Friday, January 16, 2009

Kenneth Yeap, 15 (2008-present)

One player (besides Loga) most can swear to never have heard his voice before. Inconspicuous would be the word if asked to describe him. A pro-and-con thing.

However, Kenneth in 'full speed ahead' mode is someone you wouldn't want to be blocking because he'd barrel straight into you without so much as applying any brakes. Not on purpose, of course. Without pressure, he can pass and shoot reasonably, two things he prefers to dribbling. His physical presence is a big bonus although he can fall when he really shouldn't.

Did not play in any tournaments this year.

Verdict: Regularly came for training throughout the year however inconspicuous he might be. No startling improvements in leaps and bounds like Kenny or Michael, but rather improved slowly and surely.

Play of the year: His regular attendance in training.

Prediction for next year: To continue to come and improve. Most definitely.

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