Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jason Lim, 20 (2008-present)

Able to compete with Megan in a 100m dash. The one thing that stands out most is Jason Lim's speed, also maybe because everything else is lying on average. Was actually in a team with Nick, Irwin and Ming Hwee that won Contact's 3-on-3 Challenge in 2005. Disappeared after that, with SPM and other things taking central focus until fate played its hand and he bumped into Ming Hwee in Gurney Drive one day (which really explains why Nick has an old Frontliners jersey).

Once aspired to 'be like Sam (of Innebandy)' but was again interrupted this year as studies transferred him to faraway Kampar.

Jason is someone who, as it goes, 'will promise you the sun, moon and stars and then suddenly disappear'.

Did not play in any tournaments this year.

Verdict: Didn't come for training long enough to have improved on any rusty skills he might have had.

Play of the year: Re-joining the club.

Prediction for next season: Word last heard that he still practices floorball in Kampar (including airhooks). A pleasant surprise for the club one day when he returns, maybe?

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