Monday, January 19, 2009

Khor Kuan Yang, 23 (2005-present)

Sometimes one wonders: Who is the hero; and who is the sidekick here? Positions and names of positions have been changed; dumped and exchanged so many times between the both of them. However, there is no doubt that Kuan Yang provides the perfect counterfoil: for Jason's fiery passion he brings a sharp, down-to-earth nature; for Jason's emotional outbursts he brings a cool and calm level-headedness; and for Jason's blunt, in-your-face coaching, he brings a softer but no less effective approach.

Opposites attract, and in this case, make great partners.

Doesn't over-exert himself with pointless chasing, but makes every move of his count. Quick to release the ball, make the pass and take the shot. Provides countless options for the happy manager that has him, as one said: "If chess is floorball, this guy is (the) queen." Links up play beautifully if the understanding is there. Still, players who have played with him for some time will gradually warm up to his style and tricks.

Probably one of the best all-rounders in Penang.

This year he played in all tournaments except for Z'Liners.

Verdict: He just gets better and better. Better stick and better shoes do not a better player make, but they sure do help. Top, top marks for excellent attendance all year round.

Play of the year: His overall performance in Penang League as captain that carried the team through tough, bone-breaking matches. Five goals, five assists, five stars.

Prediction for next season: Only a matter of time before, maybe, he becomes bigger than the club. Will he tire of the 'big daddy' role he has to play in a club of young and green floorballers or will he thrive in it, becoming a better floorballer, captain and coach in the process itself? The guess is the latter, but eventually, in the years to come, he will look elsewhere for greater challenges.

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