Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marlina Mat Yusof, 15 (2008-present)

A school handball player who joined in mostly in preparation for Youthwave (Frontliners Inferno), in which she played by instinct and instinct alone. She managed to be at the right place at the right time, scoring two goals, to her own surprise.

This girl can run. Mightn't be running like a pro (meet Kuan Yang), but she'll run well enough to hit that ball towards the goal.

Unfortunately, her floorball career was rather short-lived after her attendance became shaky a few months on.

Verdict: Another hop-on, hop-off player. She has potential, though, if only she would hop onto the bandwagon again.

Play of the year: Her performance in Youthwave, scoring two goals. Beginners luck, or hidden skills?

Prediction for next season: Unless she suddenly gets a sudden spurt of real passion for floorball into her system, her unlikely return remains doubtful.

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