  • Warm up (stretching plus dragon run for 15 minutes)
  • Passing (must look up and do 10 passes. If reach 10, try to get 20)
  • 2 on 1 drill
  • Triangle (how to say... A passes to B, then B passes to C, then C passes back to B to shoot while A waits for rebound)
  • Match
  • Lawren in charge of collecting the annual membership fee
  • Kuan Yang considering inviting the state-cum-national coach to our training to look at a few of us for state training

The Story

Kuan Yang was very frustrated during the Triangle drill. The main focus was the timing of the run which most of the players did not get right. He further stressed that they needed to up their pace, like in a real game, and also stressed on the need to play as a team and not as an individual. At the same time, Kuan Yang was irritated with Nick's attitude as he was not serious with training and kept talking and joking.

For the 2 on 1, there was improvement, especially in shooting, though the players still need to train harder. Kuan Yang said he wanted them all to really improve in this drill (as it has been for quite some time that they have been practicing) in order for him to teach new things.

The floor was slippery. Most of the players were cautious and couldn't really concentrate. The running pace was kind of slow.

Finally, match time. Kenny was looking forward to it as it was his last day.

After the match, the players sat in a circle and discussed a few things. Kuan Yang asked about the Triangle drill:
Do you all really understand what it is for? Is it boring?"

Nick and Mike said it was boring. Nick's reason was:
"Every week also the same drill."
Kuan Yang replied, "Cause I didn't see any improvement."

Mike's reason was, "The pace was slow and... no intensity."
Kuan Yang replied, "That's why you all have to treat it as a real game!"

After everything, while Su Rong was about to leave, Kuan Yang stopped him and said:
Are you rushing home?"
"Not really. Why?"
"I thought of teaching you some shooting."
"Ok. No problem, since my shooting was really poor."

So Kuan Yang taught Su Rong the proper wrist shot and also corrected his errors. Furthermore, he told Su Rong to train at least 100 shots everyday at home to improve, as Pei Li did 70 wrist shots everyday last time.

Coach Jason and the Siblings

Four was the number on a gloomy, grey Saturday. Julian and gang were off for first-year orientation, so last Saturday training was a story of 'Coach Jason and the Siblings'.

The very slight rain provided lovely running weather-- one lap around the entire area, and after stretching outside, the players trooped into the dark court and found balloons hovering in mid-air all over.

So training continued with a game of captain ball (a somewhat miserable 2v2) using Coach Jason's colourful basketball, with Kenneth and him standing ready to catch. The pairs were switched until each player had played with three different partners. With just one basketball and one floorball in hand, the players did a simple ball protection drill.

Then finally Santa arrived in the form of Kuan Yang, bringing balls for everyone.

Now with balls in abundance, the four players were able to do lobbing and shooting drills. In between the lobbing and shooting, Coach Jason fused 7-up and square passing together, where after six passes the seventh passer could decide to change the direction of the ball.

At last, game time arrived. The initial teams were Coach Jason, June, Sonia and Sharron (who arrived sometime in the middle of training), Pei Li, Sachin. Soon Khai kept one goal while Steven cut a forlorn figure just standing guard in the other goal.

Sachin scored two goals; quite a rare occasion. Something definitely worth mentioning.