Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kew Pei Li, 15 (2006-present)

The Rock. The Smug One. The She-Hulk. The Clumsy-Footed. The Frontliner.

Trains hard (rock-hard) by herself at home, undoubtedly, considering her floorball prowess after 2 years and 7 months' worth of playing. Nevertheless a wise man did say that she has slowed down, technique-wise. Though she hasn't stopped, obviously.

Talking about wise men comments, here's more: Same old problem with posture (bend those knees!), a lot of (brainless, sometimes) charging. Has a problem with running (ditto the Jason Chan himself). On the brighter side, it's expected that she'll advance on from the bottleneck she's reached, thanks to further involvement in state and having a new stick (aptly named 'Bubble).

Smug-faced while playing, especially in tournaments (in which she usually wins something-- a medal, a trophy, or a broken stick).

Is naturally very tough, loves getting physical (slightly reminiscent of a cow-- a female bull, or rhinoceros-- when it comes to charging), dreams of a physique like Sharron's. Competitive and decisive, Pei Li is definitely one of FFC's gifted leaders, captaining Frontliners Fury to victory in Youthwave '08, toiling and sweating over rallying two ladies teams for Z'Liners-PFA Floorball Challenge and whatnot. Earmarked for more management work next time round.

Admittedly, she does get extremely competitive, even in tournaments dubbed 'just for fun'. Has a spreadsheet concerning prominent floorballers from almost, if not all the clubs in Penang, both on paper and in her brain.

Words of advice from a wise man himself: Observe other players, take their strength, adopt and adapt it into your own style and ask questions, especially with the horde of good players around in state.

Verdict: Literally a Frontliner, more so in FFC's squad of ladies. It'll take more than The Rock himself to make her budge or vacate her rightfully earned spot at the frontlines of the club.

Play of the year: It's hard to nail 'Play of the Year' to any one of her numerous appearances in tournaments, considering she won something 80% of the time. Consistent playing, more like.

Prediction for next season: Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no valley low enough, ain't no river wild enough, to keep her from floorball, more floorball, and living floorbally ever, ever after. To continue training, improving, and bringing more ladies into FFC. And if you look far enough, she just might end up being FFC's CEO and Head Coach. And, if you stare even urther into the future (which isn't exactly the wisest thing to do), there is a small intimation that she might become a Malaysian star player.

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