Monday, January 19, 2009

Sharron Tan, 21 (2002-present)

Six years on and this lady still loves FFC. Admirable indeed.

Six years of hard work and lots of play has led her to forging her own legacy in Penang floorball as a freakin' great keeper. Apt name, Kungfu Spartan, for her many heroic deeds.

Since becoming a goalkeeper, she has improved vastly in terms of her mental strength. Not an easy nut to crack, this one. You rarely see her showing her frustration on court nowadays. Thumbs up, more likely, if anyone manages to whack a ball past her. Not only has her own improved, she brings much-needed mental toughness to the team, whether as goalie or, in occasional moments (Youthwave '08, PTPY) an outfield player. This lady never gives up, frankly.

And that has led her to stepping up her performance in floorball, though it could go a rung higher if she deals with her other commitments in life which keep her away from regular training. After all, FFC does have a few up-and-coming keepers who could use her guidance and expertise.

Sharron is FFC's pillar, supporting the club and every team she plays in with her influential energy. Presently she leans more towards the management of the club, and in that area she is more than capable of the bringing the club forward, provided that she does put a little passion and hard work into it, which, undoubtedly, this strong lady will.

Verdict: That determined smile on her face every time she gets between the posts lets you know that this lady means business. This six-year-old pillar stood its ground firmly this season, bringing support to the framework of FFC.

Play of the year: Never lost her cool as goalie this year. And that's a huge achievement for a keeper.

Prediction for next season: To make a bigger impact in FFC next year, during trainings and while working behind-the-scenes as part of the management team of the club. Will be making efforts to come for training more regularly too. Six long years it's been, and she's ready for more.

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