Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tania Loke, 15 (2007-present)

Tania Loke, no longer the smallest player of the club thanks to the new influx of junior players.

Labelled 'too calm' by Lin Ken. No matter who her opponent might be: big or small (in most cases, big), male or female, her control never lets her down. Sometimes too much, to her coaches' frustration.

For every strength, there must be a weakness, and in her case, it is releasing the ball. Looking more to play teammates in than to go for glory, she will, in slow motion, play right-left-right-left, and wiser opponents could choose to simply block off her passing options to halt her progress.

In addition, her size could prove either an advantage or disadvantage in that she will be less noticed by opponents, but be outmuscled by bigger and stronger ones. Altogether, she is not an outstanding player but rather a committed, consistent one. Something this club needs.

This year, she played in Contact 3v3 Challenge, Penang League, Youthwave, PTPY and Z'Liners. She captained Frontliners Inferno in Youthwave. She also led E&P of Firebrands in Z'Liners.

Verdict: Constantly being asked to lead the ladies' second-string team, she has had to play a supporting role that so often goes unnoticed. She did well, though, on each occasion, staying mentally strong and upbeat even after thrashings of 5-0, 4-1, and 7-0 all by UniHawks. For her own individual play, this year she has improved relatively in her shots. Could improve on her strength, though.

Play of the year: Leading an Inferno of just four players to within touching distance of Youthwave semis. And scoring two goals in the process.

Prediction for next season: To have heavier responsibilities and more roles to play, something she will manage well and even excel in, given her high commitment and love for the club.

*Update: Tania decided to join FireBrands, a newly-established club from her church, FGA.*

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