Friday, January 16, 2009

Roselyn Ewe, 18 (2004-present)

An old hand at floorball, having almost four years worth of experience, Roselyn is one who progresses steadily and surely.

Yes, progressing steadily and surely means that she is getting slightly better. She was a star player for Frontliners Trojans in the Penang Floorball League early this year, occasionally filling in for Serene Tan as centre and captain for Trojans. Short as she is, Roselyn is one to be reckoned with.

Experience-wise she towers over most FFC players. Roselyn is one solid, all-rounded player who has gotten a firm hold on the basics, thanks to her persistence and constant attendance for trainings.

This lady is one faithful and focused Frontliner, surviving four years in FFC, albeit with a few pauses here and there. Her consistency when it comes to performance, however, can be worked on. Skills-wise, average. Average is good.

This little lady is the frontliner of FFC's Division 2 team, being the most experienced of all. Nevertheless, college classes definitely tampered with her advancement as a floorball player. Through it all, she epitomizes passion for club and sport, willing to rush for training after 10am classes.

Verdict: Not to be judged by her size; her floorball experience towers over the tall men and women of FFC. Her faithfulness and passion definitely need admiration, taking every opportunity to be at every training.

Play of the year: Penang Floorball League '08. Sure, she did get another gold this year in Youthwave, but PFL is definitely where she shone in Division 2, doing a brilliant job and playing exceptionally hard with the relatively inexperienced Trojans. She definitely stepped up to the plate when filling in for Serene Tan as captain and centre.

Prediction for next season: As with all older Frontliners, studies are bound to make an even bigger dent. For how long she can hold on to FFC until studies steal the spotlight remains to be seen, but her faithfulness and passion will do well to help her keep on traiing here for as long as it is possible to do so.

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