Friday, January 23, 2009

Lawren Lim, 15 (2008-present)

Lawren is one of the few players in Frontliners who use a right-hand stick besides Yi Lin, Megan and Loga. Has reasonable technique, although his passes can sometimes be too predictable, making it easy for forwards to intercept them. Releasing the ball after a tackle is like a ritual for him, first he must always go behind the goalpost. Takes too long to release the ball, to Kuan Yang's irritation.

Not the fastest among the Saints, but the most experienced, and like all of them, always willing to give 110% in anything.

Continued the chain and brought other Saints (Calvin, Kenneth, Mikey) to the club. An incredibly sporting person and someone who loves to crap.

Joined the club in January and played in Contact 3v3, Penang League, PTPY and Z'Liners.

Verdict: A year of good progress for someone who just started playing floorball in January.

Play of the year: Managing 300 impressively without stressing out too much for Z'Liners.

Prediction for next season: Will continue to faithfully attend training and improve, as he has many years to go before leaving season approaches.

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