Monday, January 12, 2009

Lavinia Lam, 20 (2008-present)

It's not the way she looks that makes her seem younger than her age, it's what she does. And so, we learn the secret of the Fountain of Youth: act like you're young.


Joining only in January, she rose through the ranks swiftly, as if there was nothing stopping her from getting floorball, floorball and more floorball. That is, until she hit a rock-solid brick wall: studies. Getting fished away to Sabah in July meant a small comma in her floorball journey.

Although only a 2-month-old floorballer at that time (ditto Lawren and Loganathan), she performed remarkably well in Penang Floorball League early in the year. It was all good from then on, becoming a champion in Youthwave and finalist in PTPY.

Her quick progress can be attributed to the fact that she's tough, a fast learner and not least of all, her passion for the sport.

It then turned out that going to Sabah was not going to dent her floorball passion, nor her career. Currently, Lavinia is hooked up with Nomad Floorball Club there and is apparently one of the star players of that club.

If only she could stay on a lil' longer, you say?

Verdict: Did pretty well, in terms of floorballing, until the time came for her to leave. Has an undying want to play floorball, thus her current carrer at Nomad Floorball Club, Sabah.

Play of the year: Becoming a gold medallist in Youthwave. True, Frontliners Fury had a formidable arsenal of really good players, but then again, floorball is a team sport. Which means that Lavinia obviously pulled her weight, although having only played for a few months then, and helped the team towards the gold.

Prediction for next season: Becoming a Sabahan graduate means missing FFC for almost the whole season, only to be seen in an occasional training or two while on semester break. She will be perfectly at home with Nomad Floorball Club in Sabah.

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