Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lee Su Rong, 22 (2008-present)

A face like Deswyn and a body like Steven: a very apt description of Lee Su Rong. Not up to Deswyn's or Steven's skill levels, nevertheless, it is a start. And, just like Steven, he always smiles while playing.

Another of Coach Jason's footie friends, he is athletic and ever-willing to chase after the ball. The 'curi-ayam' player, as described by the Coach. Still lacking in technique and understanding of the game.

Joined the club in mid-October and has been coming faithfully since.

Verdict: A promising start to his floorballing days. Made the transition from juniors to seniors very quickly.

Play of the year: Paying up on time every week!

Prediction for next season: His progress to equal his desire to improve, also to be helped by good attendance and a willingness to learn. To break into the first team soon.

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