Friday, January 9, 2009

Felicia Yeow, 18 (2007-present)

Felicia, the gung-ho lady keeper in a story that promised so much but has delivered little, as of yet. She started off the year well, coming for training regularly then playing in Penang League, until the government came along and happily sent her for National Service.

Safe to say it all went downhill from there.

A brave and encouraging keeper who is never afraid to be vocal although she lacks movement. She also needs to learn to come out more and not stay too deep inside her goal.

Verdict: For all her good points, she never could get into consistent form as exams, the government and studies took care of that.

Play of the year: Her mental strength and shot-stopping throughout Penang League that kept the scoreline mostly respectable.

Prediction for next season: Too caught up in college and studies for there to be a next season. Maybe after completing college... but that would be a long shot.

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