Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ah Longs On Leave

Juniors and ladies training had two times more attendees this week with the Form 1 trio returning after a week's absence. After the now-usual run around the PBSM area, 4 players received 20 push ups for not following orders. With PFL just around the corner, teamwork was very much emphasised.

The theme of the day was shots (more like recurring theme), with old and new shot-related drills carried out. One drill made a surprise return: Snakes (now, when was the last time?). Coach Jason was also trying out different partnerships for PFL through 2-on-1's.

Game time also saw Coach Jason rotating players between teams to see how well they clicked. When a few seniors arrived, seniors vs juniors/ladies was done. The juniors put up a good show but displayed a few weaknesses. However, it can definitely be worked on. Training ended with a few announcements but no fees collection (Ah Longs on leave?).

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