Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chan Ming Hwee, 26 (2005-present)

The name almost synonymous with Frontliners Floorball Club now. The president of Frontliners Floorball Club-- more commonly known as Coach Jason, this man (yes, man; a connotation of age) has taken the club juniors under his wing and left the boring old seniors to fellow coach, Kuan Yang.

He has represented the club in Contact 3v3, Penang League and Youthwave; and most recently organized Z'Liners along with Ztec.

His mazy runs and good control are trademarks of his now, his long limbs, however awkward they look, being additional advantage over his opponents.

Verdict: This love-me-or-hate-me man has the drive, determination and sacrificial tendencies, but his mental strength could be called into question after his performance against Contact in Penang League. Nevertheless, he has engineered the growth of Frontliners Floorball Club to greater heights than when he took over; his innovative ideas coming into good effect. A solid year with a few minor blips.

Play of the year: His four goals and three assists in Penang League that brought Frontliners close to that silver medal get the vote.

Prediction for next season: Multitasking this year, juggling both the roles of player and manager, for real personal growth he would have to decide which to put first. Prediction? For him to choose manager over player and continue developing young talents in Penang.

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