Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spartan Training

It was Coach Michael Cheah, with his new Unihoc Player blade and all, who rocked the training floor last Saturday.

Coaching with utmost authority as if he'd been coaching for years, it was a breath of fresh air for most players already used to the voracious Jason and the ice cool Kuan Yang.

It was a combined training, and there was one new face that day... he's short, he's small, and he smiles a lot... and he's Daryl of SXI!

Snakes, Japanese snakes, 2-on-1's... all the usual pre-game warmup already hammered into the players was done. Coach then moved on to drills that were a combination of passing, dribbling and shooting.

Finally, in a very football moment, he picked Lawren and Pei Li for the captains that day, and let them each take turns to choose their players.

It was a high-scoring match, as there were no goalkeepers either side. Kyle, in Lawren's team, was a constant curi-ayam menace, and Daryl, in Pei Li's team, showed good defensive sense and released the ball very quickly.

Late into training, Justin and Zachary, two new guys, joined in.

And just as Zachary looked like he would score his first ever goal... Coach Michael blew his whistle, called an end to the match, and ordered the players to line up.

Well, duh...

Of course there'd be killers.

These were Spartans and Spartans-to-be who were training.

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