Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Xaverian Training 19th Aug

Today, 18 saints floorballer turned up for training including a new player, Kent.
Training started off by a warm up session and a few rounds at the Street Soccer Court.*players setting up the goal post*

*Running before warming up*

*warming up*

After the warming up session,
the snake drill was done followed by first timer shots.
Coach Jason then came up with afew sets of different PMS drill which involves alot of sprinting, passes and of course shots.

*briefing on the drills*

Even though they were confusing at first, but the Xaverians manage to get the drill going after a few tries.
*players trying out some shots*

Before game time,
Coach Jason set up the track for the challenge last week.
again, the players gave their best to win the title " Man of the Training"
the challenge involves afew cones arranged in a zig zag formation which the player have to sprint from cone to cone and then recieve a pass, pass back, and the take a shot at the keeper.
The challenge was top by Algin, Jeffery and Kent.
however, every challenge needs a winner and 3 of them fought for it.
Game time came and players were split according to their experience.
after a good 30 min of game time,
Coach Jason blew the final whistle.
but as the players were requesting for extra time,
the training was slightly prolonged.
The game time was finally over and briefing took over.
The Xavierians learnt about the importance of discipline and promised to show improvement the next training.
Here comes the Man Of the Training.
He is none other than Mr. Algin Tan.

*Man Of the Training Award*
Owning the title the second time consequtively.
Training dismissed later than expected
Although next week is a school holiday, but training is still on and players will be inform once we confirm the details.

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