Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kenny Ng, 20 (2008-present)

Displays an immense understanding of the game around him, often looking through football-tinted glasses. Has good technique and knows where his teammates are on the court. Not afraid to take shots. Seems to like covering every inch of the court even if he doesn't need to, which might tire him out eventually. Needs to learn the art of 'adopting and adapting', coming out from his comfort zone of football and improve his floorball sense. Prefers to let his skills do the talking and lead by example, he hardly raises his voice.

Probably the only time he is seen talking casually is when he is with Nicholas and friends.

Played in PTPY, where he scored a hatful of goals, and Z'Liners.

Verdict: Rose almost meteorically after joining the club in April having never touched a floorball stick before, his natural athleticism and aggressiveness helping him gain a place in the Penang state team after just seven months of playing floorball. An excellent year for him.

Play of the year: Leading Frontliners Spartans in their fairytale run up to the finals, scoring three goals and one all-important penalty.

Prediction for next season: Leaving in January for studies, but this will not stop him from improving. He could even start a floorball club in PJ...

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