Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bryan Koh, 18 (2008-present)

The half-player-half-keeper from FGA who does not mind playing either. He joined the club in early February, played as emergency-goalkeeper for Trojans in Penang League when Felicia got called away to National Service; then appeared only sporadically for training until lately, after playing for 300 in Z'Liners, he started coming more consistently.

Having played as a football goalie, his instincts early on were more football than floorball, but the more he played the more he adjusted.

Verdict: Seemed undecided as to whether he should play as goalie or not. His play in Z'Liners as an outfield player showed he could be decent enough, though.

Play of the year: Fresh and raw but bravely stepped up to the plate during Penang League, playing in one half of the 0-17 loss to Dalat Eagles and the full match of the narrow 1-2 loss to Contact Bullets.

Prediction for next season: Needs to decide whether to stick in goal or not. Also needs to decide whether he is committed enough to come for training regularly. Still expected to be seen around next year, but the year after is all a big mystery as these are not the only decisions he has to make.

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